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    Overkill is based around damage in general, not attacking.  That’s why is also works on spells.  (And work on battlecries but weirdly they didn't make any battlecry overkill minions).

    So the interaction makes sense. 

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    Quote from Thonson >>

    I got a pack for Day 1 almost right away.  I still haven't gotten one for Day 2, and I've had the ENTIRE Day 3 stream up, which has been on for over 11 hours now and still gotten nothing for Day 3.  And no Classic packs for the hourly give away, which I honestly wasn't thinking I'd get any of those anyway.

     What do you mean pack for day 2?  You get 1 RoS packs for watching at least 4 hours, that's it.

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    Quote from jint14 >>

    The average pack is 40 dust if I am right. Though the 40 dust can be said equivalent to 100 gold in the worst case scenario. Two 50 GP quest can get you one pack and thus get you the 40 dust. I would say take the quest to increase your dust, which is worth it in my opinion. 

     The worst possible pack is 40 dust (assuming you dust everything).  That is also the most common pack.  But because packs containing legendaries and epics are worth so much more dust, even if they are rarer, the average pack is worth 100 dust.

    (Edit: Note that if you aren't dusting everything the pack worth actually goes up, because you would assume a card you keep is worth it's crafting cost in dust.)

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    Quote from Shuei >>
    Quote from PAH >>
    Quote from Anton_ >>

    no nerfs pls either all dk's or no dk's

     I agree with this (though it's hero cards, not DKs). The problem is that Dr Boom (and Hagatha, but less so) are just INCREDIBLY powerful considering no other class has these kinds of late game value monsters. Not only is Dr Boom's hero power (potentially) INSANE -- there is absolutely no way to play against 5 or 6 Omega Devastators (with rush) in one game -- but Omega Assembly also drawing Zilliax and Omega Devastators. And now so many great mechs and megnatic... it's just all too much. If other classes had late game value generators (Valeera, Rexxar, Jaina) then the meta wouldn't feel so lopsided.

    You either be aggro/tempo or play warrior.


    I have to agree with this. I don't understand why some classes have gotten another hero card and the others haven't. Zul'jin is also a very powerful game turning card, just like Boom.

    About warrior, the problem in my humble opinion is that he is stacking way too much board control in addition to the mech synergy. To make it more obvious how control mech warrior has become overpowered compared to other control archetypes, I like to compare warrior's control options with mage's ones, that is:

    • Dyn-o-matic is a Cinderstorm that can precisely focus minions, destroying solo big minions as well as multiple small minions, with a 3/4 mech body that can be re-used with magnetic
    • Omega Devastator is a minion-focused Pyroblast for 4 with a 4/5 mech body that can be re-used with magnetic
    • Omega Assembly is a better Astral Rift for 1 that gives you 3 mechs, and very likely Dyn-o-matic, Omega Devastator, or even a second Zilliax
    • Warpath is an incredibly flexible card that can be used either as Arcane Explosion, or as a 4 mana Blizzard without frost, or as an 8 mana Flamestrike. It also damages your own minions and can be used to proc "on-hit" effects to draw cards, gain armor, summon 2/3 taunts, etc.
    • Dr Boom can deal Frostbolt damage with hero power, or summon 3 1/1 rush mechs, or gain armor almost equal to Ice barrier (7 vs 8, but 2 mana and doesn't cost a card spot in the deck) or act as another Arcane Explosion. Also discovers rush mechs and again, can get you Dyn-o-matic or Omega Devastator.

    These are the examples that come to my head, but as you can see, the tools warrior got lately have made him an incredibly powerful control class compared to other classes that can or could once play control decks. And I don't think any class is supposed to have such a great package stacking mechanics, no matter if they're control, aggro, or mid.

     I realize you were going for Mage cards, but I don't think these comparisons are very fair.

    Cinderstorm was mainly run in Aggro/Tempo mage and often used for face damage.  Dyn-no-matic is countered by mech decks, and can cause awkward plays if the Warrior deck isn't running all mechs.

    Meteor was like a minion focused Pyroblast that did 5 extra damage to the target along with 3 cleave damage.  A better comparison would be Flame Lance and even that would be a fair enough point.

    Astral Rift is a bad card, so this comparison is pointless.

    Arcane Explosion is considered a below average card.  A Blizzard without freeze is called Consecration and even then Warpath hits your own minions.  Hellfire is also 4 mana.  Defile which I'll admit was super strong and not the best comparison is 2.

    I'll give you Dr. Boom though I guess.

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    Quote from Atramentar >>

    And please spare me from comments like "that's what you get for playing huntard", etc.

     What do you think this is?  The Pre Old Gods meta?

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    I can understand people being annoyed at the abundance of "nerf this" threads, but I honestly feel like this is the most reasonable one.  Having to play certain types of decks to counter others is a normal part of the meta, but it is not healthy if the only counters to a deck is a specific class.

    Maybe people will figure out how to counter Tempo Rogue with other classes and cause the meta to shift, but at the moment Tempo Rogue is looking like the most likely candidate for nerfs.

    At least with all the other threads, the decks like Bomb Warrior and Token Druid have a clear variety of counters, but this seems like something that is reasonable to worry about to me:

    Winrate v Tempo Rogue

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    Quote from aero_tong >>

    And those "if xxx then keep all three cards"  are absoulte broken. If you nerf Ancient of Lore because 7 mana draws two is too OP, why would you print a card that say "2 mana draw three random Druid minions".

    But Crystalsong Portal isn’t that good of a card.  Last I checked it was the worst performing card in Token Druid, the only kind of deck it works in, so I wouldn’t be surprised it ends up being cut.

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    Quote from TipsLm >>
    Quote from DoubleSummon >>

    drawing= both players losing ... so just concede..

    or play mechathun to beat the matchup in another way..

    I think archivist elesyana ishould be changed to shuffle less cards it's not a nerf if everyone is running her 10 cards prolong the game by way too much..

     As i have not seen any warriors play silence so far you can probably get away with just emptying your deck and slamming down mechathun without any combo instead of running archivist

     I tried that in Bomb Warrior to help the matchup vs Control Warrior since that was the only matchup I ever had to use Elysiana in.


    Won me this game at least, although it was a little close because I let them get too big of a board near the end and they pulled Mosh’Ohh Enforcer from Elysiana.

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    Quote from KingCarnage >>

    Been playing a villain, prelate, undatakah

     Undatakah summons a copy of villain, not itself right?

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    posted a message on First Time Legend after playing on and off since classic

    First Time Legend

    I've started playing Hearthstone not long after it came out of open beta.  I didn't play much and missed Naxx and GvG.  I came back during LoE and TGT and had more fun.  I mostly played my own midrange Paladin deck and later a Menagerie Hunter during Karazhan (that I still play occasionally in wild).  For the first two rotations, I still was mostly playing on and off as I was starting college at the time, and I also decided to "reset" my account during Gadgetzhan because I had been playing on EU despite living in the US since I had online friends in the EU who played when I started who no longer do.  During Witchwood I decided to start becoming more invested in the game and started buying the preorder bundles to offset the rewards I miss when I get busy with college work or become interested in another game.

    For the first time in Rhastakhan, I had enough resources to craft a top tier deck and played some Odd Paladin and later Odd Rogue which along with having enough free time over spring break, allowed me to get above rank 10 for the first time during the last month of YotR.  Now with RoS (and the help of extra dust from the HoF rotation), I was able to experiment more with meta decks I wanted to try.  I played Carpetlock into the rank 5 bracket for the first time, but got stuck unable to get past rank 2 after Token Druid started falling in numbers.  Looking both at hsreplay and my own statistics I decided I wanted something that performed well against Tempo Rogue and Control Warrior, so I took the unrefined Bomb Warrior deck I made the first day I adjusted it towards a meta version (later replacing Elysiana with Mechathun as I found it really wasn't helping much vs CW which was the matchup it got used in).  And now 2 days later, after getting blocked 5 previous times at rank 1-5 stars, I finally did it!

    TL:DR Played on/off since classic, but never had the time, resources, not motivation to climb towards legend.  Finally made it in RoS with a combination of Carpetlock and Bomb Warrior.

    Statistics and matches: 

    Matchup Stats

    Last few matches


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    Quote from Bee >>

    Why are so many people butthurt ?

    Rank 5 is achievable by anyone who uses a good meta deck that knows the basics of Hearthstone.

    I don't play ranked anymore besides rank 5 for the golden epic, I mostly play Arena and still think that Legend is no achievement. So imagine how I feel about rank 13.

    Have I just become too good at Hearthstone ? Perhaps my mentality is flawed and rank 13 is actually quite impressive.

    It's like asking a Starcraft 2 Grand Master to compliment you for reaching Platinum League.. Plat is literally nothing to him but perhaps it's alright for the casuals.

     No one asked you to compliment them.  But it's shitty to belittle someone's sense of accomplishment for doing something for the first time, just because you've done better.

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    Quote from Echo_ >>

    Take Lucentbark and Flobbidinous Floop. Play lucentbark and then floop and have both of them die. When you gain 5 health, both the lucentbark and floop will come back as 4/8 taunts.

     Not sure that's the best example considering how weird Dormant interactions are.  I'm pretty sure if Da Undatakah copies Lucentbark's deathrattle, it also comes back as a Lucentbark.

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    Congrats!  I think the first time I got to rank 13 was with a Menagerie Hunter deck.  I also think that's around the highest I've been with a non-netdeck, although I have made it above rank 5 for the first time ever this expansion with Carpetlock.  Currently bouncing back and forth ranks 1 and 2, but I feel like I need to switch decks because the amount of Token Druids has dropped significantly and I'm performing poorly vs Tempo Rogue and Bomb Warrior.

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    posted a message on Satisfaction, Surprises, and Disappointments.
    Quote from Pageturner >>
    Quote from Pyrotrap >>


     Do you have a recipe for a deck with Magic Carpet? That sounds like a fun deck to try!

     I used this one from hsreplay: https://hsreplay.net/decks/zBIJy80UbyGGAPvK2OAhsd/

    But I swapped out the 2 Abusive Sergeants for Witchwood Imps because I like them better.  And 1 Mountain Giant and The Soularium for a Cult Master and EVIL Cable Rat, since I didn't have those cards.  Cult Master has definitely won me a game too, and the bit of extra lackey generation is kind of nice.

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    posted a message on Satisfaction, Surprises, and Disappointments.

    I'm satisfied with Arch-Villain Rafaam.  I thought he'd just be somewhat good, but he's been really helping me out in some of my zoo matches.

    I was pretty surprised with Magic Carpet.  I thought it was gonna be pretty bad, but I underestimated the power of giving lots of cards a bit more attack and rush.  I had a crazy game where I was able to fill up my board with Carpet and a bunch of minions, then the next turn I dropped a Cult Master and traded off all my small minions while also cycling any 1 drops I drew since they got rush.   The turn after that I was able to play Rafaam turning my mostly full hand into random legendaries.

    Took me a while to think of card I was disappointed with, but I guess I'd go with Plot Twist.  I thought the deck with the Warlock legendary, the portal demons, and Plot Twist would be cool, but it just doesn't work out well.  Luckily, the portal demons are fairly ok on their own.

    (Side note: I have been enjoying using EVIL Conscripter in a silly Priest deck I made with Princess Talanji and Deathrattle stuff.  It's probably one of the cheapest deathrattle cards that I feel fine targeting with Shadowy Figure)

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