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    posted a message on PRAISE JARAXXUS!!

    Who can resist his sweet and soothing voice?

    The elegant way he summons his best friends to fight at his side?

    Also, interesting to note, Toxicologist is back in the core set, too. So.. y'know. Big weapon go smash?

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    posted a message on everyone needs to play new Nozdormu
    Quote from Darksun200 >>
    Quote from fawfulmark2 >>

    Sounds like someone should make a "Nozdormu Cup" when Core Set goes live where everyone builds decks with a Nozdormu in it and make a tournament from it.

    I would watch that ASAP.

     That would be awesome and make me want to watch tournaments. Would make matches go by alot faster than they do now.

     I can definitely see this being a side thing at some big tournaments. Only deckbuilding requirement is having Nozdormu.

    And... go!

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    posted a message on Are there core cards you are very unhappy to see ?

    It's pretty interesting to see how they changed a lot of the old cards as well. I'm taking a closer look at things like Flamestrike is now 5 damage AoE, Tracking is now "discover a card from your deck".

    Little mana cost and stat changes to make cards a bit better all over the place.

    Actually, this is really going to be quite exciting to see all new builds and decks with these changes.

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    posted a message on everyone needs to play new Nozdormu

    I'm with you.

    And there is no excuse NOT to play this card. You get it for freeeeeeee.

    Just. Jam. It. In. There.

    And look at those stats for cost. PREMIUM.


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    posted a message on Press F to pay respects to Classic Dragons
    Quote from iTz_Stealthin >>

    - I must admit, the new dragon art is kind of silly D:

     Now that they've released the core set, I've noticed that all of them are doing some kind of "dragon breath" except for Ysera.

    C'mon, what gives, let's get some consistency.

    She's got Breath of Dreams! Wake up, girl.

    EDIT: Oh, sorry, Nozdormu is also being lazy. Haha...

    Speaking of Nozdormu. I wonder how many people are going to jam them in their deck for speed games? Or just want to have a 7-mana 8/8? Is that worth it?

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    posted a message on Are there core cards you are very unhappy to see ?

    Uhhh, Illidari Inquisitor looks a bit troublesome to me... 

    DH has weapon equipped. Turn 8... drops this, clears something because of rush, then hits your face. And you take a free 8 damage.

    Did they need this?

    Otherwise, it all looks cool. Big shake up for standard this coming season. :)

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    posted a message on So What's the Complaint This Time?
    Quote from TallStranger >>
    Quote from DeafKnight >>
    Quote from Shadowrisen >>
    Quote from 3nnu1 >>

    So no acknowledgement that the rewards track was complete fuckery and it took a large part of the community rising up to get blizzard to fix it. All the while the shills here kept saying it was fine in it's first iteration. 

     Which shills are those?  Because you've called me that before, and if you can find a post of me claiming there were no problems with the Blizzard reward track, I will personally buy you a pre-release bundle.  Go ahead . . . I'll wait.

    Using the word "shill" as an insult really is the lowest form of argument when it comes to these sorts of discussions.
    It is perfectly legitimate to believe that a change can be for the better r the overall good without secretly being a "fanboy" or whatever other useless terms people want to use.
    It essentially shows that the other person is less interested in providing discourse on the subject and simply does not have a valid argument and so resorts to base insults to shift the focus of the discussion.

     Unfortunately, that's very common around here. If I had a dollar for every time I was accused of being a Blizzard employee, I could retire and be no one's employee. Which would really be nice, especially given the work week I've been having!

     Also, being accused of being a Blizzard employee doesn't sound like such a bad thing. Even if they had layoffs or whatever and their new boss is greedy... is being part of that company really worse than doing some random retail/business/office job that you have no passion for? Anyway, that's the boat I'm in. I work with heavy truck parts, and I couldn't be more disinterested in it, but it puts money on the table. For my family to eat. We eat money.

    Then again, if I worked at Blizzard and read some of the comments about their work that I've seen here... maybe that would suck some of the fun out of it, too.

    Nothing quite like doing a job for a person that doesn't fully appreciate what you do and only ever complains!

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    posted a message on What is your favorite card voiceline?

    I always liked Lorekeeper Polkelt's attack voice line.

    "It is wisdom you lack!"

    And then I imagine he smacks the enemy with a book.

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    posted a message on Spell Schools - Deckbuilding Got Buffed?

    Perhaps diverging from the original topic a bit, but I wonder if they would ever consider creating new hero cards that allow the player to choose a "specialization". Each spec could allow different passive abilities for the rest of the game and some of them could interact with spell schools.

    I really like the idea of new hero cards, like the death knights from before, but maybe with a little extra customization, it could allow some unique directions for every class to take. I guess each spec would kind of "force" archetypes, but Blizzard already does this with the cards they release each expansion.

    Anyway, just sort of thinking out loud here. With the discussion of spell schools, it just got me thinking what else they could potentially do with them.

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    posted a message on Thief classes

    Priest usually takes copies of cards that are in your deck, whereas rogue takes random cards or discovered from the entire class.

    Getting your own chosen cards used against you is more annoying that just using a card from your class.

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    posted a message on Secretkeeper

    Looks like the flavour text of this card is about to become relevant again with Mankrik.

    She knows! Tell me already!

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Aggro rogue is pretty annoying these days.

    I mean, it's bad enough they can basically kill you by turn 4, but then to add icing on the cake, you can't even just throw down taunts to stop it.

    Pen flinger, sinister strike, pen flinger, sinister strike, pen flinger, eviscerate. PEN FLINGER.

    And forget about running them out of resources, because their deck is half damage, half draw. That's it!

    I had fun playing some cards today. Yeah....

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    posted a message on Thunder King and Thrall card back

    That's cool, thanks for the heads up.

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how they decide which heroes to offer for money and which are free?

    I mean, they gave away Tyrande for a free a while back, which was cool. Nemsy was also free in the shop once.

    Was the Thunder King an old preorder bundle hero or something? What were the others?

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    posted a message on Warrior spell school
    Quote from Shagwagon >>

    Warrior - Hard Knocks


    But actually, I guess the term "spell" is a rather generic wording that HS used in the early days to separate minions from the other playable cards.

    I doubt they would branch out further and make "physical" abilities their own school, because retroactively making this synergize with all the old cards that use the word "spell" might be too complicated. Or maybe not?

    Although it totally makes no sense for Counterspellto stop a warrior from activating Shield Block in WoW. In HS, it does... Maybe one day it will all make more sense.

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    posted a message on Spell Schools - Deckbuilding Got Buffed?

    Thanks for all the responses, everyone.

    I agree that there probably isn't enough support yet to make a big splash in the coming meta, but I'm optimistic about it. And as mentioned, it sounds like this will be an ongoing thing for all future cards, so they will probably be more conscious of the spell tags and synergies going forward.

    Not like how they print a new keyword for one expansion and drop it (and all support for it) in the following expansions. Though it was nice for them to dip back into dormant, spellburst and corrupt keywords for the DMR mini set.

    Another interesting note is the difference between "nature spell damage +3" and "spell damage +3" as far as deckbuilding goes. Right now, there is no reason to limit the types of spells you can use by opting to go with only nature, but I imagine there will be more reasons as they reveal new cards.

    Furthermore, if we look at the stats on the new shaman legendary, Bru'kan is a 4-mana 5/4, and +3 nature spell damage. To me, this is a rather large bundle of numbers for a 4 mana card. Perhaps future minions with a specific type of spell damage attached to them will be bulkier to compensate.

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