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    Ysera unleashed negates the effects of zephyrs or Elise if you draw it before them....

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    posted a message on 17.6 Balance Updates - Many Nerfs planned for July 14th!

    Awesome example of power creep - legendary, 7 cost, required a no-duplicates deck... dragon caster was (and still is after the nerf) better.

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    I prefer Marsh Hydra - it costs 1 less, and it actually gives you a batterhead sometimes with its effect.

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     Because Kripp isn’t as good as he claims? Probably makes him look bad on his stream if he’s losing all the time.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card - Grand Lackey Erkh

    People underestimated how easy it would be to generate infinite lackeys with Rogue. This card is redundant and actually can clog up the hand for them. I feel like 50% of the cards in the game right now generate lackeys. It’s so out of control that a card like this, which could have been very powerful with reasonable numbers of ways to create lackeys, is just dust.

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    posted a message on I would like to see more anti-highlander tech introduced

    Bomb warrior... and I echo what others are saying. There are some subpar cards in highlander decks because they can’t double up on the most powerful cards. That is the trade off for getting zephyrs or the dragon queen.

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    Ysera unleashed discarded turn 1 to fungal fortunes, Malygos discarded turn 2 with my second fungal fortunes. I conceded in tears! Replaced fungal fortunes with Rising Winds and it is still quite effective.

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    posted a message on Ysiel Maly Quest Druid *UPDATE June 5* *with Guide*

    You are often dead before you can get this deck going on ladder. I’d suggest using this deck for casual games or if you aren’t interested in climbing - I do like this kind of deck, but it has very few good matchups in the current meta.... It is just as the OP wrote - don’t use this if you want to climb ladder.

    Quest is just too slow right now IMO - I was talking to Kibler about him trying a quest deck and he said it is no good in this meta.

    It’s a shame - I love this type of deck but power creep has made it too easy for somebody to end the game by turn 5-6 or create a huge board that cannot be cleared even by 2x starfall or oasis surgers...

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    posted a message on Is Demon Hunter the only aggro class that control simply doesn't have the tools against?

    There used to be a trade off when playing aggro: you’d run out of steam if you didn’t kill your opponent fast enough. For DH, they added “draw a card” to every single card in the class, so you no longer have that drawback. Sure, they can nerf some ridiculously overpowered cards to try and mitigate things, but until they take ‘’draw a card” off of everything in the class, look out. Something else to consider: next expansion - nobody will want the cards unless they make the decks better.  What could make DH better? If they try to buff other classes to catch up to DH, presumably they will also have to print some garbage for DH that will never be played. I’m guessing DH players can skip the next expansion... or maybe there will be crazy power creep in every class... it will be interesting to see!

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    posted a message on 17.2.1 Patch Notes - Balance Changes & Bug Fixes

    Except you have to play Shaman to use it...

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