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    Last night I met some secret mage in wild casual and I was playing pirate warrior (that version with db's and cannons). I had a 40gold quest (play 30 warrior cards). So as I don't have Justicar or warrior's quest I decided to play this deck, however I usually play Malygos shaman and I'm not really a fan of pirate warrior. I've not seen such a mad-over-a-videogame person in a very-very long time. He was literally devastating me with insults and other shit. I couldn't even find an answer to him cuz his rage was just... meh. So my message to that guy: "if you are reading this post, please forgive me to play that stupidass deck, I'm not a little autistic kid (I'm 22 and wasn't diagnosed as "autistic") and I'm so fucking sorry for your losses".

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