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    This is such a dumb card. I mean, it's great that hearthstone is trying new things but it is far, far too easy to win with this card in many decks. And you know what, instead of being amazing it ends up a hollow and unsatisfying victory for both the winner and the loser.
    Just google alternate win cards in magic the gathering and see what crazy win conditions they've though up there.
    And i don't meant to say that hearthstone is worse, it's just newer and diffirent due to being digital. But things like alternate win conditions have been tried before so they really should be done better now.

    And by the way, the best way to counter this card/deck is the same as the best way to counter the hunter spell deck. Just spam fast spells and fast minions like a maniac. Is that really how you want to promote the game being? Forget combos, forget clever tactics, you need to just tempo like a madman because there's just so many cheap late game cards?  Personally i like those clever card tactics the most, don't know about the rest of you.

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    This card is just too strong. It can carry the hunter through most several rounds and sometimes even the game. Because of the health of the wolves it becomes even stronger as counters are few. And also it is far less difficult to execute than most other, less powerful spellstones. And keep in mind that this is After the death knight rexxar was released and after it was clear how powerful he was. And now we get zul'jin and the hunter spell bow as well.
    And that's why we get so many hunters playing nowadays.
    ps. this was the card that got me to create an account to comment on this.

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