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    Missed a chance to use the word "poopdeck".  But otherwise brilliant.

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    People are rotten as hell.  Salty, whatever.  There is complete freedom to act like butthurt babies when you're alone in your mom's basement behind a keyboard and there are no repercussions for your asshaterry.  It helps for me to picture the tears rolling down their pimply, cheeto stained cheeks as I play every card possible before busting out their game.  If they beat me...I console myself in that they may have won a battle, but they're still losers at life.  I throw out a quick prayer for their souls and move on.

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    I can't see this card having any value in standard.  Most of the spells are lower cost and need to be targeted.  There are very few that could be potentially beneficial unless they add two or three big spells.  Where are the overload cards or discover cards?  Shaman is going to be in a sad state.  I guess the silver lining is that they aren't trying to push the foul smelling Murloc archetype.  (All other shaman releases will be murlocs now).

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    I like this card alot.  I like legendary that can be played during the course of a game that allow a lot of flexibility.  I also like the synergy with multi-caster.  I only wish is that it gave a little bonus to arcane spells.

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    I just want to play a game where it doesn't feel like me or my opponent are playing solitaire.  The warlock quest is truly awful.  As is rogue and druid can be awful if they play that celestial alignment.  It feels like decks that play minions are really at a disadvantage to spell heavy decks.  I'm looking forward to the next expansion...

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