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    Feugen and Stalagg aren't doing anything towards your strategy. What are you supposed to do with this pile of stats? Fatigue warrior doesn't need minions at all basically. Only removals, life/armor gain and Elise.

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    posted a message on Cards You're Sad to See Go

    I will miss Piloted Sky Golem. I really liked this card as a high-value midrange minion, in Reno paladin for example. I guess i'll need to craft Cairne again to make up for it.

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    posted a message on Rate How Well the Above User Is Known - V1.0

    6/10 I've seen you several times i think. And it means a lot, because my memory is pretty bad.

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    posted a message on Headed for Legend - S24 March 2016
    Quote from itforwait >>

    I know this is off-topic.. But seriously, what counters zoo?

     Freeze Mage easily.
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    posted a message on Curious about ranked play and quests

    As a seasoned casual coward( i have 3500+ wins and only 700 of them were in ranked) i can tell, it takes A LOT more time to do quests in casual. I don't know about you guys, but i constantly facing legend/sub-legend players in casual even though i never was higher than 4 rank and consider myself pretty shitty player( can't pass over 5 rank last 3 seasons). Nowadays i only play ranked and at last got rid of my ladder anxiety.

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    posted a message on Quest Help

    There is a special thread just for that purpose, but you can also add me if you're playing on EU.


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    posted a message on When will they release the information about the classical cards nerf/adjust?

    BGH is actually encourages to play even MORE big minions. People tend to include two or more 7+ attack minions in their control decks to ensure that at least one of them will stick after bgh was baited.

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    posted a message on Prophet Velen or Vol'jin as classic priest legendary?

    Velen is terrible already because you need to build your whole deck around him. And even then he will not be much more that Poorman's Malygos/Antonidas.

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    posted a message on HearthPwn Moderator Recruitment 3.0

    "Cake is a lie" ©. Didn't liked sweets anyway. 

    Edit; That's why i will never be a moderator. Posting before scrolling through the previous posts making you look like an copypasting idiot. -__-

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    posted a message on Dark Souls 2 Custom card set. (123 cards)

    When i worked on this set, i thought about it as of alternative core(classic) set, as if our real classic set didn't exist - that's why there is so many vanilla minions. So BGH is not a problem. And some of the cards are broken or unplayable indeed - some of them because i suck at card designing but mostly because i was aimed on achieving similarity between cards and source game creatures in prejudice of common sense. 

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    posted a message on Dark Souls 2 Custom card set. (123 cards)

    I packed everything in imgur album, because it's too many to post here. All cards are arranged by rarity, all tokens are near its spawners.


    Here's some interesting ones.

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    posted a message on Legend 73% [Oil] MRWRLWRL [Murloc]

    What is this garbage doing on main page...

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    posted a message on Charged hammer in control?

    I tried it in Reno Control deck. A lot of fun, but the card itself is shitty and for competitive purposes( competitive control shaman lololol) you better don't play it at all. The thing is, totems are actually good hero power for control deck. It's singlehandedly shuts down control warriors for example, and stops a lot of midrange minions from attacking your face. It's good to stall the game until you will ready to clear the board with powerful spells shaman have in his arsenal. 2 mana 2 damage is slow agains aggro and midrange, and current meta control decks doesn't have too much minions so you cannot get your value taking free kills with hero power. In the same time pinging their face is mostly useless - warriors and priests have access to 4 health gain per turn, other decks are too fast. Look at the Shadowpriest. Is it good? Nope, turns out that even 3 damage for 2 mana is not good enough.

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    posted a message on How is Hearthstone NOT a pay-to-win game?
    Quote from SanderNightsite >>

    First you need to understand what Pay-to-win really means. "Pay $5 and all of your minions will have +1/+1 for the next 24 hours"- That's pay to win. You are literally paying money so you could have a massive advantage over your opponent.

    Now you have to understand that HS has a natural progression system. You have to sink time into HS and play it for months/years before you can build ALL the decks. That's the progression system. Ofc if you really want to skip that progression system and have most of the cards you can pay like $600+, but that still doesn't make it pay-to-win. Because no matter how much money you spend, some new f2p player can always beat you with a really cheap Facehunter deck. You spending $150 on the game just means that you boost up that natural progression system. It simply means you now have more cards and you can try out new decks.

    I am really sorry if you thought that $150 would get you close to full collection and maybe somehow make you win more but that's not how the game works. This 'card collecting' progression system is part of the game, it's part of the design of the game and there aren't really any ways to skip that part of the game unless you are willing to pay $600+ on this game. But the way I see it- Paying that much money to skip such a big part of the game (collecting cards over long period of time) is ruining part of the experience.

     Someone, pls pin this on main forum page.
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    posted a message on 12 Win Decklists.

    Yet another 12-2 Pally. Disgusting openings like coin Creeper into Juggler into Muster into Uldaman. Enter the Coliseum is apparently dead card if you have this kind of deck with many little tokens, so don't repeat my mistake and never pick it. Lost 2 times to fan of knives. 

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