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    posted a message on "If you are bored with standard then play wild" *big sigh*
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    Well, I played wild until I reached Platinum rank and from there forward all I see are 3 decks, Secret Mage, Zoo Self-Damage Warlock and Resurrect Big Priest.

    All the cards in the world made available and people just netdeck and play 3 decks. Why people buy packs with real money for if they end up using a very small limited pool of them?

    I realize that am probably exaggerating things but playing Wild just proved to be the same as Standard. People netdecking with no promise of experimenting and making their own homebrewed decks. I am curious what happens with the physical TCG, if they too experience netdecking

    Rant over.

     This 'homebrew' culture is a self inflicted play style though, people like you need to realise this. 

    Deck building is a completely different skill/activity that some like, some don't, some are good at other aren't. The inability or lack of enjoyment one gets from deck building shouldn't (and doesn't) prevent them from playing card games.


    [Snip remainder]

    This is a hilariously myopic, apologist's reply to what is an endemic issue with Hearthstone, and many games like it. 
    The heavy-handed, one-way bias in this post that is unaware of it's own hypocrisy is just staggering. 

    ... which is, of course, completely predictable. 

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    posted a message on I can't win with silly decks anymore :(


    It's embarrassing and depressing.

    At the lowest tier of bronze ranked, people are playing highly refined, Tier 1 decks. 

    It is the same in casual. 

    This was the inevitable conclusion. 

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    posted a message on Some of you don't deserve what you think you deserve
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    problem is bli$$ is not valuing the time one (be him/she a f2p or a p2p player) spends in this game...

    Why would a business -- any business -- value customers that spend zero money...That's why businesses have frequent customer rewards because they value the people that spend money.

    Also I havent invalidated any part of my argument because I clearly stated that, in the absence of money, time and dedication are just as important but few seem to want to give those either.   "Give nothing, get something" doesn't exist in the real world and it certainly doesn't exist in the business world.

     I can't tell if you're being deliberately disingenuous here, or not.

    As far as the first part is concerned, people who play without giving Blizzard Cash Money Dollars are still paying. With their Time and Attention. They have become part of The Product (tm). They are the very same people who will go online, and copy the cheapest, yet most competitive deck, and let it pilot them to victory. 
    These people are also part of the product. Free-to-play players are a function of the ecosystem. Blizzard replies on these people to farm dissatisfaction from other, paying players, to spend more money.

    The second part is just fundamentally wrong, I'm sorry to say. Anyone who refutes your argument is accepting the premise of it. 
    Which is just classic debate-bounding. 
    Which is also to say, the premise of trading card games, microtransactions, and net-decking. 

    Your original post is thoughtful, and worth considering. But is still just semantic skin over an observably flawed skeleton. 

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    posted a message on RNG has ruined this game
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    Any game involving cards has some RNG involved in it and no one will contest that. HS, compared the early days, has now too much RNG. It is acceptable when it comes to card draw and discover mechanics. But when it comes to direct action on the board the player should given a certain control. Here is an example of what I am talking about: Let's take Rotnest Drake. Battlecry: If you are holding a dragon destroy a random enemy minion. On top of the ability to destroy a random enemy minion there is a condition. If don't hold a dragon the card is still playable on turn 5 but it loses most of it value. Now, I am not saying it's the best option but just for the sake of proving my point, here is what the Battlecry could be: "Destroy a random enemy minion. If you are holding a dragon, deal 5 damage"  it demonstrates that there can be RNG and a certain degree of control that the player can have. Winning because of RNG or your skill to manage RNG is satsifying but winning because of the moves you make and the decisions you make is much more rewarding. 

     Actually its the other way around. Its cards like Rotnest Drake that is what should be "acceptable RNG" Cause at least this card leaves you some room for countering it. You can play as many tokens as possible when you expect it and decrease the chance it will kill your big minion. Its not different than Ragnaros, i feel like Ragnaros was the type of RNG that was healthy for the game.

    Discover mechanic is everything that is wrong with HS right now. It has so many possible outcomes, it makes it so you discover cards that discover more cards that should never be in your deck and everything gets out of control to the point that you cant play around anything. Who exactly is going to play around dragon lackey giving Dragonqueen alexstrasza giving Ysera unleashed that gives you more random dragons. 

    But as i said once you realize that this is how the game is meant to be you just stop taking it seriously and move on.

     This dude gets it.

     The amount of myopia contained in this exchange is staggering. 

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    posted a message on New Rogue Legendary Card Revealed - Flik Skyshiv

    NB: if you yourself are playing copies of the targeted minion, your own will be destroyed, as well. 

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    posted a message on Can't play golden copies of event cards in standard...

    Came to say the same thing. If you possess Golden versions of these cards already, you will be forced to use non-gold versions when playing with them during this event.

    Seems like a rather embarrassing oversight. 

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    posted a message on Any opinions on Griftah?
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    Possibly the worst card ever made in any card game

     Monacle of Clarity from Jyhad
    Shahrazad from MtG

    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, 
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. 

     You watch your filthy mouth.

    Shahrazad is an incredible card, for so many reasons. And none of them include being a scumbag and playing 4x copies and trolling people. That's retarded.

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    posted a message on Mike Morhaime Steps Down as President of Blizzard Entertainment

    Wow. I've never seen that clip before. 

    That is perhaps the pinnacle of arrogance, to so inaccurately presume to know the minds of your audience.. That's a very poor sign for Blizzard, moving forward. 

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    posted a message on The best manga in the world


    Re: Shigurui--

    The anime is just straight up eye-porn art.

    The manga has a bit of a weird story arc deviation halfway through (it doesn't change anything-- it's just bizarre). The rest of the manga, though, is so good, it physically hurts me. It's been finished for a long time. You can find scanlations online. 

    Again. There's nothing else that comes close.

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    posted a message on The best manga in the world

    I can't believe someone already listed it, but mad props to the guy above me who mentioned it.

    Shigurui is one of the most excellent, underrated mangas ever. By an enormous margin. 

    It's not even close.

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    posted a message on Gunnolf's Wild Odd Tempo Mage


    I play a very similar list, but with some notable differences. My win rate hovers somewhere around 75-80%.

    I personally think Firelands Portals are a little slow and clumpy, and not having Dr. Boom as an additional 7-drop is a painfully obvious mistake.

    Firefly feels weak. Glacial Shard is an interesting tech choice. How is it working out for you?

    Nice to see someone having come close to the same build-- I salute your innovation, sir!

    (Yea-- Luna is such a satisfying house of a card when she works~)


    (Edit-- cheers on the formatting and deck write-up, as well! Good form for that~)

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    posted a message on Easter Eggs Abound! Gaming References Hidden in Hearthstone


    The artist for Bonemare has done several other pieces of work.

    But, wait... no. Hm. Maybe it's a different artist? Or a conspicuous typo...

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    posted a message on Easter Eggs Abound! Gaming References Hidden in Hearthstone


    If you mean "One shot, One kill..."

    Elven Archer is quoting the original Night Elven Archer from Warcraft 3.


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    posted a message on You're Invited to the Hearthstone Inn-vitational - Did Blizzard Just Give us Clues for the Next Expansion?


    Hearthstone has had a history of mirroring MtG release themes, within recent memory. And vice-versa

    During the Draon-centric Priest and Paladin days several months ago, MtG, had Dragons of Tarkir. 

    During Shadows over Innistrad, Hearthstone had Whispers of Old Gods. Both focusing on god-like, eldritch threats.

    So, with Un'Goro Crater, we saw some overlap with Magic's now Ixalan. Which, the theme? Pirates and dinosaurs. So, in that regard, Ixalan now will dovetail into a potential Pirate theme for Hearthstone. 

    The synchronicity of themes are surely no accident, as both games almost assuredly receive a boost of thematic exposure by the other.

    So, it's almost certainly going to be Pirates as the next Hearthstone theme. 

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    posted a message on Bonemare is female


    Did you know it was a she? I guess it should have been obviously with that long, flowing mane.

    Also, check the artists name. 
    Then check some of hisother work.

    Well played, Blizzard.

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