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    Fun fact: this card's full art is also used for Steady Shot.

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    It's crazy to think that this card, along with all other fandral transformations, will all essentially rotate out of standard once fandral rotates out.

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    Why isn't it a deathrattle?

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    yeah it's kind of weird with all four of them facing the same direction

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    It's supposed to be how strong the jade golem is going to be.

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    Is he defending himself with a wallet? XD

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    Druid's had a five mana 7/7 WAAAY before 4 mana 7/7s came into fashion!

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    I made a similar deck except the deck has a ton of duplicates and the only way I can get reno to activate is to play until fatigue or renounce the darkness. I call it Renounce the Darkness, Embrace the Reno XD

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    It appears that I royally fudged up. Murder of Crows is supposed to deal two damage not five. XD


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    Hunter is my favorite class in WOW so it saddens me that in Hearthstone, i can't play my favorite deck type with it: control. Here are some cards to possibly make control hunter work. 

    This card provides a powerful board clear at a small mana price though you will have to pay a bit of health. I think this is the key against zoo: cheap but powerful board clears.


    I was thinking about making this spell freeze your hero just to balance it out. It's basically a stall card that gives you an extra turn to grind mana and hopefully topdeck a board clear such as: 

    I feel that this board clear will strongly carry control hunter because it's a potentially endless board clear. It may seem op, but it's not that great against big minions. That's what the next card is for.

    EDIT: I made a mistake making the card and it accidentally said deal five damage rather than two XD. It's fixed now

    Nice and simpl. Takes those 4 7/7s and makes them worse than oasis snapjaw.

    Oh the skill command value. I purposely made this card worthless for aggro by giving your opponent spell immunity. The card provides some basic spell damage that you can pull out of hammerspace to buff up your spells for surpirse damage.

    Believe it or not, I came up with this card before Protect the King was announced to the public. I think this one is a bit better: the wolves are strong enough to actually force minion sacrifices. Great against zoo.

    Gaining fifteen armor for two mana is pretty insane, so i made it an incredibly slow card. Designed to be coined out on turn one or turn two when the aggro isn't quite coming yet. 

    Ever needed that one spell but you could never draw it? No problem! This card well chase your woes away! (at least if you're hunter). This card is to help you draw removal while also preventing fatigue. Try beating that Jeweled Scarab!

    The process of making the card, then uploading it to an image website, then uploading it here is quite long and tedious, so I showed only a few cards on my mind. Let me know what you think!

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