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    Shadow Conversion

    "Our whispers of faith in the shadows can be as compelling as others' brazen evangelism in the light of day."

    Designed with Baleful Banker , Spirit of the Dead , Weasel Tunneler , Mirage Caller , Augmented Elekk , Herald Volazj & Psychic Scream in mind and alternatively or concurrently countering Rogue's Gang Up -type shenanigans.

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    The Tutor

    “He advises you to ‘Win the game’.”

    Mechanics Used:

    Journey to Un’goro: ‘Adapt’

    Knights of the Frozen Throne: 'Deathrattle: If it's your opponent's turn…’

    Kobolds and Catacombs: ‘ Recruit’

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    This card was GOD for a fleeting moment...

    "Costs (1) whenever a minion dies while this is in your hand."

    It is staggering the difference a word makes. 

    'Less' is less, I guess.


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    With which minions can you build around this AOE, please tell me! x_X

    Try Silent Scream Priest with Psychic Scream featuring Keening Banshee, Ticking Abomination, Eerie Statue, Fel Reaver & Ancient Watcher, the Priest Silence package plus Wailing Soul. That should get you started.

    You're welcome.




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    "But the other card(s) does this....."

    ...doesn't make this card OP, especially comparing cross class.

    Yes they are similar and worth comparing but existing cards also have a history in the game that can be instructive about this card's future place in the meta. They are strong but not broken. Why is this card exponentially more frightening than any other board clear.

    No one is complaining that it is a board wipe or even that the cost is too low. Really the screaming is about the weakening of midrange sticky boards that depend on deathrattle triggers and perhaps divine shields.


    There are plenty of current strategies that mess with this type of sticky board. Combining this "clean clear" outcome into single card isn't gamebreakinig. It is only an inconvenience to current meta strategies.

    Again the solution to a "GOD" card like this is to theorycraft and deckbuild your way around the NEW questions that this meta is asking. Making Psychic Scream out to be an unsolvable dilemma is going to be proven incorrect.

    Release season hysterics and naysaying is so often trite because as the full set is not yet revealed only previous meta constructs are applied to each card, in isolation, using worse-case reasoning.

    If people freak out about every powerful effect or under-costed card they are bound to be right about one of them. For the rest of the set it will be business as usual.


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    1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. "a classic novel" synonyms: definitive, authoritative;

    2. remarkably and instructively typical. "Hamlet is the classic example of a tragedy" synonyms: typical, archetypal, quintessential, vintage;


    Thank you for noticing.

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    This card is a perfect design for a Priest Spell without falling back on theft mechanics. The balance of the effect versus cost are just right. Importantly we've never had a 7 Mana spell in Priest. I love that this can Atiesh or Summoning Stone into Prophet Velen.

    Perhaps some opinions of this card as OP/Broken™ are overlooking the reality that, just like Twisting Nether, Vanish, and even the Shadow Words, you can expect and then either play into or around this card. It costs SEVEN mana so there is plenty of time. If your complaint is that Psychic Scream can wipe ANY board then I guess we will all have to start building decks that are more resilient to that possibility. Sorry bud, but you can't keep playing your sweet Mysterious Challenger build every meta forever. Things change.

    Hearthstone will be fine. We will all be fine. End of World™ averted.

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    Golden Cards Matter Mechanic?!?!? I am the Excite™.

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    posted a message on Why does everyone hate Priest?

    Your comic is funny. Your substitution of gayness for dumb/stupid/bad is not. The 80’s are over. Catch up. 

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