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    posted a message on What was the most underrated card on launch ever?

    Lyra the Sunshard and Darkshire Councilman.

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    posted a message on Legends of Runeterra - discussion, analysis and first impressions

    So far, I'm absolutely loving Legends of Runeterra. It has a lore I enjoy, fun card effects, and a wide variety of builds to try. The economy is far superior in the sense that I was able to build three decks from scratch without having to spend a single cent. Hearthstone tends to a take a much longer time to grind out cards you want as a F2P. Even though just about every mechanic is taken from another game, it's something fresh and I can't wait to see what they come up with.

    It hasn't won me over quite like Hearthstone. This is just my personal opinion. Despite it's numerous upsides, there are some glaring balance issues (which is forgivable being the game is still in BETA mode). Still, if you play regularly, you probably know what I'm talking about.

    Shadow Isles and Ionia are far more dominant than the other four factions. Shadow Isles has a minion that costs 8-mana who can CUT YOUR NEXUS LIFE POINTS IN HALF. IN. HALF. What's worse is that when he dies, he just gets sent straight to your hand. Plus, it's a well stated card, so there's zero penalty. Hell, if it's an odd number of life points, it just rounds up to the nearest decimal meaning having one life point left means death. WHO DESIGNED THIS? Ionia also has a card called Deny which just outright cancels any spell you play without warning. Counterplay should happen more strategically (i.e. buffing a minion prior to an attack or swapping the position of battling minions) and not simply denying your opponent six mana at the cost of three.

    Still, I like it. I like it a lot. If they add some fresh ideas and fix some balancing issues, it could be a great game and it already is!

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    posted a message on Grand Lackey Erkh Is Not Bad!

    I was able to pull Grand Lackey Erkh from Bandersmosh and he proved to be a massive swing in momentum for me. Playing a 5-mana 5/5 Grand Lackey Erkh on turn eight gave me a tremendous amount of value. Two Draconic Lackeys and a Kobold Lackey allowed me to give me options next turn and deal with a big threat on the opposite side of the board. With two extra points of health from the original minion, I was able to take advantage of him again at nine-mana. I got so much value, I eventually decided to stop playing Lackeys. 

    I just wanted to offer some insight on a card not yet release based off this one data point I was able to provide. Although very valuable, he very quickly provided more value than I could handle, making him feel like a win-more card. Still, if it wasn't for him, I probably would have lost that game I played due to an empty hand. Will he be worth the deck slot as a 4-mana 2/3? Only time will tell. 

    Just wanted to share a week in advance of his release! 

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    posted a message on Galakrond, the Unplayable

    Priest has some of the best Invoke cards in Disciple of Galakrond and Time Rip. Likewise, cards you typically wouldn't want from his Hero Power are going to be rotating out soon like Bwonsamdi, the DeadTest SubjectRegenerateSquashlingSand DrudgeSurrender to Madness, and Lady in White.

    What this deck needs is a second package to go with it alongside a better pool of cards to get from the Hero Power.

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    posted a message on Galakrond's Awakening Adventure - Chapter 3 Guide

    Pretty excited for Scalelord. Will he work? Probably. Will he be good? No. Am I gonna try him out 100 times anyways? Yup.

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    posted a message on Finally, I got all 1000 wins portraits. :)

    Congrats on the grind! I only have Priest, but I'm making my way to Shaman and Paladin. As for the others, I don't even touch them so they're not even level 40.

    Nice work!

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    posted a message on Most hated deck in the meta?

    For me, it's Deathrattle Rogue. I tech Silence specifically for this deck and even then, it's never enough from having a 21 attack Leeroy Jenkins smacking you in the face.

    I never found Face Hunter to be a problem. If you mulligan removal for the early game, they're going to run out steam VERY quickly. I also tech Kobold Stickfinger in every single one of my decks and he works like a charm. Super surprised nobody plays him.

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    posted a message on Solo Adv. Lack Luster

    I had fun with the Adventure. I think the idea of the Explorers vs. E.V.I.L is a fun trope. It was worth the gold for me.

    However, I do agree that it's WAY too easy. I breezed through both chapters so far. On Heroic, I lost twice to Lazul; won every other one without failing. I think they could have been a lot more challenging. 

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    posted a message on I just played someone with Shotbot


    I also was able to pull Rotnest Drake from Draconic Lackey

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    posted a message on Sharkbait


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    posted a message on New Mage Card - Arcane Amplifier

    That's a big beefy minion with a lot of ability to control the board. I wouldn't count this guy out. Decent with Elemental Allies, hard to remove, and decent effect? This could be a decent bridge between turn one and the mid-game for and Elemental type Mage.

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    posted a message on what did people think of the year longs story?

    I thought it was an excellent idea. Hopefully it happens again next season.

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    posted a message on Nerf Predictions???
    Quote from canteyodjaya76 >>

    Dragon's Pack should overload 2 or 3. 

     I honestly think this would be a fair nerf, but unfortunately, all Hearthstone cards only allow four lines of text. They wouldn't be able to fit "Overload (X)".

    As for what I think the nerfs will be:

    Necrium Apothecary to 5 mana.

    Phase Stalker to 3 mana.

    Faceless Corruptor (again) to a 3/4.

    Scion of Ruin to a 2/2 or up to 4 mana. (It will most likely be a mana bump).

    No Shaman or Ancharrr nerfs will happen.


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    posted a message on 2020 Hall of Fame
    Quote from RendInFriend >>

    All charge cards that are neutral. Rush is a much more successful mechanic. Aggro needs finishers, I’d rather see class specific aggro finishers than a handful of grandfathered in charge cards that have no class identity other than can go face this turn. Hunter should have one or two charge beasts. Rogue should have a charge minion based off of number of times bounced or combo cards played, like a weaker Edwin. Warrior can keep their charge minion, maybe make the charge pirate a warrior class. I don’t see Druid, warlock or shaman needing charge as they flood and buff tokens, which is a different aggro stat than charge.

    Your take on Charge is interesting! We all know that Leeroy Jenkins is really powerful and Stonetusk Boar sees play as well depending on the deck. Hell, even Bluegill Warrior and Wolfrider pop-up every now and again. Because of these cards, do we think that unused Neutral Charge minions like Stormwind Knight, Argent Commander, and Reckless Rocketeer will rotate with them? It's entirely possible! 

    My theory is if they only HoF Leeroy Jenkins, people will try to execute the same combos with Reckless Rocketeer with VERY little, to absolutely no success. Therefore, I don't see much harm in leaving her or the other unused Charge minions in standard. I think the HoF should be saved for minions who are too powerful to be left in standard or just plain ol' mistakes (i.e. the Odd/Even cards).

    However, there's always the option of summoning these minions by way of other cards and not via putting them in your deck. For example, Power of Creation is pretty good if you manage to get Argent Commander. Do we hate Charge so much that we're willing to pull useless cards from constructed play so they don't show up randomly on the battlefield from other cards? Perhaps.

    Still, that's off-topic. I think Leeroy Jenkins is the biggest contender followed by Alexstraza and Shadowstep.

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    posted a message on Servers down?

    Same over here, friend. Looks like we gotta wait for some maintenance to ensue.

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