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    Quote from Kedalin >>

    Mage: Change Tortollan Pilgrim so that it casts the spell from the deck (removing it from the deck in the process) instead of casting a copy.

    Combined with Potion of Illusion and Frost Nova, Tortollan Pilgrim makes the game 100% uninteractable for the opponent. It's not just that it's powerful. It's not just that it's annoying. It's that it makes the game literally unplayable for one of the players, and at that point it ceases to be a game. You can either concede or wait for the inevitable, but either way, you're not going to get a chance to play the game anymore that match. And that just feels lousy.

    Pilgrim + Potion is a cool interaction, and sets you up to cheat some more mana. That's fine. But infinite Pilgrim + infinite Potion is bad for the game.

     If Tortollan would remove from deck so should all other cards like Druid Guardian Spell with rush remove the minnions from deck.

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    I want dragoncaster back to 6 Mana

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    I was wondering, sometimes some players are long thinkers, even at 1 Mana they overthink and don't get me wrong I am not in a hurry but the wait is sometimes killing. Come on how much time do you need to think with 1 or 2 mana and 3 cards.

    I personally think that the timer should be adaptive, at 1 mana shorter times then at for example 5 mana and the longest thinking time you should get with 10 mana.

    Because it is very annoying when someone uses up all their time at 1 and 2 and 3 mana, I know that it sometimes might be connection issue's but most of the time I think we have overthinkers. 

    Maybe a other topic I want to mention regarding time, Nozdormu is actually a issue because of the server lag sometimes, when your opponent is playing, his time is actually up but the game still needs to process his cards he put in play, so during this wait and start of your turn is a bit messy what causes you to loose a few seconds. 

    My 2 cents, take care all...

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    That is not entirely true, I have been playing 7 months lately, but I wanted to post so a newbie posting is more true. Never reached Legend yet, I think I miss something in my deck and piloting skills, I also think sometimes some days the RNG is disfavoring me causing some despair, especially face hunters are a pain... Diamond 2 is where I get stuck every month now.

    I have read a lot of threads, maybe I missed a few but I wanted to share my 2 cents, I think a few cards should or maybe could change a bit, as I mage I can only comment on mage cards, no pun intended, this is just my point of view, some might not agree and that is perfectly fine.

    Here goes:

    1. Devolving Missiles
        Costs 1 and shoots 3 bolts  ------> Costs 2 and shoot 4 bolts
    Reason: 1 is too low of a cost for something this powerfull but this card can also bring you down because of the hit rate chance when there are 2 or more minions, it might just hit the same minion over and over. So I would prefer more cost and 1 more bolt.

    2. Puzzle Box
        Costs 10 and casts 10 totally random spells at totally random targets  ------> Costs 10 and Casts 6 maybe 7 Solarian Prime types of spells
    Reason a spell costing this much should at least favor you and not totally be RNG, I am aware that wrongly used Solarian can bring you down as well but a Solarian doesn't scare me as much as a Puzzle Box. Survival of the Fittest for druids is a 10 cost spell and it really helps, Puzzle Box is really toss a coin, even if you are winning you might loose card.


    3. Dragoncaster
       Costs 7 ---------> Should  cost 6 again
    Reason, for 7 I think it costs too much to use it, it was a good card for 6 but for 7 just to pop out a 8 cost power of creation, naah I will pass. Make it 6 again :-)

    4. Potion of illusion
      Costs 4 ------> Should cost 3 but should make 1/1 minions that cost 2
    Reason, I dunno, 3 mana should give good combo's.

    5. Sphere of Sapience
     Costs 1 and 0-4  ----- Costs 1 and 1-4 
    Reason, just add 1 attack that could be usable in case of emergencies instead of durability when drawing a card?




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