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    Why is it when I find a fun deck to play (And unfun to play against) it's always you? 

    Edit: Unfortunately I'm not worthy for this deck, (Or just a horrible player. Most likely the second one) and my winrate is just always at 50%. Still. good one.

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    Yeah I was confused why the quest was in this deck in the first place, until I mached a curse warlock. Basically a free win, and every other machups you can just muligan it away. Love the deck, I was always a fan of Control/Handlocks, and this is just perfect The feeling when you discard a 40/40+ denathrius from your opponent with the help of Howlfiend... Priceless. My hands are REALLY itching to just slap in a Mo'arg for Gul'dan value. But too much greed is unhealthy I suppose... I'll still try it LUL.

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    I'll be honest. When I crafted this deck I wasn't sure if I'll just waste my dust or not. (I was missing Lightforged Cariel, The Leviathan and about 8 rare cards.) But I still have about 32000 dust in reserve from wild cards so I was like, well it worths a shot. I even named my deck: RIP Dust.

    But for now... holy hell, I'm just shooting up on the ladder. I played 10 games, 7 win 3 lose (from Dia 8 to Dia 5). I checked it on HSreplay and I'm confused because its winrate is below 50% so either I'm lucky or this deck is a sleeping metabreaker. (I'm probably just lucky, but who knows.)

    Anyway, thanks for the deck!

    Edit: Heh yeah just as I wrote this down I lost 3 in a row. Still a fun deck to play.

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    This deck was absulutely amazing. I went from diamond 5 to legend with 65% winrate. At first I didin't really understand why would you run plot twist in this deck but than I realised it's like an emergency heal button. You can easily heal 8-20 depending on how much soul fragments you have in deck. The only bad machup for me was weapon rogue. Ooze at the bottom, little soul fragments in deck, that was just a torture to play against.

    Anyway, thanks for this deck, and the legend rank. Have my upvote, sir.

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    Best deck for making friends, already got 3 friend requests after the box saved me from death. 10/10 would box again. LUL (Winrate is barely above 50% after 15 games but it IS above 50.)

    (Edit: Well, never you mind, this deck had been stomped to the ground. Can't infinite. RIP Tortollan Box mage, your memory will be forever in our hearts)

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