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    posted a message on I can't stand this @#%^#$^#$^ brawl!

    Why? I don't think I've ever lost one of these.

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    posted a message on New Hearthstone Cinematic - Here’s the Plan! (Dalaran Heist Adventure)

    I was waiting for something interesting, but this whole theme just continues to be generic and underwhelming. Hopefully the content is fun, if nothing else.

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!

    I was just playing a "play 30" Hunter deck (essentially just a deck of draws, discovers, low cost cards, etc. to complete the quest) in casual and queued into a netdecked tempo rogue. I really just wanted to survive long enough to play 20+ cards, but things were going pretty well in the early going and I started to run out of resources, so I worked in some hero powers. Soon enough, he's down to 10 HP and I got a little bit invested in the outcome even though I wasn't playing a deck with a win condition.

    Alas, my hand is looking pretty grim: one Springpaw, one Shimmerfly, one Goblin Prank (discovered earlier). I'm at 17 with an empty board. He has a lackey on board, plays another, then coins out a King Krush that he discovered earlier, sends it face along with the dagger. Now I'm staring down a King Krush and two 1/1s with 8 life and a pretty dead hand. I drop the Shimmerfly, Goblin Prank it and send it into the Krush. It pulls up Misdirection! I Springpaw the two 1/1s, hero power him down to 8, and hope.

    He doesn't even bother to play a minion for some reason; just sends the King Krush right at my face which turns on him for a self-lethal. God that was satisfying. "Play 30" Hunter deck: 1. Tier 1 casual try-hard tempo rogue: 7,392,185.

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    posted a message on You ever let people win at rank 5?


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    posted a message on frogs in control shaman, yay or nay?

    Feels like you'd run into some hand size issues post-Hagatha. In fatigue games, it's kind of a dead card.

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    posted a message on How do you beat Khadgar/Conjurer's Calling Mage?

    Control Shaman can handle it. Find your Hagatha's Schemes as quickly as possible, save Zentimo for a triple Hex, and use your frog man to find extra copies of either of those two. Throw in Hagatha the Witch, and you're likely to find the extra removal needed to get you to the finish line where you can just outlast them in fatigue.

    It's a really fun challenge, imo. Those are my favorite matchups in the meta right now.

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    posted a message on Tier S - Meta Breaking - Control Mage

    I've run into a few of these; looks like a fun deck. Conjurer's Calling is outstanding and really forces your opponent to remove everything. I tend to clean them up with my control Shaman, though. Hagatha's Scheme (usually 3 in a game if I play it right) plus Zentimo --> Hex tends to mop those boards up.

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    posted a message on Mage's lack of support in Survivability! Is it bad?
    Quote from Raptarius >>

    It's very bad if you enjoy playing Control Mage like the old Big Mage style. It's good if you like the new direction the set has put Mage in with summoning large minions and more focus on spell damage. So, which category do you fall into?

    I like pretty much anything remotely competitive, but unfortunately the "summoning large minions" plan just isn't that in a world where there's not a decent taunt or aoe clear below the 5 mana slot. The armor loss with Arcane Artificer is tough on its own, but it's compounded by the loss of neutral cards like Tar Creeper and Plated Beetle that stemmed the tide early. Then you look around the rest of the meta where other classes have lost cards like Defile and Duskbreaker that kept aggro in check... I know it's early and aggro usually dominates at this point, but I get the feeling we're in for a fast meta.

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    posted a message on RoS - Way Too Early First Impressions

    I'm not having great success with tempo/burn Mage yet, but one interaction I kind of like is Mana Reservoir into Faceless Rager. It's awfully tough to remove a 6 health minion on turn 2 or 3 so usually it gets ignored and you drop a 5/6 on the following turn. Then they have to deal with that, and you're sitting on a +1 spellpower minion that hangs around and buffs your spells!

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    posted a message on Run Oozes lads

    I built a random Shaman deck in my first attempt at using some new cards and threw one ooze in there. First three games were all against Spectral Cutlass rogue and in all three I got 25 cards into my deck without finding it.

    Suffice it to say, I'm tilted on day one of the expansion. Better luck tomorrow, I guess.

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