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    posted a message on For those who want Warlock Questline changed/reworked, how would you do it?

    What should happen: one of the ideas in this thread, almost all of them are ok

    What will happen: questline cost up to 2 mana

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    posted a message on Pure Control is dead and buried, nerfs wont change that

    I remember back in the days of Dr Boom Control Warrior, it was really annoying for me to play against them, as it is now playing vs mage. 

    I think the better direction for preventing long and painful games vs Priest/Warrior back in the days, would be to limit endless discovery effects rather than just crushing the archetype with great combo tools.


    That being said, I still prefer those control decks over mage for one simple reason: when I play minions vs control, they may or may not get removed, but I decide how much I want to invest and do I want to risk it. It still takes some decision making.

    Against mage, unless I play a stealth minion or Robes of protection, I know I can't play minions cause not only they will get removed, but also help my opponent to develop their game. And that's bs. I've never seen a situation, when you get punished so hard for playing minions, which by the way, is still one of the key aspect to the game.

    That's why I think other classes are ok, maybe need little nerfs here and there, but I wouldn't mind if Blizzard killed the entire archetype that is no minion quest mage. And I say it as a player who has played Mage the most out of all classes, but this expansion it's unplayable for me

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    posted a message on Best deck ever

    Thanks, so far it's 100% WR (one game sample size!)

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    posted a message on Expansion is great! Don’t believe the cry babys
    Quote from emkarab >>

    Well, meta is figured out, it's Roguestone and it's just a matter of time before people know it.

     That's the meta I can get behind! Rogue honestly has so many fun archetypes to play, I don't mind

    As long as either we or they fogure out the Garote thing, turn 6 OTK is a bit much even for current standards lol

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    posted a message on Find the Imposter

    This quest is being slept on, as usual with Rogue cards :)


    Very good reward, that doesn't win you games by itself but instead compliments well built tempo deck.

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    posted a message on What do you think about Team 5 design philosophy?

    They try to push control/otk decks more, which is fine since meta has been dominated by aggro for like 2 years now? With few exceptions

    Cards seem powerful, but remember, it's still control-ish style of play, which needs more power level than aggro

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    posted a message on All Cards Revealed!

    I really like the card design.

    I really like the art.

    I think there are many interesting things to try out.

    That being said, I'm scared that first few weeks I'll just get wrecked by face hunter. Guess I'll have to wait


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    posted a message on Day 1 Wailing Caverns (Control)

    I'm playing the simmilar deck and after about 50 games I can say, it's awesome vs all aggro matchups (especialy Hunter and paladin).


    I'd recommend you to swap C'thun for Yogg since you run many cheap spells. I also run Nzoth package, with my only beast being Educated Elekk and I highly recommend it if you run into lots of Warlocks or Priests(which I do)

    The only bad matchup (at least in my version) is Guardian Druid, to the point of actually conceding before we get to the late game. The new Murloc or Vol'jin might help, I'll test it out.

    HF and thanks for sharing interesting deck, this is way more fun than aggro shaman

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    posted a message on Meta untouched after last patch

    I think the meta is pretty fun, with only one class being unplayable (Shaman). I'm not a high legend player (been between plat-legend for 2 months) and I see a variety of decks there.

    The fact priest, warlock or rogue seem weak in general stats doesn't mean you can't reach higher levels with them. In fact I would argue that miracle rogue or control priest are more popular among high tier players than pally or face hunter.


    Anyways, remembering the days of stuff like Galakrond Shaman, newborn DH, not to mention older things like Quest Rogue, this meta isn't bad.

    Nerfs seem ok, it's the buffs that seem weak. Maybe they are setting up for the next expansion or something 

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    posted a message on tempo

    RNG games, just like my playoffs!

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