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    So I just had the infinite re-roll glitch for my quests. I tried re-rolling for Total Dominance for a long time to no avail. I have noticed a pattern. I had two quests up, and both had infinite re-rolls. Some quests only appeared in one slot. I was not being overly scientific, but I did specifically notice the trend with Warlock. My strongest deck is a Warlock right now, so when I gave up on Total Dominance, I decided a pair of Warlock Dominances would do. In the first slot, I only ever saw it paired with priest. In the second slot, it's only ever paired with Shaman. Furthermore, the glitch fixed itself when i got my new quest at 4 am central (12 PST). I want to see/know more on this. Has anyone else had the glitch and noticed when they had it? Has anyone ever had Total Dominance with another quest?

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