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    When I first played this card, I was confused why I couldn't attack twice. then I looked and I realized it didn't have windfury. Feelsbadman

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    "Hey, lets make mirror entity 4 mana, for every class, and your opponent knows when you play it. Perfect!"

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    This card is very interesting. would the effect only work on spells that target it, or does a card like divine hymn work with it?

    Reminds me of the Dragon soul, being wasteful with cards, losing value to get more board control, but for a lower cost for a lower effect. At the very least I can imagine this in a sort of inner fire priest, as this is a minion that is already hard to remove without silence  

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    abandon all interactivity, ye who enter here

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    this card doesn't specify that you will draw minion cards, so won't that mean you could potentially draw the warlock spellstone and valanyr? 

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