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    posted a message on RNG has ruined this game

    I mean, obviously there's a lot of randomness in every card game.

    However, it's painful to see they turned Mage into total clownfiesta, with 5 cards being a total meme. Yeah, it might be fun for 1 or 2 games to box, but come on, can you really call the class competitive with  stuff like this. And I say it as a former mage player.

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    Glad to hear that you still try to make this deck better and test new cards.

    After playing few more games I can for sure recommend Ooze, also if you are facing a lot of aggro, I'd add shooting star (pretty sick combo with Azure Explorer) or Firetree Witchdoctor. I run both and they are helping a lot.

    From my experience Big Ol Whelp is pretty slow and there are so many dragons in the deck, but maybe you have different experience with him.

    Good luck and have fun! :)

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    I mean, my post wasn't meant as an attack at your deck. I like it, as I said, this was my first deck to build in new expansion.

    But I kinda gave it up after facing like 80% shamans. And since I couldn't beat them in any combination, I was curious how did it work out for you. I know shaman is a problem, cause whatever I put in this deck, it's still not enough. And I want to play it, cause I like playing Mage and I like the dragon synergy. 

    If you have even moderate success vs shaman, can you share some tips? Cause I believe my WR vs shamans is around 10% now.



    The only decks that beat shaman now are face hunter (barely) and Holy Wrath Paladin and I'm not interested in playing any of these tbf.

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    Ok, for real though... how exactly does this beat Galakrond shaman (any variant)?

    Don't get me wrong, I tried this deck before I saw it here, but after I reached rank 6 in no time, there was a plague of Shamans afterwards that dropped me to 8 which I'm stuck at.

    Two turns where they summon either 2 or 4 8/8s plus a weapon is just too much... This deck has no hard removal unless we count a lucky roll on Malygos upgraded flamestrike, box or Zephrys (that's not luck, Ik, but the most consistent removal is probably Twisting Nether, which still leaves the board empty). You clearly can't push for tempo, that easily, the only play I'd see is either Alex into 2 powerful 0-cost dragons or early Giant into Calling. But shamans STILL can answer that.

    My point is: what's your strat vs shamans? I did run a version with pyroblast and it was actually the most effective, since they lack healing. But you removed pyroblast...

    Anyways, I'm not a hater, since I love this deck, it's just too tough to push through in current meta.


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    posted a message on Which buff hypes you the most?

    Not sure why Thunderhead got buffed, since it's already a good card, but sure, I'll take it.

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    posted a message on Aggro Mage is BACK BABY

    Playing simmilar version of this. Great deck vs combo decks and hunters, odd paly is 50/50, but odd warrior and druid are nightmare matchups. Like, if you play vs odd warrior you might as well concede, cause you'll be running out of steam before you even go below his 20hp...

    I recommend throwing in tar creeper, it's a powerful card to protect your board vs odd paladin or even shaman (although I didn't face the latter that man times).

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