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    Quote from fusilli >>

    I'm not even sure where I'd start with a Quillboar nerf. Just... too good synergies. Dynamic Duo feels too strong. Agamaggan doesn't feel quite as crazy, but depends on your build, I guess. Same stat growth effect as duo, doesn't increase Duo's scaling. Flat tusk feels relatively weak compared to others (banner that does 2 at EoT, this is 3?). Charlga is nuts topend, but it's a 6, that's fine. Brute scales a bit better than it should for a T4, had some very big ones of those. Bannerboar feels pushed at three - a reliable activator with two per turn. Compare to Thorncaller. I'd look at tweaking Brute and Duo, probably, maybe banner (+2/+2 in stats per turn on a 2/5 feels very good compared to other stuff).

    Golden Bonker is... Bonkers. Shouldn't have mega-WF along with the 2/attack - I overfilled my hand with bloodgems last game due to Illidan with golden bonker meaning 16 gems if I had enough space, and ignoring the golden frenzy that didn't get to attack... Turns out an early duo into seven gems on something else is just not really beatable (goldened a prophet - activated two prophets that turn with a frenzy guy, trebled prophet, got a duo which procced the golden prophet, and had a few in hand from previous - good turn). Felt like the easiest win ever.

     Just ran into my first all Quilboars with golden Bonker, golden Charlga, golden Duo opponent. That taunt gets BIG.

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    Oh My Yogg! absolutely hates me. Whenever I play into it, it fucking wrecks me, and whenever my opponent has played into it, it also fucking wrecks me. I was convinced it was confirmation bias so I kept a list over 20 games. It was directly responsible for turning an opponent's position from losing to lethal 3 times and it didn't benefit me once (though it was neutral about 50% of the time I played it). Absolutely dogshit luck, lol.

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    This seems pretty slow compared with 

    Counterfeit Coin 

    Secret Passage

    Edwin VanCleef

    If you're lucky you can get two enormous Edwins out on turn 1.

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    5 Mages in a row. All 5 had deck of lunacy in their opening hand and all 5 spammed emotes while their random deck did unbeatable shit.

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    Quote from Andrei2007 >>

    Simple explanation. Once you conceded a bunch of times and tanked your mmr completely (which might have not been very high to begin with), you started queueing into people who actually want to have fun, and not win at any cost.

    We don't know exactly how the MMR calculations work but it doesn't seem as responsive as that. I didn't play for a whole season and when I next logged in I'd only lost 1 star of bonus.

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    I closed down BNet and restarted it and now my friends list has disappeared from that too!

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