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    posted a message on What is the most annoying card in your opinion?

    For me, it was always The Caverns Below. I always play expansions through. I braved through Pirate Warrior, fought every Highlander Priest, and faced every Odd Paladin. All those top tier decks that beat me, I still played. Un'Goro META was the only time I stopped completely. Once you saw that Quest, you knew the game was already over. 

    I guess runner-up for would be Conjurer's Calling.

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    posted a message on Priest on the way to the top!

    Whether or not Priest is good or not, Priest is definitely on the top of the list for me in terms of fun. What a blast singleton Priest is!

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    posted a message on Do you think Siamat is/will be an auto craft?

    I have found him to be very good. The thing is, he's very underwhelming considering I thought he would be an insta-craft. Currently, 48 hours into the expansion, I don't think he's a must have. Needless to say, I think he shines in singleton decks. That's about it so far.

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    posted a message on [Theorycraft] Ra Quest Shaman

    I really want to try this. I'm thinking of trying to squeeze a Jar Dealer in there. Yeah, it goes against the Battlecry theme, but it might be nice to tech out those Mogu Cultists. In the end, Novice Engineer will most likely be the way to go. Nice idea!

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    posted a message on The Strongest Cards from Saviors of Uldum: Final Compendium Results. [Gadgetzan Gazzete]

    This is awesome, dude. Thanks! Can't wait to read.

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    posted a message on Crafting suggestion

    New expansion is most likely going to be a new META, so I would save your dust for ethier of the following:

    -Waiting for the META to solidify

    -Craft something you enjoy

    If you're looking for suggestions on what we think are safe crafts, Siamat seems pretty universally praised. But, I'm not a pro, so I can't say for sure.


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    posted a message on I am blind as a bat

    Have fun, dude! That's a good idea. I actually want to try that next time around.

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    posted a message on Make 10 SoU Predictions Here!
    Quote from TrevoRaven8 >>

    1. Highlander Secret Hunter with Dinotamer Brann and Zephrys the Great will be a deck, if only at about Tier 3.

    2. Highlander Mage will be a solid deck in Wild with both Renos, Kazakus, Zephrys the Great, and Frost Lich Jaina. Around Tier 3, if not higher.

    3. Bomb Warrior will still be around to wreck Highlander, but will be a more popular meta pick in Wild as Taunts become more prevalent in Standard. 

    4. Quest Hunter will find its footing in a Mech deck alongside Boommaster Flark and SN1P-SN4P. The synergy with Bombs is too good to pass up.

    5. Paladin's gonna sink really hard (in Standard) unless the Quest is miraculously good. Even then, it'll be stuck at the bottom.

    6. Even Shaman with Vessina, Splitting Axe, EVIL Totem, Sandstorm Elemental, and Totemic Surge is gonna become the scourge of Wild.

    7. ...Alongside a Tempo Secret Mage because Ancient Mysteries is broken.

    8. Octosari will end up somewhere. No clue where exactly, but... somewhere.

    9. Colossus of the Moon will see a nerf to being a 9 Mana 9/9 before Conjurer's Calling will.

    10. The Warrior Quest will lead to a resurgence of Pirate Warrior in Wild, if only for a short while (much to everyone's chagrin).

    I never thought about Colossus of the Moon being nerfed. Not sure if that would happen, but interesting thought!

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    posted a message on Make 10 SoU Predictions Here!

    This thread is to make any and all predictions about the upcoming expansion. Use this thread in the future for bragging rights! I'll start so you guys can get an idea of what I'm talking about:

    1. Hyena Alpha is going to be the most impactful class card in the set. How could it not? Alongside so many incredible Hunter cards, why wouldn't a 4-manaa 7/7 not see any play? I'm actually scared for this one.

    2. Vilefiend will be the winner of the Magma Rager award. I just don't see any use for it, not even in Arena. At least a lot of the bad cards in this set have some meme potential. Similarly, at least cards like Living Monument will still "see play" because of Conjurer's Calling.

    3. Corrupt the Waters will be a lot better than people think it will be. Maybe even the best. In fact, I'm willing to bet on it. Combine this with Lackey generation and decent late game effects, and you have a deck that might climb its way to the top. 

    4. Rogue and Shaman will be the only classes to pull off a Mogu Cultist deck. That being said, they won't be competitive. 

    5. Trolden will make at least 7 videos on Zephrys the Great.

    6. Siamat will be very similar to Zilliax in terms of being good in just about any deck. In fact, I think he's a solid five star card and will be the most impactful legendary in the set.

    7. Octosari will see a surprising amount of play in Wild.

    8. Bone Wraith will be the best common neutral of the set, with Beaming Sidekick being second.

    9. Zoo Priest will be a thing, but will most likely be tier-2 at best.

    10. Arcane Flakmage and Cloud Prince will be universally hated, due to Mage being top-tier with ANOTHER good deck. If they aren't I know I will still hate them. 


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    posted a message on What did you open with your Uldum pre-order packs? POST YOU RESULTS :D

    I'm also having this same problem. 

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card - King Phaoris

    Pretty cool! It's not a card you can just throw willy-nilly into any deck. It rewards players that pack a whole bunch if expensive spells in their deck. I like it.

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    posted a message on Colossus of the Moon – A Review

    Colossus of the Moon – A Review

    Hey, all! I wanted to talk about Colossus of the Moon because I’m really hyped for this card. Will he be good? It’s hard to say, but I know for a fact that there are a lot of cool things you can at least try with this big, beefy legendary.

    Although a lot of these might not be totally practical, here are some ways that Colossus of the Moon could be relevant when SoU drops. This list includes fun ideas, the benefits of those ideas, the negatives of those ideas, and whether or not it's practical.

    1. Conjurer's Calling – This one might not count, because you obviously wouldn’t put this guy in the Cyclone Giants Mage deck. However, this IS a tier-1 deck and has a pretty good chance of staying that way when the expansion drops. Even if nobody puts a single copy of Colossus of the Moon in their decks, I have a good feeling we’re still going to be seeing him summoned when somebody plays Conjurer's Calling on a Sea Giant. After all, it just one out of the eleven possible 10-drops that can be summoned (as of today). Having this guy in the card pool is a scary thought and I believe this will be a reality.

    2. Eureka! and Muckmorpher – There has been a lot of experimenting with Eureka! ever since it came out with cards like Charged Devilsaur, Big Bad Archmage, and Walking Fountain. With Muckmorpher, the idea is pretty much the same. Maybe you want to try to cheat out Malygos and blast your opponent down with cheap spells? How about cheating out a 4/4 Zilliax? Then again, maybe you just want to get extra value out of the Cairne Bloodhoof you put in your deck. Either way, these Theorycrafts that I tried were fun, but not effective. Colossus of the Moon will not make this idea any better, but will be a blast to use. If your opponent can’t handle you cheating this guy out right away, chances are they’re going to get clapped for a third of their health.

    3. Duel! – Imagine this: a 5-mana spell that “discards” a minion from your opponent’s deck AND summons a 10/10 with Reborn. Now, obviously I say this very loosely for two reasons. First of all, you have to hope that Duel! even pulls this Colossus of the Moon. Secondly, you have to hope that your opponent’s minion has 10 or less health with a Deathrattle that isn’t too devastating. All that being said, if RN-Jesus is looking over you and Duel! manages to pull your Colossus of the Moon and your opponents combo-piece on turn 5, then that’s a recipe for an instant concede. Can this be a reality? No, most likely not. But, you better believe I’m going to try this.

    4. Psychopomp, Ancestral Spirit, and Mass Resurrection – I know I’m missing a few here, because there are other cards that can bring things back to life, but an excellent card to revive is Colossus of the Moon. Let’s say you’re able to cheat this guy out with a card like Eureka!. If you cast Ancestral Spirit, on this guy for just two extra mana, then when it dies, you’re getting ANOTHER 10/10 with Divine Shield and Reborn with a 10/1 with Divine Shield on the side. Now, is this practical? No. This is EXTREMELY susceptible to silences and hex cards like Hex and Polymorph. However, if this were to pan out, imagine how insane blasting your opponent in the face with multiple 10/10 minions would be. Similarly, resurrecting a Colossus of the Moon with the aforementioned Priest cards can be very valuable in the late game. It will almost definitely be too slow without any method of cheating him out. Additionally, you have the chance of reviving the copy of Colossus of the Moon without Reborn. This isn't awful, but not ideal. 

    5. Zerek's Cloning Gallery – This card has proven to be very useful in its own right. There are number of Priest decks out there that use this card to cheat out a bunch of useful minions. If you summon Colossus of the Moon with this card, it’s basically an Argent Squire that summons a 10/1 upon death. When you consider that Zerek's Cloning Gallery also summons a handful of other 1/1’s from your deck, I consider that pretty valuable! This card was mostly used so you could cheat out multiple minions (like the cards mentioned in 4) and have them die so you could revive them. This is one of the few ideas to be rather practical. 

    6. Prismatic Lens – Paladins have a lot of cheap spells that are more than playable. If you manage to swap the costs of a Colossus of the Moon with a Secret, that leaves you with a pretty powerful 1-drop minion (albeit, it also leaves you with a Secret that’s way too overcosted). However, playing a 1-mana 10/10 on turn five could be an automatic game-winner if your opponent has no way to deal with it. 

    7. Neferset Ritualist – There’s really not much to say about this one. I just can’t really think of a better way to heal up your 10/1 Colossus of the Moon to full health when he’s reborn.

    8. Pharaoh Cat – You have a decent chance of having the option of grabbing Colossus of the Moon from this minion’s effect. Personally, if I were using this, I would prefer taking Restless Mummy or Bone Wraith. But, hey, it’s an option and I thought it was worth mentioning.

    9. Dollmaster Dorian and Jepetto Joybuzz – These cards make the most out of Colossus of the Moon when you draw him. With Jepetto Joybuzz, you’re more often looking to draw a card with an insane effect so you can trigger it for just one mana. So, I don’t think that’s going to be tried at all with Colossus of the Moon. However, Dollmaster Dorian might be an excellent way to get a large amount of stats on the field by simply drawing this minion and I think that’s pretty awesome.

    Again, I’m not saying that this guy is going to break the META and be a five star card that everybody needs. I just wanted to point out that there are a lot of fun things you can do with him and that there’s no need to dismiss this legendary for its vanilla text.

    Did I miss any ideas? What do you think?

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    posted a message on What are the top 3 cards you want to have from Saviours of Uldum (until now)?

    1. Mogu Cultist - This card gives me such Yu-Gi-Oh vibes and I love it. I'm mostly a meme player where I just try to craft my own decks that will get me to rank 15 at best. This card is perfect for that and looks like a blast to experiment with. 

    2. Colossus of the Moon - I think it's being overlooked. It's a big powerful minion that, although has it's a weaknesses, is very difficult to deal with. I think this would be fun to try with cards that involve cheating out minions with Eureka! or Duel!

    3. High Priest Amet - Because I think a Star Aligner Priest will be fun. 

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card - Colossus of the Moon

    Hmmmm... Wouldn't mind using Neferset Ritualist on this big boi when he is Reborn.

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    posted a message on New Card Revealed - Desert Obelisk

    Is it good? Probably not. Am I going to spend months trying to make it work? Absolutely. I love this card.

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