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    posted a message on Why moving ice block to the hall of fame is a terrible idea.

    No need to remove a card that doesn't need to be removed. I think just about everyone who ever played a mage deck has used Ice Block at some stage. It is a last stand card, that is exactly what it is supposed to do. 

    I don't see the problem. If it were a stupid power level of corridor creeper (pre nerf)  maybe but quite what makes this 1 card so unfathomably unfair is beyond me. 

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    posted a message on Need some opinions on what to craft

    Aluneth is absolute wank. No I mean it, stupid overdraw card and is highly ineffective imho. And most other people's opinions. 


    Do you have Malygos? If not, make him instead - much more fun card. 


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    posted a message on Raza nerf is undeserved.

    OK so - there is a thread discussing the Raza nerf. There is a thread for each card that is getting the treatment but that is by the by.

    The cards you make reference to as examples are not good examples, Voidlord has only just been released. Ice Block is one of the cards always up for debate but Jade Idol has the Skulking Geist counter. 


    Raza is too strong in his current iteration. If the only reason you are a Priest main is the Razakus deck then you are not a Priest main, you are a 1 deck main. What other Priest cards have been nerfed like this? How has this affected Priest? The previous cards that have been nerfed - with the exception of Azure Drake - have only helped Priest as a class. 

    You sound very upset for no real reason. I'm just not seeing your logic that Blizzard are shafting Priest once again. 

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Corridor Creeper

    The Penthouse to outhouse train is up and running again. This change doesn't make it balanced, it just destroys the card. 

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    posted a message on Nefarian Rises! - Tavern Brawl #137

    This is an OK brawl but let's be honest - there is always the occasional knob head you run into that screws this up for you. It's not particularly replayable like some of the other brawls but it's been at least 3 months since we saw this last so I guess that counts as new. 

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    posted a message on Conclusions about this meta

    Realistically, there isn't a great deal of incentive to play in this meta as the grind really is soul destroying currently. There is just a total lack of variety on ladder and no end in sight until the next rotation. So we have 2-3 more months of this. It's just crap in standard - thankfully wild is in a better state. 

    The real problem lies in the anti aggro tools we've been given. Class cards can be a big help here but you need some neutrals as other available options that are in some way useful. When Doomsayer is still such a popular pick over most of the other early board clears/anti aggro minions you need to start looking at what is going so wrong. Anti-secret tech also needs an overhaul but I think we're OK in terms of weapon removal as things stand. Not that weapon removal seems to be a major thing at the moment, despite all the new weapons released. 


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    posted a message on Why do people keep calling the current aggresive Mage "Tempo"?

    As someone pointed out above, the most toxic decks were in the days of Undertaker pre nerf. Razakus, at least it takes time to draw the combo pieces. Undertaker Hunter would normally win the game by about turn 4 based purely on the ridiculous amount of damage this 1 drop would inflict. There were iterations that ran things like Micro Machine and Whirling Zap-o-matic just for extra pain and frustration. 

    Tempo Mage HAS to remove some threats, same as all aggressive decks do. You just have to know when the trade is right and that comes from laddering so you know what decks are out there. Undertaker Hunter didn't worry about that, it was the ultimate face deck and was the worst to play against. 


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    posted a message on Let's Speculate: Upcoming Balance Changes

    Knife Juggler has been nerfed enough - it's Call to Arms that is the problem. 

    Gadgetzan Auctioneer - whilst strong - has already been heavily nerfed. 

    Corridor Creeper is a card that shouldn't have been released as it was. It's so strong that it can - on it's own - ruin a lot of other decks. I think the reduction down would be helpful if it was only your own minions that die that trigger the cost reduction. 

    Ice Block - it's fine as it is. Secret removal needs to be improved and more options provided. Especially now Rogue secrets are a thing and are likely to be added in the next few releases. 

    Pisskick Scream is another Corridor Creeper in that I'm surprised that this was released as is. At least the creeper is a neutral. 

    Carnivorous Cube - I think it's OK as is. 


    Overall, the ladder in it's current state is the problem for me. A lot of anti aggro tools we've been given just don't work as they should. I can accept and understand some strong class cards but a lot of the neutrals are really where the problem lies. Were we to get a Skulking Geist type of anti aggro would make life a lot easier. I have no idea what this card would look like - probably Stampeding Kodo +++ or something like that. 

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    posted a message on 80g Quest Helper

    Without wishing to be a dick - and I'm not trying to be - there is a whole thread for you for exactly this quest. It normally pops up on the front page of the most recent posts to a thread. 


    I noticed its your first post and like I said, not trying to be a dick, just trying to steer you in the right direction without you getting lambasted by others. Because it's the internet and that can happen. 

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    posted a message on At what rank you can consider yourself a good Hearthstone player?

    I've never made legend in 3 years, not once. And at no point does that make me bad at the game. 

    I played semi pro rugby for a while and I NEVER made that jump to a full time professional. I played against internationals, club, county and country players and not once did their reputation ever make a difference to how I would play. If you wanted to come against me, feel free - but do not for a second think that because others consider you better than me that I will give you an easy 80 minutes. 

    You can be really good at something consistently but never make it to the echelons and that's OK. As long as you are happy with how you perform and it doesn't consume you then you are probably doing it right and for the right reasons. 

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    posted a message on The art of Dirty Rating

    Dirty Rat is a bit too RNG based for my liking, although he has gone well against me in the past and pulled some big cards out - therefore ruining my game and making my oppo's that bit easier. 

    If you're running a mage deck I'd suggest that Doomsayer would be a better choice of card as Mage has the ability to remove multiple big threats with spells/secrets. 


    For me Dirty Rat just doesn't work consistently enough to be a staple in most decks, possibly now all change due to Call to Arms but on the whole it's a bit hit and miss. And yes, that can also be translated into cockney rhyming slang where it also still stands. 


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    posted a message on What's the one card you would quit Hearthstone over?

    Coldlight Oracle


    Card draw murloc = best murloc

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    posted a message on Why?

    OK I'm game. I think your battery is dead based on this screenshot. 

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    posted a message on Completed dungeon runs

    I've done the lot now after some considerable perseverance and many, many sacrifices to RNGesus. 


    Hardest classes are Warrior, Warlock, Mage and Shaman. Mage is just so dependent on getting some early game in the early picks which includes minions and removal, Warrior needs to have some insane buffs early on or huge health/armour pool, Shaman is Shaman so that automatically makes it harder due to minion positioning and lack of overall cohesion in your card choices and Warlock is hard not to kill yourself by accidentally setting up their lethal. 

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    posted a message on Shadow Reflection is This Week's Brawl!
    Quote from KappaClaus >>

    Mistakes where made

     Was it a glaringly obvious spelling mistake?
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