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    Basically, it's a Ironbark Protector that has it's cost split up over 2 turns.   You loose 1 attack, but It can be played on turn 5 vs turn 8.

    The only other taunt with 8 Health is Deathlord.  Only other taunt card with a higher heath is Ancient of War in taunt mode.  Good card to give Ancestral Spirit

    Combo Options:
    Turn 5 + Turn 6 Windfury (spell).  Leaves 1 mana remaining.
    Turn 6 + Turn 7 Windspeaker

    14 damage is nothing to sneeze at.  

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    I love the smell of AOE in the morning.

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    I've run this into enemies for the +3 on a Lightspawn.    

    example:  I had Pint-Sized Summoner coined on T1.    The Mage for some reason used Frostbolt on me.    With the summoner out I was able to get this on turn 2 and a Lightspawn on turn 3.  Mage played a Sen'jin Shieldmasta.  I gladly traded the summoner and the cultist for it (in that order).  With nothing blocking hit the light spawn was now a 8/8 and was buffed with a single Divine Spirit taking the Mage down enough they conceded.

    Make sure you plan where the buff goes if possible.   

    Many good priest and priest-like cards can use the +3 health.     A few the come to mind are Lightwarden and (2h), [card]Northshire Cleric[/card] (3h).   Taunts can also generally use more health. 

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    With Shattered Sun Cleric and the staple of Priest health boosting regulars I got one up to 2/23.   I basically was using it like a 2 damage weapon card that I spend 2 mana on every turn when I healed it and got a card.

    Good times.

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    Was losing really bad on my personally made Shaman deck,   I had 2 quests that required Shaman wins and the losses took me from 17 to 20 fast.

    I used this with a few changes and won 2, lost 1.    
    The loss was to a combo loving flood the board Rouge.  I got doubled scubbed with a Flesheating Ghoul.
    Man, I missed the sweet small of AOE in the form of Lightning Storm.

    I replaced the 2x Bloodfen Raptor with 2x Knife Juggler.
    I didn't have a Defender of Argus so I used a second Sen'jin Shieldmasta.


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    Haven't seen it much and not impressed by it.    I was a Priest and I was playing against a Mage.   Turn 10 they played Deathwing.    They dropped 6 cards for this.   Yes it took out my heavily damaged 2/20 Northshire Cleric which was behind a Shieldbearer and a Temple Enforcer.

    I has 2 cards one was Shadow Word: Death.    They were losing 8 to 20-something.    I'll admit is was a gamble for them, but with this card you need to watch for removal.   Once you drop this you are top decking.

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