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    posted a message on Only a creative Community can create an interesting Game

    If not for experimentation and deck building I would have left the game years ago, because there aren't that many of us out there, especially in better ranks, it's hard to have fun alone sometimes. I almost hate it when they release new mechanics that greatly improve old decks, because I always have reasons to try something else in Wild. Possibilities never end no matter the class. Dredge for example, and sir finley to an extent, vastly improved decks that heavily rely on draw order to simply function, like dragon rogue. And every new card makes you want to slightly alter your deck to better fit said new cards so you end up play testing with even more cards.

    I hardly ever play more than 3 games in a row without altering my deck or playing another one. Still climbing.

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    posted a message on Face Hunter in all forms needs to go.

    Somehow, in standard, there is always a tier 1 Face Hunter deck. 

    Every meta.

    Not even close. However there is a dude like you every meta complaining about exaggerated or straight up false things.


    Didn't read the rest of your post, not worth it.

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    posted a message on Just opened a golden Tavish Stormpike, need some tips!

    Is it the 3 mana minion or the 6 mana hero ?

    Hero is fine in most slower midrange decks, pretty mediocre in aggro

    Minion is one if the worst legs in the whole game, it's a good effect on paper but it's restricting deck building way too much to be effective

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    Quote from ArcyroX >>

    i had no idea that was the case. I always attacked face first then attacked a minion. if I knew I could do it the other way around i would definately play the deck differently.

    For example, lets say I have Dreadprison Glaive equipped and the opponent has a 3 health minion. I play Multi-Strike, and attack the face first then to the minion without hero powering to honorable kill. If I can hit the minion and THEN the face, then I would've hero powered in between to deal an additional damage. Glad I know this now.

     I learned this because I was going to lose against a 9/6 taunt, I had the glaive equipped and 2 multi strikes in hand, opponent had 10 HP. I was 4 damage off lethal because I expected not being able to swing my weapon at their face after killing their taunt, but here I was, winning the game anyway because I could in fact hit face. Now then next question I couldn't answer is, can I hit face twice in a row if I play 2 multi-strikes and the opponent has enough HP ?

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    posted a message on Multi-strike, bug or intended feature ?

    Hey guys so I was getting tired of slow decks with infinite win conditions, decided to build a face DH deck with finite resources, no mana reduction and little card draw, to remember what it felt like playing the game in 2014. Also I almost never play DH (95 wins at this moment) and I never see them on ladder, this was really the perfect opportunity to learn more about the class (I hate mirror matches). The reason why I'm doing this introduction is none at all, I just felt like it.

    I was not disappointed, this deck is incredible, and Multi-Strike is a huge part of its success, it seems very hard to play around. But here is the problem, the card text is not consistent with the effect. From what I understand, the effect should work like that : if you cast the spell then attack a minion, you can attack another minion before the end of turn. If you cast the spell then attack face, you can then attack one minion before the end of turn. So far so good. But if you cast the spell and attack a minion, you should NOT be able to go face with the second strike, because, well, that's what the text says. In reality the effect is exactly the same as Warglaives of Azzinoth but for only one additional strike, and what I'm wondering essentially is, is it working as intended with an incorrect text, or is it a bug with a correct text ?

    I'm not complaining by the way, just curious, if anything I'm happy because it makes Dreadprison Glaive playable.

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    posted a message on Is there a list of all the unnerfed cards somewhere ?

    Thank you !

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    posted a message on Is there a list of all the unnerfed cards somewhere ?

    So I've noticed since the new rotation that a ton of cards have been unnerfed, where can I find a full list please ? I don't want a list of the core set or rotated cards or whatever, only the unnerfed ones

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    posted a message on How healthy is kazakusan for the meta?

    it's as healthy as any other card, there is nothing wrong in particular with Kazakusan, other than being played a lot and being frustrating to face because of that, but then you complain about the very concept of metagame, which has nothing to do with Kazakusan.

    Every deck has counters and if they don't, they get nerfed.

    Also for people saying you should actually HAVE dragons in your deck when activating Kazakusan effect, I mean that's great and all, makes sense given the card text and flavor, but that just means Kazakusan will see no play at all, and everyone knows that. You couldn't just have a few dragons in your deck, because you're at risk of drawing all your dragons before given the chance to play Kazakusan. So you'd have to play actual dragon decks, and who does that in 2022, nobody, cause dragons suck. It is pretty obvious Kaz was meant to be played when you have nothing left in your deck, despite the dragon oriented card text. He literally replaces your deck with other stuff. The dragons left in your deck would be of no use other than being a text activator.

    Basically, the card is fine, and if you don't like facing the same cards and decks over and over again, maybe you should consider quitting competitive online games. And if you think about it, it's not the meta that sucks. It's the people who make it. You shouldn't blame it on any card.

    There's really 3 simple options for anti-meta people out there :

    -Keep making off meta decks and bring some fun to the ladder. Every time you face an opponent, they face an off meta deck, there's a high chance you make someone like you happy every time that happens. And this will encourage others to do the same, and maybe face you one day.

    -if you can't beat it, join it. That's why metas exist to begin with.


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    posted a message on Has power creep ever been this bad?

    no but it makes sense that powercreep would only get worse, or else it wouldn't be powercreep

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    posted a message on To Fellow Russian Players

    Ok Joe Biden, I believe you, not.

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    posted a message on Is mercenaries worth supporting?


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    posted a message on Milestone

    What's your favorite priest deck of all time ?

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    posted a message on Horrible patch: Unadressed issues

    Here's another unadressed issue :

    -Game is not fun and has no content besides progressing mercs levels and abilities

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    posted a message on Recent Dust Grants and Missing Cards - Official Answer & Update


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    posted a message on Microsoft acquiring Activision/Blizzard
    Quote from SinAscendant >>
    Quote from PetiteMouche >>

    68 billions... i wonder how many lives I need to live before I can acquire as much money. Crazy how humans can still seek money more than anything, even after they obtained so much. Isn't Bill Gates satisfied with his life already ?

    But Microsoft did good with Minecraft, they gave the devs a lot of freedom and support, so I am willing to give them a chance. Can't be any worse than it is right now anyway..

    I don't care about the future of hearthstone, game is dead and buried already, with unsustainable economy and game balance, but I'm intrigued about World of Warcraft, I'm curious what they'll do with it.

     >Bill Gates

    Bill Gates retired last year my guy. And he hasn't controlled Microsoft for over 13 years. 

     Whatever his/her/their name is, you got my point. I understand it's not just one person with 68B on his bank account. He still owns most of Microsoft, no ?

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