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    I don't care what anyone else says, coining this out on turn three by itself for a 15/3 in the Void Singularity tavern brawl is value!

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    I can agree with playing a mode for fun, which is the point of games, but adding the most minor of rewards to the mode, like to complete quests or earn 10g here and there, like some have stated, would help bridge the community of those who like PvE content and those who are competitive. 

    A problem with no reward is that a full run takes a fair amount of time. Time that spent in competitive matches can earn gold, which helps you stay that much more competitive and involved in the competitive community. With even a very incremental reward, new players, F2P players and PvE players can slowly build towards feeling comfortable diving into an online community that is getting more and more brutal and punishing with every expansion. More players means more money, and competitive players would likely skip the mode after a while anyway, progressing faster on PvP, so they aren't missing anything.

    My long winded way of saying I don't see the harm in a small, incremental reward, anyway.

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    Hey guys, this is my first thread, and hopefully not a rewrite of a past one, but I wanted to toss around an idea.

    Anyone else think that it would be a nice addition to battle the A.I. in solo mode, picking not just your own deck, but also a custom deck for the computer to use? I imagine there would be A.I. flubs, but it might be nice to test a deck against certain types for those who either enjoy PvE, or those who don't want to wait around for the right opponent to find a certain challenge.

    Anyway, just a thought i wanted to toss out there! Feel free to comment or criticize (I've played in the current meta, I have a thick enough skin :D )!

    Thanks for everyone's great contributions to this community, and have fun!

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    The memes on this could be great. If you could fill their hand and pop this to dump their spell to get it back, or discount it with copies and bounces from rogue, it could be hilarious. 

    That being said, I don't mind meme cards as long as they release some serious ones to go with them.

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     Well, seeing as I pulled a million copies of Drakkari Enchanter and Blackguard, I might as well see if I can try to make the damn things finally work for me. Like pulling teeth, that Blackguard...I'd probably have better luck getting the new Shaman legendary weapon to do something other than burn my face.

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