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    Trust me, Mate, I think this is anything but. I'm partway a back seat player now considering I rarely go on the game, but in my opinion, the last many expansion at this point have been an infinite and unrestrained loop of powercreeping that has really been harmful to the game, and this card, while not best, does indeed embody that to a terrifying degree.

    Their power creep comes in two ways, raw power, as in cards that really just straight up are so magnanimously better than old ones its crazy, and all that even when they don't get lucky on their RNG elements.

    This one instead is crazy based on its RNG element. Yes, you might not draw it, and then it'll be a fair card as a 3/4 for 3 as you stated yourself. However, if you draw the added card on the next turn after you play it, it is insane. And if you draw it on any turn after you played it, it is still insane. So yeah, I very much agree with ya, that card is bonkers, and sadly that is a big norm for both RNG  cards now. Makes the game to watch with all of the chaos, but makes it feel so horrible to actually play it, sadly.
    6/14 over 2 bodies with a deal 3 damage to opponent's face for 3 is not reasonable regardless of when you draw it.

    Side note, that damage of 3 can be more if you have any attack buffs on the field. Also, we don't know how they've wired him, so that attack might give him a charge, which might mean you can use windfury on him to get a bonus free charge effect on him and immediately make the second attack. Or, alternatively, giving him charge might not let him attack because he already had charge. Just a thing to consider, considering Blizzard's inconsistent coding. :D

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    I think it's more than fine comparing it to Reno, even if Tree of Life has a more equatable an effect, but most importantly, Reno was underestimated due to his drawback, yet was a spectacular card, and this one is also being underestimated, so it may well follow in his footsteps in that regard. :D

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    This is something that I came up with when I noticed I had the old Crystalsmith, whom I hadn't even ever used till now.
    It's been a fairly efficient deck. Just as I've wrote in its description, I had been swarmed by Vargoth Priests, and assuming how much trouble it had against them, it's likely not the most adept in dealing with those Big Priest, Handlock, Egg and such decks. It has, however, proven quite efficient against a lot of aggro variant decks, not perfect, but definitely gets the job done.

    Rebuke and its other control elements give it some hope against managing to beat combo and control decks into the later game, or ones that have had really, really lucky starts, and it's higher tempo through Shield Bots, Hydrologists, 1 mana Hero Powers and more, tend to just give it enough tempo to compete with aggro, tempo and midrange.

    Overall, not a top tier deck, but a pretty decent one nonetheless, and definitely a fun one, at least for myself so far.

    Sir Heal-A-Lot
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    So, this plus Reno, plus the Forbidden Crystalsmith combo, and, well, we got a Survaldin, or would it be an Immortaldin? Heck, we can toss in Genn, too, if we want to make it, well, an even deck.

    Heck, even costs are most of the Pally's strongest cards too, such as a plethora of legendaries from Tirion to Glass Knight and Tarim, as well as neutrals support like ol Lich King. And we also got Ivory and Murloc Knights, Keepers of Uldaman and Zandalari Templars, Truesilvers and Argent Lances, as well as A Light in the Darkness and Enter the Coliseum for even more control past the Pyro/Consecrate Equality.

    Yep, I'm seeing a deck that might only need to tech in some Dirty Rats, Rebuke, or the new Hecklebot, and we may have a pretty solid Paladin with quite overkill sustain. :D

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    But where are the target dummies for adaptive use of combo resources as survival tools? :D

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    Finally, so long after Sated Threshadon, another murloc/beast hybrid. Imma get my murloc, beast hunter to tier 1 some day, just you wait game...

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    I mean, the 0/7 spell damage imp, while a demon, which sadly rarely was relevant, was disadvantaged by being a 3 cost one, but this at 2 and still having 6 health, and elemental tag to boot, well, it just might be able to make some notable placements in decks.

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    I mean, I think this card is 'very good' by virtue of default, since there is no other neutral card to give lackeys, and only one per class that generates them.

    Yep, victory by default... Woohoo!

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    After all the negligence we gave their kind...

    This isn't the Rager we deserved, but sure as hell it's the one we needed, may it lead us to glory eternal.

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    Ah, this brings back memories of another such oldie.

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