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    posted a message on Who's Enjoying the new Meta?

    Well the game is too swingy for me atm. Decks pull out insane stuff that instantly transforms a winnable game into an unwinnable one.

    there is too little focus on strategy, tempo and board control and too much power put into certain draws which allows a player to disregard anything the opponent has build up.

    Priest stealing your win conditions (best feeling is beating them anyway, looking at the noob legend who lost after playing 3 zephrys). Extreme cheating (druid) and bonkers powerplays (paladin, but at least losing to them doesn’t feel as bad)

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    posted a message on Coin shouldn't count as a spell... spellburst version

    Hmm I have always found that i prefer being on coin. The extra card in the opening hand and option to gain tempo at a vital point seems so good to me.

    like playing Brann on turn 6

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    posted a message on 55 mana play on turn 5 in standard

    Don’t understand the complaint about the damage he did early in the match.. the opponent put nothing on board, no trades, no boardclear.. ofc he is taking a lot of damage. Not playing cards that interact with your enemy for 4 turns straight should be a death sentence for every deck in hearthstone both past, present and in the future.

    It should never be viable NOT to interact with your enemy at all.

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    posted a message on Patch 18.0.2 - Balance Changes - Kael'thas, Illucia & Battlegrounds

    What rock do you live under. Priest is tier 1 right now in grandmasters too.

    and priest was tier 1 / best deck during the entire saviours of uldum expansion.

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    posted a message on #DeletePriest

    Well seems you don’t play grandmaster tournaments then. Priest is in a lot of grandmaster line ups at this point so the class must have some merit

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    posted a message on #DeletePriest

    Let's make a list of things that players dislike in Hearthstone (keep in mind though, those are not necessary OP but may cause negative experience for most players):

    1. RNG having too much influence on the gameplay (Yogg Box, Reno etc.).
    2. Heavy mana cheating (not only discounting cards but in a broad sense, including too strong cards for too low mana cost).
    3. Too much card generation. The problem here is not the power or value of these cards, but rather their number. This forces you to predict the unpredictable, because your opponent can play basically anything (just like most Rogue decks in last 3 years or Casino Spell Mage, who plays pretty much different deck each game...).
    4. Too much pure value generation (like Jade Druid, Dr. Boom or Deathstalker Rexxar).
    5. Too many ways to get cards from outside your own deck or even class (I think it's a separate problem because it can overcome class design limitations or create unhealthy combos).
    6. Too many ways to exceed card limits (5x Frost Nova or 4x Mass Resurrection in one game? Why not...).
    7. Too many tools to stale the game and make it non-interactive for the other player (cheap and strong removals, freeze, taunts, reborns, heals, resurrects etc.). This one is also related to previous points.
    8. Too much aggresion (like Pirate Warrior or pre-nerf DH).
    9. Too consistent and easy to get OTKs.

    But how can you tell when it's "too much"? Well, that's the hardest part. Though by looking at Priest you can tell, that this class contains quite a few points from this list...


     Great comment, only missing “when something is too OP as a deck”

    This is what I think is wrong with hearthstobe standard. I play a lot of HL Hunter and decks like this is desirable at the top, lets compare to the list:
    1. Not much RNG. Few discovers and then nagrand slam. Of course top deck RNG but that is a given.
    2. Limited mana cheating. You have brann and dragonqueen but those are the legendary payoff cards of the archetype. They can also be countered.
    3. Very little card generation.
    4. Creates value with zixor prime but requires drawing both first. Uses a lot of good cards with high value of course but doesn’t generate much.
    5. Well only explorer and dragonqueen plus zephrys breaks class limitations.
    6. After discover change not possible for the deck.

    7. Can’t stale games.

    8. Aggression depends ok curving out. But that is the wincon. Don’t think it is overbearing.

    9. Being highlander means it is not too consistent but it only uses good cards so it consistently has good cards in hand but maybe not for the state of the game

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    posted a message on List of the Cards Affected by the Discover Effect Changes

    Are you sure underbelly angler counts as discover? Isn’t it just added to your hand at random?

    seems different to me. Discover is strictly when given choice I would think

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    posted a message on #DeletePriest

    Long time since I have commented here, been away from the game a month and a bit..

    I basically took a break due to focusing on the better game TFT and I was so tired of ress priest xD.

    I don’t mind priest in arena at all but in standard it is often painful to play against. It is not because of win rates, it is the way priest plays that is unfun to the opponent. The new tempo priest is not that bad actually! But ress priest and a little gala priest is cancer.
    But it is not just priest hate. Ramp druid is every bit as cacncer and my first game against infinite tortollan mage today definitely wasn’t fun either.

    The playstyle is what matters. Paladin is the best right now and has a few very unfun / OP synergies but the playstyle is much more pleasant to face. Therefore people hate druid more.

    In general the game is too little board centric and too much “I got my broken, unstoppable win card(s) first so I win”.

    Arena is a much better experience with greater emphasis on using your tools rather than just drawing the win card.

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    posted a message on [SA] LEGEND 83% Tempo Rogue

    Looks like a fun deck. Can you elaborate on why akama is not included with all the stealth synergy? Is it really not worth using over anything unless as a less strong substitution for lilian?

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: Caesar#22685

    Region: NA

    Trade Only? Yes, you go first.


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    posted a message on Suggestion for highlander cards changes

    I have thought the same for a long time.

    highlander effekts only for highlander decks.

    But the text should be “if your deck didn’t have any duplicates at the beginning of the game or now”

    That way you can still disrupt/tech highlanders but you are rid of ridiculous quest druids and the like.

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    posted a message on Please review this Galakrond Warrior deck


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    posted a message on Please review this Galakrond Warrior deck

    Yet you have zilliax there.

    still no 2nd mercenary (which will not rotate)

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    posted a message on Please review this Galakrond Warrior deck

    I hit legend with gala warrior last 2 months and I think they guy above is mostly correct.

    erkh with quartermaster and livewire is interesting.. but probably not strong.

    I suppose boom squad is ok since you don’t run 1 drops.. not even rover? Maybe go for blazing battlemage.

    You don’t need charge other than leeroy but you have space so korkron would be fine, but you absolutely need a second mercenary! You need to hit your combo to win most of the time and running just 1 just won’t cut it

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    posted a message on Turn 2 4/5 is Not Okay.

    Why do people keep talking about the deck? This thread is about a card, embiggen, not the deck.

    The deck is not too op cause of the possible bad draws, but embiggen and breath of dreams are certainly strong in a vacuum.

    The problem with these highroll decks is the polarizing nature. If the druid has the right opening hand, then most decks just don’t have enough answers to keep up leading to a very high winrate. It simply is unfun to lose to opponent having a good mulligan. I played the deck myself and it doesn’t even feel good winning like that.

    games between tier 1-3 decks should not feel like you are helpless. If a deck can highroll enough to invalidate another strong deck then it certainly should be made less consistent so it won’t itself have as much power outside the highroll.


    so yeah.. Embiggen is unfair if in mulligan, maybe breath of dreams is even worse. But the deck is very beatable and seems to be declining in popularity

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