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    this is on official battlenet website..so probably the new expansion will be the topic of today

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    did you seriously just compare a ten mana card to a one mana card?

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    Quote from ArgentumEmperio >>


    I don't hate Kripp as I did before but he's still the person who jumped onto the bandwagon of 'lets remove Purify' with 0 regards of why it was even made in the first place and why its TIMING made it a worse card than it was.

    He's not one to speak of balance because he's an arena player at least in regards to constructed play. He says he lives and breathes Hearthstone well yes and so do a lot of people who don't have thousands of fanboys chasing after him and his opinions, that doesn't make his words any more clever.

    I haven't watched the video as I can't stand Kripp but let me just put it like this then since the title of this is "Balance patches every 2-3 weeks?":

    As Brian Kibler stated when the decision for a seperation of formats came out namely wild and standard, nerfing cards to fit into standard... well, it just doesn't quite work since you destroy any nostalgic or any usefulness of Wild. As the broken decks that are supposed to be devestatingly good simply just gets changed for no real reason other than 'It has to fit standard' (see Molten Giant and Force of Nature as examples of this).

    Making changes after a short amount of consideration for something that will last litterally years in a format is unbelivably stupid. The scope of changing things to simply just 'change things up' is the same as stating that making any deck is completely irrelevant since the only effective way to do anything would be to find a carbon copy of the decks we see online. Now in the case of certain cards or decks being far too strong and thus' taking over the entire game... that's when a change is needed and that has already been adressed by Ben Brode and team 5 as a whole REAPETEDLY!

    So what's the issue? Well the issue is that Hearthstone players still haven't understood something as simple as this:

    Varian Wrynn was a card that came out in TgT and saw little to no play at all. Period. There's nothing more to say to that.

    A year after it came out comes Whispers of the Old Gods and voilá... a deck that basically says 'This deck is godlike because of Varian Wrynn making huge boardswings into your favour' and many, many, MAAAAAAAAANY people claimed that Midrange Warrior was unbeatable.

    Give it some time and it dwindled in popularity as Aggro Shaman and Dragon Shaman took over. Come Karazhan and the nerf to Yogg and several Shaman cards and Midrange shaman began to take over.

    Now let's go back in time and look at Varian Wrynn: no one, absolutely NO ONE! During the time of TgT's release made the claim that the card was overpowered or even good. Now with a bit of time and folks figuring out what you can do with it when several cards were nerfed, removed and others introduced... the game changed. And it became a dominent card for about a month or so.


    What's my point? 3-4 weeks is roughly a month isn't it? So should Team 5 have nerfed Varian Wrynn at a whim because of folks playing the card...? If you believe this is a good suggestion that nerfs should occur EVEN MORE frequently than that... then you just bought everything I said.

    If you didn't and have at least a degree of sense then you wouldn't be listening to Kripp and actually read Blue Posts. Making quick short term balance changes in a cardgame DOES NOT WORK! You don't have enough numbers to tweak since every change you make is a huge and drastic change! Make Small-Time Buccaneer cost 2 mana instead of 1? You litterally just doubled its mana cost! Make Molten Giant cost 25 instead of 20? Its not a huge change in the grand scale of things after all its just 5 mana. 5 numbers. 5 health. Not that... oh wait, it is huge, it has made the card unplayable in both Wild and Standard.

    This is why you don't make quick and stupid balance changes since you'll make the game into a mosh-pit of "Can I play this deck now without everyone bitching and whining? No? Okey, bye since I can't actually play the game without visiting a casino in Las Vegas to see if I managed to hit the jackpot of 'You are now able to play'". You can tweak things in FPS games since the change between 1 damage and 2 damage a bullet from a gun that deals 20 damage a shot is really, really minisclue... in Hearthstone, those effects do not exist without adding in RNG or pre-requisites.


    So no, this is a dumb idea and don't post Kripparian videos - he's a god at arena but suck at game balance. And he proved that within' minutes of the video starting if he believes that 'breathing Hearthstone' makes you more clever.

     did you seriously compare a ten mana card to a one mana?
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    i crafted both elemntal destructions, ancestral spirit and white eyes for this deck..honestly the most fun i've had in forever in hearthstone..if you can manage to craft them you won't regret it

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