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    posted a message on corrupt made overload worse than it already was
    Quote from yepapapepeap >>

    it make sense for overload to corrupt a card of same mana cost (not counting the overload) because it has a greater mana cost in total

     This almost makes sense, actually.

    Maybe if they printed the cards like 5+2 mana at the top, instead of putting overload numbers at the bottom.

    But let's be honest, overload needs to be reworked anyway.

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    posted a message on Zai, the Incredible

    So, what exactly is Zai? I see scales and a fin, so I'm thinking some kind of naga... with legs?

    Anyone got the lore on this? Anyone?

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    posted a message on C'Thun Use

    So, I actually have been playing a lot of spell mage with C'thun, and I've had quite a bit of success with it. Not necessarily playing C'thun, but the extra spells in deck for Deck of Lunacy is a real thing. And if I draw most of the pieces first, I'll wait and see if I can get the last ones.

    But my very first time actually assembling C'thun was against a priest.

    I drew him, but the opponent's board was too big to just play him, so I tried to clear out some health first.

    Madame Lazul was played. I had 7 cards in hand. The odds were on my side.

    My turn, tried to clear out more stuff. Sweating bullets.

    His turn.

    C'Thun, the Shattered.

    But honestly, Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate has been just nothing but success for me. Basically every outcome on the wheel is good if you're a bit behind on board. So, there's that.

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    posted a message on Addiction model = Hearthstone Business model?
    Quote from b1ak1ce >>

    wow you figured out the deep conspiracy of the freemium model, got a real Perry Mason over here

     Nobody on here will know who Perry Mason is!

    Wait, I know who Perry Mason is.



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    posted a message on Shake, Deathrattle and Roll! is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Ahh, a classic! Looking forward to it!

    Wait.. Hearthstone? Oh, okay.

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    posted a message on Addiction model = Hearthstone Business model?

    I feel like there are far more concerning issues in the world than businesses preying on people's inability to control themselves.

    I think I do have a bit of card game addiction. It started when I first collected Pokemon cards. Then I battled with them. And every game I wanted to play one more. One more game. One more.

    Maybe it's human nature to act like this to some degree? Does building a business model based off of human nature make a company bad?

    I think we need our resident psychology experts to weigh in on this.

    I think it's fine though. We do what we must, because we can.

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    posted a message on Weekly quests are too hard and buggy

    I actually just had the "play 10 old gods" quest this week, too.

    I just played secret rogue with Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate at the back, saved my Shadowsteps and then did 3 Yoggs in 3 turns. I wasn't even behind on board, I just played them anyway.

    It was actually quite fun.

    The corrupted cards quest is dumb though, as previously stated.

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    posted a message on I miss fatigue damage.
    Quote from jazzfan27 >>

    I was trying to remember if i had played a game yet this season where i got to use all my resources.  And i cant remember one.

    Most of you are thinking im crazy. Sarcastic or masochistic.  But i prefer games that run to fatigue.

    The games are just over too quickly now.


     You're not alone. I also prefer a game where it goes back and forth, managing resources, trying not to overextend into a trap but still pressure your opponent. A true gentleman's game of Hearthstone.


    We call that one a pro-gamer move. All skill.

    But seriously, yes. Aggro games that are decided before 6 mana are just silly. Perhaps still fine for the game, but it won't make me happy.

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    posted a message on Highest hero attack I've seen so far

    Yikes. that's a close call.

    But don't worry, next expansion DH will get a card that says something like, "give your hero immune, 10 attack and any excess damage dealt is done to the opposing hero".

    Because nobody is asking for that, they will print it.

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    posted a message on I'm a returning player with no overview at all.

    In the wake of the recent flood of negativity in the community over the game as a whole, I can't help but think you must be joking... but my intuition says you are being serious.

    I would say the important thing is to just play some games and see what you get. The new rewards system is frontloaded with packs and rewards, so you can get stuff there. But you will find that it slows down and gets grindy and therein lies the problem that most people are having.

    Hard to get packs outside of spending money, so F2P is difficult.

    Also, did you get a free deck? I thought new and returning players should be offered a free deck of their choice, unless that was a limited time thing. Might be worth looking into.

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    posted a message on Control Warlock

    I am really interested in playing a deck similar to this! I currently don't have all the cards though and I'm wondering how it functions without Supreme Archaeology? Or are the discounted cards later on a must-have?

    I was also wondering if Kanrethad Ebonlocke and Abyssal Summoner could have a place in here as well? I've always liked the idea of "big demon" decks, but would it still work in the current meta? It seems like this deck already plays without small demons, so maybe?

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    posted a message on What the hell is this?
    Quote from NGENTOT >>

    I don't know. I deleted hearthstone already

     Thank you for your contribution.

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    posted a message on Completed achievement cannot be found

    I assume you've scrolled down and checked each of the sets?

    The squares on the left of the achievements are subsections for each set, so at a glance I would guess it's in one of those.

    If not... a bug?

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    posted a message on Deck of Lunacy

    I've found that if you play Incanter's Flow before Deck of Lunacy, your new cards will be based off the new (reduced) cost.

    So in this way, you're probably better off to use Deck of Lunacy first, then Incanter's Flow, depending on what cost cards you have in your deck and what cost spells you're looking to find.

    But for example, if you've got 2 Blizzards in your deck, I'd much rather turn them into 6 cost Libram of Hopes and then reduce those to 5 or 4 mana afterward, instead of making the Blizzards cost 5, then transform them into 5 cost Guardian Animals. :)

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    posted a message on DH must be nerfed
    Quote from AndreiRO >>

    But the deck isn't that great. It's like aggro druid in wild. They're just highrolling every time. It'd be enough for me to beat them if their chance to draw their key cards would get nerfed

     Yeah, I'd have to agree with this.

    As frustrating as it is when you get rolled over by a hyper aggressive deck, I feel like there are also plenty of games where they just couldn't push enough damage or get just the right cards and I'm able to stabilize.

    Then watching them topdeck and play a 1-drop on turn 6 and nothing else is just glorious.

    It almost balances out the frustration. Almost.

    I think this is why every good deck needs to have some answers to early game aggression, no matter the class or archetype. It's just good deckbuilding.

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