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    posted a message on "Technically" full dust refund should be applied with buffs too

    So entitled. Everything has to be want, want, want. They've made a great decision to make some changes to unpopular or ineffective cards in a move which could shake the meta up and keep it fresh between then and a new expansion. 

    If they do this each expansion then it gives some new cards time to shine and stops it being the same decks over and over between expansions. 

    Instead of saying 'you now what, nice one, good idea, we appreciate that'  you get this bollocks. 

    'technically' all you want, you're being greedy and spoiled which is sad. 

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    posted a message on More Hearthstone Changes - 18 Card Buffs (YES, BUFFS), Mech-vitational, New Legendary
    Quote from 1vka >>
    Quote from Allastor13 >>

    Damn, I dusted an luna pocket galaxy a while ago because it was too slow at 7 mana, also some unexpected results (even 1 golden) because of the same reason and now they look much more viable. Pretty good changes so far, I think they over did it with crystology (no complains I LOVE that card and that was even before the buff) but everything else seems solid.  It would be cool if they added a chance to craft them at half cost if you had those cards before. That way you still lose some dust but it wouldn't punish so hard those that dusted the previous version of the cards.

     I like the idee, sadly its just a dream.... I for example dischented a golden Dr. Moorigan  about 13 pogo hopperrs  and many others.

    Its not the blizzard way to compensate you for doing something in the past ,we should be happy they atleast realease that nerfing is not the only viable option when it comes to balance changes.

     Why should they compensate people? Are you being serious? If you disenchanted one of the cards at some point since booms day release, that was absolutely your own choice to do.

    So they even have a way to track what has previously been in your collection but dusted? Is this coded in or anything? If not, how would it work? Is it possible? They would surely have to keep some sort of temp database in the background. It could be my ignorance but that seems like a really pointless thing to design if it were even designed. 

    Stop making it out like it's a Blizzard thing. What you're asking just doesn't seem reasonable from any company. 

    So let me get this straight, you bought this product, didn't like it so you threw it in the bin 3 months ago. We've now released an improved version of that product and because you now like the improved version more than the one you threw away, you want to purchase that one at half the cost'?

    What?  How do you see this as being punished? 

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist is a bummer
    Quote from FortyDust >>
    Quote from agon_EU >>

    The content is still an improvement from last "dungeon runs" but that's not the point of the discussion. AbusingKel said all the things that I wanted to say.

    Regarding all the people saying "if you don't want it don't buy it" etc. etc. What you say is true but what I'm complaining about is that Blizzard's business model makes no sense at all. They are trying to sell something that was free before and I haven't seen anyone point this out, so I thought I'd share my opinion. As more and more people are essentially agreeing with me I think Blizzard really missed and opportunity with the Dalaran Heist and I hope they won't keep on doing this in future expansions. 

    Adding a bartender and some hero powers is not new content, it's lazy design. Putting a price tag on this sad thing is even worse. 

     "Trying to sell something that was free before" is one of the most effective business models in existence, and one of the most common. Most consumers actually appreciate it.

    Do you sneer at the old lady in the supermarket who is handing out free samples? Do you yell at the car salesman for not giving you the car for free after a test drive? How can anyone honestly find this practice upsetting?

    "They are trying to sell something that was free before" is completely false, though. This product has never existed before. Similar products have existed in the past, and they were free. That doesn't mean Blizzard is obligated to give away all PvE content for free until the end of time.

    This is a new product, and people at Blizzard put a lot of effort into it. Calling it "lazy design" is a massive, immature insult. They improved on a formula people had responded positively to in the past. That's not lazy; that's progress. And it's immature as hell for you to call it lazy while in the same breath complaining that you don't have it for free. If it's such a bed product, why do you seem to want it so much?

    You think they "missed an opportunity" to get nothing from the development time and money they put into this? Really? Are you talking about an opportunity to attract more freeloaders to the game? That is the exact opposite of what Hearthstone needs.

    On the contrary, this sets better expectation for new players -- you get a piece of the game for free, but if you want the full experience, you need to pay up. Just like regular Hearthstone.

     If I could up vote this more than once, I would. 

    Spot on. 

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    posted a message on Do you guys also find the meta insanely boring?

    This is so over the top. Why would you ever do anything that you find 'insanely boring' ? I'm sure you're exaggerating for dramatic efge t but still... There is nothing I would find insanely boring that I would ever do by choice. If I did then I'm just being a complete cretin. Things I might have to do that are 'insanely boring' can be things like putting up furniture, re-grouting the bathroom, being in stand still traffic for hours. 

    I understand if people find ladder a bit repetitive at the moment, the card pool is low due to rotation so the choice isn't as varied. You may even not particularly enjoy playing against decks that are effective at the moment. 

    But to refer to it as insanely boring, or even boring, why are you choosing to play then? You know what I find boring? Farming simulator. You know what I don't do? Play farming simulator. I also then don't go on a farming simulator fan site and complaining over and over that it's boring. 

    Will someone please explain why, when you find something so bad and boring  that you continue to play and discuss it? No one has ever answered this, I genuinely want to know. Its such an easy game to put down and go back to 3, 4 or 5+ months later, there's no excuse, you're causing your own misery which is just stupid. 

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    posted a message on Old Guardian's Budget Run to Legend - No Epic or Legendary Cards!

    Been watching OG on YouTube and have to say I find him the best to watch. Really chilled and knowledgeable, explains things well and none of the gimmicky stuff other content creators can be guilty of. Have a lot of respect for people who make guides etc like these, takes time, effort and patience. Thanks for putting all this together, I'm sure plenty of people particularly those on a budget will really benefit from these

    Keep up the great work! 

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    posted a message on Pack's quallity F2P VS Real money
    Quote from gleic >>

    Surely you can get this kind of items in that way, but I am curious about the frequency and any distinction about if is a pack bought with real money, vs other free/gold  packs,

    In general terms, I think the pity counter is respected no  matter what, but the probability of getting legendaries is different previous tho reach that limit if the pack comes from real money.  Have no real evidence but wanted to know if someone else may noticed something similar.

     And this here is the problem. Things like religious institutions love people like you  You don't need evidence or facts to become convinced about something. You'll just belive it. Even my 10 year old understands that they need evidence to believe something and if, after looking, none can be found, there's a good chance its as real as the tooth fairy.

    If you've no evidence, what has led you to think this way? 

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    posted a message on Pack's quallity F2P VS Real money

    I've seen this conspiracy in every game that offers free and paid methods of buying packs, loot boxes etc. There's a section of the fifa community that is similarly moronic and can't grasp that paid packs are the same as free packs. They ignore any evidence to the contrary because they have a 'theory' or a 'feeling'. All it takes is one person of relatively low intelligence to get a good pull from a paid pack and then at some point in the following month or two, open some free packs and get little of value. That's all it takes to convince these sorts. 

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    posted a message on New Hearthstone Cinematic - Here’s the Plan! (Dalaran Heist Adventure)
    Quote from OverholtNA >>

    I was waiting for something interesting, but this whole theme just continues to be generic and underwhelming. Hopefully the content is fun, if nothing else.

    You lot will moan at every bloody thing, won't you?

    'Waiting' were you? What for? What was your great expectation from this, a small cinematic clip for some pve content in a digital card game? Why don't you wash the dorito dust off your hands and elaborate on what you would have liked, instead of acting like a snotty child?

    What do you mean by generic? Do you know what the word means?

    I liked it to be honest. It's a 2 minute bit of fun. It followed the theme of the expansion and along with the others that will be released over the year, will tell a little story of how it all plays out. 

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    posted a message on Nerf this threads..

    I wouldn't imagine they do or if they did, I don't see why they would continue to. Very much like the fifa forums and why devs stopped being active on there. So much of what is posted is unproductive, unhelpful, rude, disrespectful and unrealistic.

    I've worked in regulated complaints for over a decade and for the most part, consumers are pretty clueless. They ask for things without any idea of how they would be implemented, have unrealistic expectations and you can do most things so well but the first sign of things going wrong and people are pretty intolerant.

    Dcuo has the dev team as an active part of the forum and I don't know how they do it. Even threads about the game dying etc must get really tiresome. Imagine trying to do your job and throughout the day, you had people coming up and ranting at you about how your company is terrible, it's going to go bust, your job is at risk, the job you do is terrible, you're lazy, incompetent etc amongst other demands and insults. 

    It just isn't a productive environment, for the most part and it's the communities fault. Dcuo isn't as bad and did have some really constructive players who really helped the team with tests and feedback etc but here? Nah. There's a reason they invite content creators and pro players to events etc, they're far more likely to have productive feedback and conversations. I'm not saying they won't gather feedback from anywhere else but I can't imagine them getting much to work with on here.

    If you check out some content creator's videos on things like nerfs and listen to how they put their points across and then compare it to a majority of what is said on here, you'll see the huge difference. It isn't always what you say but how you say it. 

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    posted a message on The Dalaran Heist - Adventure Launches May 16
    Quote from og0 >>

    I'm sympathetic to those who are saying it would be nicer to play without spoilers.  Of course you can not watch the "pro" streamers, though it does feel a little unfair and of course stuff gets posted in places so you might want to avoid them.  I get that Blizzard wants to promote it though.

    Also agree with fellow f2pers in that of course you can save up for the wings like previous adventures, but this is the first time that one has been alongside an expansion which will have depleted most of many of our gold reserves already and now need to start building up for the new expac.  Grateful for the free initial wing though, and will enjoy the others vicariously through streamer youtube videos :)

    Perhaps if this adventure had been released along with the expansion the gold premium being paid for the 15 packs would have been a more agreeable use of precious gold.  Bit late by the time the last wing is released for many.  Simultaneous sounds better for this content.

    Still new content is new content and hope those that are buying it enjoy.  Blizzard had to make money to keep the game going - I just miss the old expac, adventure, expac cycle :) :)


     I respect that you've balanced your grievances with some logical considerations and I think what you've said is quite fair, for the most part  Only thing I'd say though is of they're releasing each wing as a staggered launch, what stops f2p saving up and getting it? There's 6 days until release and then a wing per week  If you have 0 gold and average 60 gold per day (low reward quest and 3 wins, I'm trying to low ball it here) then you will have 13 days until the first, paid wing launches. That should give you 780 gold, enough to buy the next wing and have 80 spare. If you continue on that average, you'd still be able to buy a wing every 2 weeks and have gold to spare. You'll continue to get free packs via the adventure as well as free cards and stash some cash away for the next expansion. 

    Obviously that all gets a tok easier if you average more than 60 gold per day which really isn't unrealistic  

    I hope you get to enjoy the content, even if it's behind the launch dates. If you don't and you save all good for packs, I wish you luck with your packs. 

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