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    posted a message on Returning Player Gifts - Up to 150 Packs!

    Bulls*it. I didn't get even a single pack on my account I haven't been logged in for over 5 years.

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    posted a message on It's time to remove Baron Rivendare
    Quote from Dieseloctane >>

    "Rivendare is cancer"... Never thought i would hear that in 2022. Which deck(s) are bringing this old ass card back from Purgatory? 

     Its a Battlegrounds section.

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    posted a message on Next Expansion News Coming Tuesday November 1st - Twitch Leak!

    More broken cards! Yaay 😁

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    posted a message on 24.4.1 Patch Notes - Battlegrounds Balance Changes, Bug Fixes

    Doesn't matter. It wasn't even worth a penny.

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    posted a message on Returning Player Questions

    If you want to know my opinion, keep away from this hot garbage. Hearthstone had it's prime in 2015. Now it's just an unbalanced and frustrating cash grab. The most talented developers left this game a long time ago. This game should die already but unfortunately many people are still paying and keep this abomination alive.

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    posted a message on 24.4.1 Patch Notes - Battlegrounds Balance Changes, Bug Fixes

    Yes, we know you have no idea how to balance Battlegrounds. Just remove these Quests from the game, admit you screwed this up and refund to people their money. I already deleted this clown fiesta and not planning to come back. Just give me my money back.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Idiots working at Blizzard can't balance their game but they milk so much money.

    Last week I bought the Battleground pass and this was the worst money spent ever! And I bought some really useless s*it in my life! Holy sh*t! That's an achievement Blizzard, you can be proud of yourself!

    Lost 700 mmr in 2 days and decided to delete this garbage of a game for good. Honestly, people responsible for making quests and balancing them... I wouldn't hire them even to clean toilets in McDonalds.

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    posted a message on Ladder Infestation

    I was never the meta-grinder guy. Instead if copying the best possible decks, I played only those that gave me fun and I am not regrettng it. I will never be a HS professional tournament player and never really wanted to become one. I treat games as my time to relax and clear my mind. If some decks are just too unbalanced then I go away. That's why I left Hearthstone awhile ago and returned only for Battlegrounds.

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