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    Quote from EndorFoux >>

    My experience from Diamond 5 to 4k Legend (I've played standard only after expansion came out, and got Diamond in 1 day). I haven't seen a single priest. Lot's of DH's, Hunters, Shamans and Paladins. Warlocks are less popular than in the begining, but at day 1 it was liek 90% people playing it. Warriors, Rogues and Druids are kinda rare, but still vaiable. 

    I feel like next buffs / nerfs will change at least 12 cards. 

     Most likely they will nerf Mage and Warlock again, give DH and Hunter a buff :-) They want to make sure they are dead.

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    posted a message on Libram of Hope = Auto Concede
    Quote from vNihilism >>

    As a priest, I literally coom when my opponent plays Libram of Hope. It's the moment I turn the game around.

     As a mage I laugh at Paladin :-) The OP must be a Face Hunter.

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    posted a message on Ranked wild is more fun then standard

    I recently started playing wild and I must admit in my opinion wild is more fun. The main reason for me is that every opponent has a different deck, in standard every game became the same, every mage every hunter nearly all have the same deck.

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    posted a message on Was it really necessary to nerf those Mage cards?

    Mage was not really wreaking havoc, before the nerf I was like let's see but now after playing for a few days with the nerf I dropped to a 40% WR, it was around 50%.

    I thought 50% was what they where aiming for? I went back using my big spell set up (here the dragoncaster is nerfed to 7 mana), I get around 50% with this, despite this deck is a sucker against aggro. But as I said before, I am not really sure if these nerfs for mage where necessary, it just pushes me to use Face Hunter again (I don't really like to play Hunter) and that is a shame :-(


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    posted a message on Gold for Dust?

    Would it be an idea to buy dust? 1G = X amount of dust?

    Because buying card packs with gold, then dusting the cards etc. Maybe it would be something to just swap Gold for Dust?
    Has this been proposed? Is it a silly thought?

    I really hate it when I am 50 dust short or so, could do with swapping some G for D instead of finding cards to dust or to buy a pack then dust them etc.

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    posted a message on 99% certain

    The type of deck you play determines your opponent when climbing ladder. For example add a swamp ooze or a kobold stickyfinger and or even a wyrmrest purifier to your deck and you won't get warriors anymore for 50 games only 1 warrior and without them for 50 games 12 warriors. 



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    posted a message on The RNG mechanism isn't really Random?

    At least it feels that way, I personally think there is something wrong with the coding.

    I will try to explain, let's pick a random summoning card like Netherwind Portal. There are in total 101 of 4 Mana Minions in standard to RNG from.
    So let's say 1 in 100 chance to calculate more easily. Last 2 games ago I had 2x Kargath Bladefist (not that I am complaining)

    First time it is 1/100 but the second time it happening is again 1/100, but both for the second time it happening becomes 1 in 10000?

    Just now I finished a game and I had 2 x Kargath again. Again I am not complaining it is a nice card to get, better then getting a desert obelisk with Jandice Barov :-)
    But it really doesn't feel like random, I most likely will get a lot of flamers again (like if Blizzard is their Family Company) but again this suited me but not my opponent I guess, I am not really complaining, I just want to point out that it feels fishy in my experience.

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    posted a message on Why so serious??? The Hidden Truth about HS

    To be honest, yes I am dead serious when I play HS. Reason is quite simple: I like card games and HS is still one of the best out there. There is one more factor that I want to mention, I am married and have kids, thus my game time per day is very limited, this is the only game that gives me at least some satisfaction for that limited amount of game time (if the RNG gods favor me I have a blast of a time, if they don't my whole day gaming day is forfeit)

    That is why I hate people who rope, that is why I hate silly disconnects or slow players even at 1 mana(jeez what is there to think), people who go filling their time with emotes instead of playing. 

    So yes I can get angry or frustrated sometimes because my game time is limited, I play a game to have fun and have some quality time, the moment my expectations are not being met it is normal to get frustrated or angry because I need to wait 1 day before I can play again.

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    posted a message on First Day of School

    I would very much like it if this card was a neutral card and not paladin only. The name in my opinion suggests that first day of school counts for all during scholomance no? Maybe I am wrong, you guys have some idea's about it?

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    posted a message on Disapointed in Hearthstone now
    Quote from 4lgorithm >>

    I don't get all the complaining about rng. It's a board game, and you can roll that dice and have fun with it. It would be boring without rng, you would learn all of the rules and the biggest nerd would win everytime, what a fun game that would be.


    Also "early hearthstone" was not fun, scarriest cards were flamestrike and mc tech. Don't fill the board and trade by value were only rules.

     Yes indeed, if you want no RNG then play chess. But a card/board game shouldn't be slots either, sometimes HS feels like playing casino slots. I think OP want's to point out that.

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