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    posted a message on Hearthstone just screwed me royally

    I joined this thread because I assumed this was some sort of royal wedding scandal just about to hit the Hearthpwn servers. Like Prince Andrew getting involved or something. 


    Very disappointed OP, shame on you for this clickbait

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    posted a message on So, let’s find out!

    Since beta and I still don't care about hitting legend. The grind just doesn't do it for me at the top end and I get bored too easily.


    Having said that i get ladder anxiety when I get to rank 3+ which was a lot worse than it is now. The ladder, not the anxiety. 

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    posted a message on Dust or suicide?

    Just dust that garbage, get yourself something you want. 

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    posted a message on Everybunny Get in Here! - Tavern Brawl #152

    Gah, stupid EU server

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    posted a message on Sprint Rouge

    I think you have missed a trick with Bloodmage Thalnos as he is not a standard 2 drop. A little bit like Edwin VanCleef you need to work him in in the later games. 


    Harrison Jones doesn't do enough for you, i think you would be better running an Acidic Swamp Ooze only because it is a better combo activator. 


    On a side note this might be the nerdiest stuff I've ever written. 

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    posted a message on Mill decks?

    I'm appalled to say Coldlight Oracle has been hall of famed so it's a lot harder than it used to be in Standard, there just aren't the cards to be able to do much milling with. 

    Wild Mill Rogue is now Kingsbane based for the most part. When I have tried old mill deck lists they do still work due to the greedier meta out there now but for the most part they are not as much fun as they used to be.


    It's a shame because Coldlight Oracle would be destroying decks since WW release. 

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    posted a message on Glinda Crowskin Nerf

    I managed it and I'm thick as pigshit. Maybe you're just not that smart. 

    Adventure boss nerf - pfft - gtfo.


    You can't buy your way to wins here sonny.....well not in PvE

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    posted a message on Is this game balanced for new players

    I've been playing since Beta and have amassed a big collection of which 80-90% are cards I never play. It's possible to build a cheap tier 1 deck with informed crafting choices but to actually feel like you are progressing in the game when you lose to a deck with multiple legendaries time and again - I don't think its encouraging or feels at all worthwhile.


    I think a much better question is 'how is this fun for anyone?' Because I miss this game being fun, Coldlight Oracle were it still in standard would be having a huge impact at the moment and you could easily and cheaply build a mill deck. That would counter a lot of the greedier decks - I am looking very hard at you Warlock!

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    posted a message on Why Genn Greymane can't synergy with DK hero card?

    OK OP, this is how it works.

    Your hero is what you start the game with. If you change that hero, you change the hero power. 

    Genn effects your starting hero power therefore if you changed your hero, you will change your hero power and the cost of that power is 2 mana. 


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    posted a message on Is "Lady in White" worth it?

    I got super lucky and she fell out of a pack so naturally I felt the need to dick about and see what she could do. 

    IF - and that is a big IF - you can draw her early enough then you get enormous value but a lot of the cards that you want to get buffed you have to play early to stop the aggro. 


    If I hadn't pulled her in a pack I don't think I would craft her yet, the cards you want her to work with just seem to be falling a bit short at the moment and you always have to remember that this is just 1 card. If you build a deck entirely around her and you pull her on t/20 then you don't get a lot of bang for your buck. And you have a lot of shitty statted minions. 


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    posted a message on Can we just say it already?


    Quote from kizlyar >>

    Those complaining don't know what they're talking about.  Refer yourself to some actual statistics at hsreplay.net


    Tier 1 - Win Rate

    Even Paladin - 59.44%

    Spiteful Druid - 58.40%

    Odd Paladin - 58.35%

    Tier 2 - Win Rate

    Cube Warlock - 56.18%

    Secret Paladin - 55.33%

    Spiteful Priest - 53.88%

    Zoo Warlock - 53.63%

    Quest Rogue - 53.46%

    Quest Warrior - 52.83%

    Odd Rogue - 52.82%

    Control Priest - 52.62%

    Tempo Mage - 52.29%

    Miracle Rogue - 51.69%

    Big Spell Mage - 51.48%

    Tempo Rogue - 50.63%

    Spell Hunter - 50.16%

    That's and shit ton of tier 2 decks.  Wait until some lists are fine-tuned until you declare this expansion figured out.  Maybe you're just stuck in the wrong place on the ladder where you're only seeing paladin and spiteful decks, but I've seen plenty of these others lately.

    There's also five Tier 3 decks with win percentages about 48%+ ... Taunt Druid, Midrange Hunter, Control Warlock, Rush Warrior, Odd Hunter.

     These are great stats and thank you for posting but they are a little bit skewed for a reason. There has been a very short space of time since WW release and many people are experimenting with different class and deck archetypes. These experimental decks are used on ladder and do not adhere to some of the archetypes at the moment. 
    The data would be more valid if it was over a period of 3 months rather than 3 weeks but that's not your fault and I appreciate where you are coming from. 
    And as we all know, you can prove 60% of all facts with statistics. 
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    posted a message on The End of Hearthstone?

    Doomed! We're doomed I tell you!

    I think it's probably more a case of changing of the guard rather than rats fleeing a sinking ship. A lot of the people who left, not just in H/S but also people like David Kim or Chris Metzen, had been at Blizz forever and may have just wanted a change. 

    As an aside I am deeply underwhelmed by this expansion. We've had some great stuff in the past and the eve/odd mechanic is fun but ladder is horrible and has been for months. And most of all, I miss it being fun - because it used to be great fun to play H/S. 

    Maybe the change in leadership means the game direction will change like it did when David Kim left the SC2 team. 

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    posted a message on Hamilton Chu, Hearthstone's Executive Producer, Also Leaves Blizzard Entertainment

    I think there have been a lot of high profile names leaving Blizzard recently. Guys like Chris Metzen, Russell Brower and David Kim have all left in the last 2 years and these are some more 'big names' added to the list. 


    Blizzard has obviously done really well in terms of their talent retention up til recently. Most people wouldn't spend this long at just 1 company unless there was some benefit for them and I think what we are looking at is more of a changing of the guard rather than a sinking ship. 


    High profile leavers or not, I'm uniquely underwhelmed with this expansion. Starcraft lost David Kim and thousands of people got back into it as they looked to regain the player base. Let's hope the same revival happens for H/S. At the mo, ladder just isn't fun for me at all and hasn't been for a while. And I miss it being fun. 

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    posted a message on Dire Mole is Ruining Hearthstone - Please Nerf!

    Moles are a massive problem everywhere. No really, they cause subsidence and such. 


    Also OP, sorry you lost a game to a 1 drop played by an aggressive class. That must be a nightmare for just - and only - you. 

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    posted a message on only 1 legendary in 42 packs

    Whilst OP may not know this, there have been these threads going on for years and each time it happens the community generally responds pretty badly. Can we not create a Salt Thread just for pack openings?


    We could throw a Pepper one in as well to offset people like me who just have all of the luck all of the time. Because all of my cards were the ones you wanted that you didn't open. 

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