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    Quote from Neko_Tamo >>

    Cba to read through all the posts so my opinion might be stated multiple times but I have two thoughts on diamond cards:

    1) I don't mind them in principle. If people want to be blinged out and willing to grind or pay for it, great for them. I do mind if these cards reduce my already poor performance, BG diamonds would be hell I fear. So be sure to push for an "disable animations" option for those of us running the game on a potato. Honestly a simplified animations option would be great diamond cards or no, but having a lot of them might exacerbate the problem considerably.

    2) While again I don't mind people having tons of these while I have few to none and Blizzard making a buck off it, overdoing it would be irritating. Already the game is highly monetized and just about every kind of cosmetic you can think of is on sale all of the time. Yet the core game is not cheaper and more accessible but the reverse. What with more high rarity cards per expansion and the minisets, it really breaks the bank. And that is without considering that BGs and Mercs drain your gold without providing enough of a reimbursement by playing them.

    Honestly I'm thinking of quitting again and this time because the game is extremely hard to keep up with now and it was not easy to begin with as a F2P or close to it. So while cosmetics are a great way to finance the game on the face of it, more and more disgusting monetization without making the core game cheaper as was hinted at is just incredibly garish. And might eventually turn players like me away. We need somewhere between 33-100% more gold than we get now for this game to feel worthwhile. Money coming in from cosmetics should be used to start bridging this gap in which case YAY if not, nay.

     We're actually very deliberate about making sure diamonds are performant and run smoothly for said potato phones so you can feel assured that we're doing everything we can on that front.

    The rest of your comments about monetization is quite frankly way above anything I know or work on. I hope you stick with us though because there are a lot of fun things in the works and I know the team works hard to make the game as accessible to everyone as possible.

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    Quote from DropDeadCynical >>

    I like Diamond cards when I get them - they're pretty cool.  Personally I wouldn't buy them for real money (no judgement on those who do, I just don't really spend money on cosmetics in games).

    I think it would be great if they were added for some of the rarer and cooler achievements in game.  Obviously they take a lot of resources to make so I'm not talking about a whole lot, but maybe one for getting 12 wins with each class in Arena, another one for the same in Duels, one for getting 1st with every hero in Battlegrounds, stuff like that.  Something that a player can really look at and be proud of and show off in games.

     totally agree that having them for achievements is a fun and rewarding way to receive them. I made a note of your ideas to share with the team. thanks!

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    Quote from YourPersonalGuru >>

    First, I like the direct interaction here. Nice to hear from you Ben ;)

    I think finley is my favorite so far. His movement seems more natural and original. He appears to have no real up and down, like a traditional playing card and has that cute and warm HS vibe. 

    Do I like diamond cards? They are somewhere in the top half in likability of cosmetics (for me). It's great to have some bling, but maybe I'm still too fond of the good old golden cards to "love" them. Still I think that diamond cards take a good spot in the rewards system: 1 for battle pass, 1 for a collection milestone. I can't really come with a better idea for a special reward, which isn't just converted into dust or gold.

    Improvements? Finley played with the dimensions in a way which wasn't just a blade poking out of the frame and while Korrak wasn't the best he had a more "living" vibe to him. What about an aura or adjacent effect that was visible? like holy water pouring or a breeze with petals. Maybe a big guy who leaves cracks on the board after "dropping" him Or IF you want another sword fighter, let him do a cool parry/swing when fighting instead of doing it every X seconds.

    Just some thoughts

     Hi! Thanks for the feedback.

    Finley seems to be a crowd favorite and it was an idea that we weren't sure if it would work and look right. I think it's fair to say we'll brainstorm even harder for fun, unique ideas like that on upcoming diamonds.

    FX work like cracks and wind surrounding diamonds is a fun idea. It would involve the FX team, which I'm not a part of, but it's a fun idea that I'm making a note of to share with that team.

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    Quote from KingOfMyOwnMind >>

    That will be 4.99 for 1 word opinion. Or you can play pay extra 2.99 to unlock an opinion in a FULL SENTENCE!!! LIMITED OFFER RIGHT NOW!!!

    * Throws money at you*

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    Quote from Kapharna >>

    Unlock a diamond portrait when playing a class over 2000 wins,


    Have each portrait have their own level! The total wins still count for the class total, but you could unlock golden/diamond version s of newer portraits this way.


    As for the diamond styles,
    The death animation of diamond cards should be a glass-shattering type of effect.

    Storywise, there have been GOOD and EVIL classes featuring Galakrond, the league of explorers, horde/alliance and doctor booms league. What is only good classes got diamond cards and evil classes got obsidian black cards? This would require a fundament in storytelling, but man would that be great!

     Really cool ideas here!

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    Quote from Chaossaur >>

    I do have a crazy idea for them.


    Playing a VIDEO in the card window, not saying you need to make a new video for them, the effort would be insane for the effect.


    But you could play a WOW video that already exists inside the card frame. Maybe not all the time and maybe at random time intervals in the video and play for a few minute before resetting?

    Just an idea anyway

     That was one of the first things I tried with these. Unfortunately playing a video is extremely costly performance wise and would slow down the game too much. 

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    Quote from Sherman1986 >>
    Quote from TheHiddenNinja7 >>
    Quote from PrimordialOne >>

    I'm a fan of these updates. I think it's fun.

     "edited 1 day ago" by the person who today says they actually help make diamond cards.

    By pure coincidence, your linkedin says you joined blizzard 1 year and 2 months ago, and this comment and thread was made 1 year and less than 3 months ago.

    I don't mean anything by this, I just think it's funny lol

    Damn, I should have checked this account's posts just like you did before replying in the other thread. Now, I feel like a fool. Shouldn't have trust Hearthpwn mods' detective skills. :P

     Pure coincidence. I've always wanted to work on Hearthstone and happened to join the team right after diamonds were announced so... dreams do come true! :P

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    Quote from Hylung >>

    Personally I think that the frames around diamonds (and goldens too a lesser extent) are just a little *too* gaudy. Like, and specifically diamond in constructed, the frames honestly look kinda not great to me personally. The way the mercenary frames and cards are done look significantly better. Also not a super big fan of how big diamond cards look in the collection compared to regular cards. They stand out, but not in a good way, they just look like they don't belong.

    In terms of the actual card art tho they look great! I do think sometimes that smaller/less movement is better tho. Unless maybe that's the point, but the Diamond Valeera in mercs' movement looks kinda off to me. Jandice's too (but I understand that it's harder to make diamond art for older cards because the art wasn't made with the diamond idea in mind like I remember seeing a dev mention is the case for one that are for recent cards or new art.)

     thanks for the feedback!

    Yeah, the first few waves of diamonds were a bit trickier because we were working off of existing art without the diamond team having a say in how they were painted. We've taken steps to have a much more collaborative process moving forward where we can make sure the art and animation ideas work best for a diamond before the art is even started. The end result is much more exciting IMO and opens up other cool possibilities as well such as pose alterations/additions that make it stand out even more from the normal/golden versions

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    Quote from imik >>

    Hey Ben,

    It's really amazing that you are on our forums and you're trying to communicate with the community on another level like non-other devs from Team 5 do.

    For the diamond cards, there are certain bugs that would be nice to fix https://imgur.com/VFi228P - there are some weird particles for a few milliseconds after you click on Ragnaros in the collection manager, this bug appears a lot as well (misaligned art) - https://imgur.com/UJnngCj (usually only appears in the collection manager, I believe the part on the left is from Diamond Samuro).

    For some reason, I don't like the shape of the cards, I feel like the rectangular shape of the normal/golden cards looks better. https://imgur.com/EEjv0Iu Also the sword for the "attack" doesn't pop up to me that much as normal/golden cards do, maybe making it into gold or a different contrast color would help.

    I'd also like to see legendary cards from older sets with some kind of event where some of those older iconic legendary cards would get a buff - like Rafaam to 7 mana, reward costs 8 mana, or something along these lines (+ make the buffed legendary a diamond card).

    Also, please make Diamond Hero Powers + hero trays for 2K wins, I'd love that (also Benedictus could use a diamond hero power while you're at it). :P

    I'd also love to see some kind of plant/nature-based animations on these diamond cards.

    Anyways, that's all I have in mind about Diamond cards. :)
    Thanks again.

     Thanks for the feedback and for finding those bugs! SMALL INDIE COMPANY!! *shakes fist at sky*
    haha. jokes aside, that is very helpful because making a game takes a village and there is always something somewhere that breaks for inexplicable reasons.

    Diamond hero power sounds interesting. Don't really know what that would look like but it's worth bringing the idea back to the team!

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    Quote from tbranson1 >>

    Dear Primordial One,

         I appreciate your interest on what the community thinks about diamond cards. I think interacting with the player base like this is a good idea and reinforces opposition to the popular belief that you guys don't actually care about our experience in-game.

         As mentioned by people in this thread before me, I think the concept is strong, but the representation of that concept is rather lacking. There's nothing that makes owning a diamond card feel really special or fulfilling.

         Something that golden legendary cards bring to the table is that the art becomes animated and takes an already spectacular art style and gives it the extra sha-bang! On top of this, they have the ability to be disenchanted if you don't want them.

         The problem is that diamond cards do literally the exact same thing. The art becomes animated outside of the frame and you add the diamond studs to the dragon border. A diamond copy just seems like the golden copy with extra steps. 

         Unfortunately, I'm not sure I have the best solution to preventing the diamond copy from feeling empty. I think finding a way to craft them would make that problem go away though. I have a ton of achievement points stacked up that could be put to good use if I could use them to upgrade my favorite legendary to diamond status. It would inspire players to complete more achievements and give a purpose to a seemingly useless feature to the game. Other than that, my only other idea would be making the diamond or gold cards given free by Blizzard the ability to be disenchantable. Bru'Kan didn't end up being used as often as I thought he would, so I don't need his diamond version, the regular would suit my burn shaman deck just fine since I don't play it that often. Being able to pick and choose the legendary you want to be diamond would also make it feel more special.

         If members of the community agree, you should like this post/comment or reply on your own thoughts. This is your time for Team 5 to hear what you want to say, so don't pass up this opportunity. Thank you for your time.

     Thanks for the reply! 
    The golden team is full of really talented artists who have been making them for years so it's definitely challenging to see their excellent work and try to make something that is even more exciting.
    It's a tricky balancing act between too much going on and not enough, but I think we're getting better about figuring out what works and looks good.
    It does seem like people would be really excited about receiving diamonds based off achievements and I think that's a fun way to give us a sense of accomplishment when you finally get that diamond. I'll definitely send that feedback to our team.

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    Quote from Mambazo12 >>

    Hi Ben!

    Appreciate you taking the time out to talk to folks! I quite like Diamond Cards, but I see lots of avenues for which you could make them cooler. I think the thing that would make them the most exciting is seeing them have *more* opportunities to interact with the board. Not in a gameplay sense, but one of the coolest things Legends of Runeterra does is that minions will frequently have little conversations and interactions with each other based on which minions you play. More audio cues for them to react to seems like a really easy way to make them seem like an even bigger deal.

    For instance,  perhaps Diamond Commander Sivara might have extra lines of dialog whenever you play Queen Azshara or whenever Spitelash Siren's effect goes off.

    On that note please add Diamond Azshara to Standard, it's so not fair that only Mercenaries players get to have her!

    Yeah, I like that idea. I've seen a few people bring up having extra audio cues with diamonds in play and I'll definitely bring it up to see what the rest of the team thinks about it.

    The intention is there to have diamonds shared across modes where applicable. I can't say when or that it will happen 100%, but know that this is something I care strongly about and will push for

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    Quote from ValueBased >>
    Quote from JollyCroquet >>

    Diamond Reno Jackson has to be on the tables though... His intro line would have a lot more emphasis.

     I know opinions on Reno Jackson are polarized, but I second the idea that iconic wild (I know Reno is in the current core set) cards should have a diamond variant.

     The intention is definitely there to go back into wild sets and hit up some of our favorite characters with some diamond bling. It's already started with Loatheb!

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    Quote from Pacific_Onion >>

    I would like to see a little bit more class color added to the Diamond cards.

    Golden cards show class color by using a banner which can be seen on the bottom of the card as well as a little in the middle between the text and name, and for spells also on top. For Diamond cards the class color can only been on the bottom. I notice on the diamond template there are already these groves between the text and card name that would be perfect for filling in the class color. It's a minor thing, but I think it would go a long way in making them stand out more as a class card, and it wouldn't require changing the template as its already there, just needs to be filled in.

     Love that idea. I'll make note of it to bring it up with the rest of the art team. :)

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    Quote from HighPocketGuy >>

    First, thanks for starting the conversation, always appreciate developers who ask for feedback from their players.   

    You asked about favorites, I really enjoy Sir Finley's diamond card; it's unique, clever and eye catching.  Some good runner ups - Loatheb is mysterious and conveys a foreboding mood and Ragnaros, the Firelord looks beautiful and mesmerizing.  In terms of least favorite, of course my input only reflects my tastes but I think Blademaster Samuro is rather uninteresting - doesn't look dynamic, evocative or tells a story.  Runner up for for least favorite, Jandice Barrow - she just sort of sways back and forth.  My favorite diamond cards convey a moment in time and tell a story (Loatheb), make good use of the animation cycle (Sir Finley) and, of course, make good use of a color palette (Balinda).    

     Awesome to hear. Your ranking of where they stand coincides with when they were made so it sounds like we're heading in the right direction to make these better! 

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    Quote from 0ceanMan >>

    Do diamond cards have to be legendary minions? Will there ever be a diamond card that summons diamond tokens? I wonder how long until we can create a full deck of diamond only cards! 


     The fabled diamond only deck! one day... it might just be a possibility!
    Legendary minions generally tend to me the most powerful, exciting, and lore relevant cards of the set so it makes sense to make cool versions of those characters. I like the idea of a card that summons diamond tokens. It would require twice the effort, but it's certainly a fun idea and worth considering for sure.

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