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    Because it will double the health of yours 3.5 health minions into 7 and make you combo?

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    posted a message on Chakki Leaves Competitive Hearthstone and Joins the Final Design Team at Blizzard

    Chakki was the guy that took one hour to realize how absurd Corridor Creeper was, then he won trinity series with a corridor creeper lineup.

    This is VERY good news, and a great addition to HS devs.

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    posted a message on The Feelings of Fatigue Card Design Competition

    Such a bad mood lol

    but i somehow liked your catarsis

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    posted a message on New Druid Legendary - Splintergraft


    Quote from EternalHS >>

    Would never craft but it makes Aviana/Kun a little bit more consistent (as in you don't need to rely on manipulator). Aviana + Kun + Malygos + Splintergraft + Malygos...or 3x Malygos if you have a faceless manipulator out. Would never craft but would play if I open one

     Good catch, but we already have Zola the gorgon and ixlid for extra manipulator’s.
    I call it unplayable.
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    posted a message on New Priest Minion - Coffin Crasher


    Quote from Remster101 >>


    Quote from DeltaStorm101 >>


    Quote from Remster101 >>

    Great art, looks like a fun shenanigans card. Infinite Loop?

     Nah, it actually summons it from your hand, not just a copy 
     And what stops you from having a 2nd one in your hand? No I'm not that stupid that I thought they reprinted dreadsteed as a 6/5
     The one on board dies and the one in your hand goes to play, then it dies and pull another deathrattle from your hand, but it wont be any other coffin crasher, cause the other one is dead already,  no infinite loop. What you are trying to say exactly? by "infinite loop"? 
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    posted a message on The Witchwood - Week 1 & 2 Card Reveal Schedule


    Quote from Nelween >>



     Not because of these.
    First one is Splintergraft prob a mech.
    Second one is wing blast, a spell for sure.
    But there is a dragon, Emeriss, prob a druid legendary.
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    posted a message on [Post Nerfs] Anti Meta Big Spell Priest

    You can't replace her in any priest with dragon shell, she gives value, smooth the curve and put a dragon in your hand to activate other dragons, its way too good.

    Sorry its a irreplaceable card.

    But if you REALLY wants to play big spell priest, then get rid of the dragon shell and go Keleseth Version, it will be awful after patches and corridor creeper nerf, good luck in that case.



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    posted a message on A Long-Awaited Meta Approaches

    Not sure to be honest. 

    Lock will be tier 1 for sure (prob both control and cube), but meta might go crazy, too many good decks against cubelock: Big Priest, Quest Rogue, Spiteful Priest, Dragon Combo Priest, Tempo Mage...

    Quest Rogue destroy's both Cubelock and Control Lock, all aggro decks are so weaker now without pirate package and corridor creeper, even Mill rogue might be a thing.

    Meta is open IMO



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    posted a message on *Anyfin can Combo* [80% WR] by highfish V2.0

    Iam not using spiteful anymore, it just reveals 4 or 5 mana cards most of the time. 

    Using Dr.Boom (so underated, the card is still nuts) and Loatheb (still the best disruptive minion in the game) instead.



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    posted a message on Hearthstone Update for February Contains New Events, Possible Balance Changes

    To be honest, if they care just a little for wild they should nerf Southsea Captain (perhaps after rotation), there is no way they can design a stronger tempo play for aggro decks using neutral cards.

     Game need more design space.

    For standard, Corridor Creeper will be nerfed, thats almost certain. 

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