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    posted a message on Have Elementals been removed from BG??

    Honestly I know I'm going to get a little hate for this but I've been dominating lower rank BG with Elementals...they were an easy win.  Start playing today and can't find any.  I haven't seen any news on this, but its possible I missed it.  Anyone else experience that playing the last couple of hours?  I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened but I know they were absent from my last 2 games.

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    posted a message on Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Launch Day - Everything You Need To Know!

    This can't be true.  You get a legendary guaranteed in your first 10 cards.  Then you get a guaranteed legendary every 40 packs.  You are in the guaranteed 2 legendary bracket with 50 packs...unless you actually opened a few less?  And if that's the case, just a few more and you get a guaranteed legendary.

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