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    Amazing. In the very first turn you can put two Pit Commander and two Taintheart Commander on board, and the opponent (a Mage in my case) will for surely concede.

    I think this is the best deck - more than the druid ones - because is a fast instant win on first turn. And it is not that hard to realize since this deck has very low-cost cards that you can play at first turn, sometimes without the coin, so you only need to ensure mulligan a Proving Grounds for instant win at turn one.

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    Sorry but I need to say this is one of the worst decks that I've played in my life (since the HS beta). Since the deck plays around only 2 minions of high cost, most of the times you can't do nothing (NOTHING) until turn 5~7 if you are "lucky" to draw one of the area spells, but even in that case you have nothing real to deal with the current buffed board of your enemy.

    It lacks of removals, lacks of healing, lacks of minions, lacks of everything to survive until you can do something, The deck has too many resurrect and copy spells that you will not be able to play before your defeat.

    You can try speed up the card drawing with Nazmani but first you need much luck to draw a single copy of that minion, and as I said can't do nothing real to deal with an enemy board until high turns, on which you are closely to be defeated by the enemy.

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    posted a message on Brawl block w/ C'thun, Kazakus

    Pure crap decks.

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    Good deck and good results with only a minimal good mulligan / opening hand. First try, first win (against rogue) on turn 5 (he conceded), and I used my hero power only 1 time.

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    BattleTag: Arkanus#21736

    Region: EU

    Trade only?: yes, you go first


    Thanks to Eqlivox#...

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    posted a message on YoggChamp achievement

    This is the only achievement I still have to complete for this expansion, and it is by far the most difficult and circumstantial achievement. Even the Yogg achievement is a LOT easier because rather than RNG fiesta luck it just require to play specific cards with some complex moves ( https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-general/general-discussion/246297-my-almost-complete-guide-to-the-achievements-that?comment=35 )

    I followed Lorewalker Cho strategy and with Zola for giving the opponent two spells. My deck is everything to speed draw. I played near 50 games and it is just impossible to do, I play until I'm at very low HP and I give the opponent 1 or 2 secrets, but most people doesn't care or does not understand what is happening and does not have brain to see they can get the achievement / free xp for playing a spell or the secret and killing me, so instead they always go face with minions to kill me. People is just dumb.

    From 50 games just one, JUST ONE time the opponent played right with Lorewalker Cho, we managed to copy and play the secret about 8 times in total, with no luck for none of both, and finally I died due fatigue.

    Now I'm following Pure Paladin strategy, that is having 2 copies of the secret (and alternatively Lorewalker Cho) and throw the secret when the opponent is at very low HP, I'm near 10 played games and I feel this strategy is even worse because every f*ckin time the opponent just concedes because he will think you are doing BM.

    All this I tried it in wild ranked mode (diamond 5).

    it's really maddening. This achievement exceeds the limits of the difficulty of the circumstances that must be given in order to complete it.

    There are many RNG factors starting with if you can win / beat the opponent HP, if you have the secret in hand, if the opponent will concede or will cast a spell, and what random spell will be casted by the secret.

    This is totally unfair to any achievement completionist.

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    posted a message on Hard Package Clear

    This is a deck for an easy first try win. Turn 1 played Depth Charge, the opponent (hunter) conceded.

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    posted a message on My (almost) complete guide to the achievements that offer XP
    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    Kill your opponent from full health with C’Thun, the Shattered: I haven’t done this as I don’t even have the card. It is not easy to achieve as it is very unlikely that you will get to play C’Thun on a fully empty board and with your opponent at exactly 30 health. Might be a bit easier with some Quest Shaman where you can deal 60 damage, but once again you will need quite a bit of luck to have the opponent at 30 (or more) health. Zeddy did this in wild with a fun combo that includes Aviana/Kun, Ysiel, a C’Thun to clear the opponent’s board, Tree of Life to heal him back to 30 and a 2nd C’Thun via Floop for the lethal. But of course this combo needs a ton of legendaries that many of us don’t have.

    I must thank you for the reference to that streamer, it helped me to complete this achievement by following his same methodology. This achievement is the hardest one, with difference (with this I just completed almost all from this expansion).

    Just next time please consider to add a link to any youtuber / streamer you mention, because not everybody know them... in fact I needed to figure out that you were talking about a streamer and I investigated for the video in his youtube channel...

    About completing this achievement... Zeddy did it in two tries, I did it like in 20 tries. The only good chances to do this OTK is if you find a control priest (NOT big priest) or any other very slow control deck (like shudderwock) and not too much buffed minions, which is very hard to find in these days. Any other deck will lower your chances by a lot because you just don't have enough responses at time, while your hand will be full very soon and you need to make space to draw more.

    From like 20 matches I played in rank diamond 5 against aggro and not-so-much-control decks, there is a point I just conceded any matchmaking with aggro classes to try find only a priest, that was like... 10~15 auto-concedes at mulligan. Very few priests and most of them are big priests. So the big deal is to find the right oponnent to try this OTK.

    Sometimes in mid-late turns (7~8) if you can grow up your mana enough and you have Aviana and spells to draw cards then you can try your RNG luck in search of a miracle. But surviving to turn +8 against an aggro deck most of the times its very difficult, no matter how many armor and draws you get, and if you survive you will notice that you wasted all of your responses and you can't afford the damage of the next turns while you search for making the OTK. Of course sometimes could be a matter of luck, but I really suggest to avoid trying this OTK with any aggro deck, 99% of the tries will be a complete waste of your time.

    And from trying to do the OTK in Duels mode... that is just a big joke. You will need a lot more favorable conditions than trying the OTK with the deck Zeddy's shown.

    Thanks again.

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    posted a message on Runestones and arcane orbs?
    Quote from Friaka >>

    It would be hilarious if that was the case. Don't know a lot about how coding works, but how hard would actually be to fix this?

    I'm a software developer and this is not something that we can call "hard". You can think about the Arcane Orbs screen as a thing that has a name (a class) that is declared somewhere in the source-code. A developer just needs to analyze the object references / usages for that thing around all the source-code (which is easy to do, no matter how many thousands and thousands of lines of code it can have or how spaghetti code it can be) to find which event / line of code is triggering that Arcane Orbs screen to pop-up in unexpected scenarios (eg. when returning to the "Play" scene as in my case), and add a condition to avoid the trigger.

    Finding and fixing a window that is unwittingly shown Is not hard, just could be kinda tedious the time it could require to debug the code.

    What happens is that employers from Blizzard Entertainment works 1 single day a week, and the rest of the week they sit counting bills, so they don't have enough time to maintain the source-code because they are doing most important things...

    Really, the way of working of this company seems far away from following a defined software development life cycle (SDLC) line of a professional developer work group.

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    posted a message on Runestones and arcane orbs?

    A spanish user playing in a PC inside Europe server getting the same weird screen at 19:13 on 13/December/2020:

    The screen appeared once just after defeating a player in Wild Ranked mode (diamond 2/2) and going back to the Play screen.

    Please notice the end-user CAN'T dismiss this screen, I can touch the left/right arrows (which by the way are buggy) and do nothing more. Clicking outside that thing or pressing escape, enter or space keyboard keys does not dismiss it, I need to perform a hard process kill in order to continue playing the game.

    What a bug... another heavy one to add to the large collection of bugs since the implementation of the new (un)reward system.

    I don't know and I don't care about gambling laws in China, but in my country this screen should NOT appear. The text is not even translated to spanish language.

    I think maybe someone qualified to get the required attention by developers should try to contact them to inform about this bug.

    Really, if someone can contact developers then please consider it, because otherwise if we expect they fix bugs without pressing... you know what will happen at the end of the day, right? (nothing of nothing).

    Thanks for read.

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    posted a message on Armor Warrior for Illidan! (Illidan Decklist included)

    Absolutely pure trash, RNG conditionally based deck. Priest decks are the way to go.

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    posted a message on Harder to hit legend in wild or standard?

    As a player who every month reach Legend rank by trying hard on both Ranked Standard and Ranked Wild modes, I give you an advice: don't trust anyone that tells you that Ranked Standard is easier to reach legend rank. What makes Ranked Wild a lot easier are the chances to have more consistent consecutive win streaks.

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    posted a message on HSreplay now useless unless you pay
    Quote from duchailu >>

    so it shocks you that people want to be rewarded for their work ? you just want to benefit from it for free ? if you play hearthstone enough that you need to know about this kind of stats, i really don't think paying 5$ / month is that much ....

     There are ways and ways for letting people to reward your work, like using ads, inviting to realize a donation, or forcing users to do a unique payment. But HSReplay just offers a subscription payment like.. Netflix. What a shitty service.

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    posted a message on Casual is infested with bots.

    As of October 2020 now casual wild is dominated by bots. No humans... zero, none, literally.

    I did matchmaking like 20 times consecutively, and every "player" (bot) conceded at mulligan or just after that. This happens at least on Europe server. Yes you've read right, I tried to play 20+ games and every time the "enemy" (read: a fucking bot) conceded the game very early. This is not fun. Wild is dead.

    It's literally IMPOSSIBLE to play against a human. I want to play for fun, and I don't want to play wild ranked (which is infested by bots too, but not at the toxic level of casual wild). You need to try very hard and have much patience to spent time on finding a human, or a bot player that does not concede at mulligan. Just horrible.

    In short, from my experience and many experiments this is what can I say:

    If you play wild casual between 12:00 ~ 20:00 your probability to find a human enemy is 3/10, which very low and unacceptable. But If you play at any other hour, that is at late night or after midnight your probability decrease like 1/20, only 1 or two from 20 matches will be a human player and with luck will not concede fast. Very low chances to have fun with this game anyone that want to play wild decks on casual wild mode, really.

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