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    posted a message on Sounds of Rafaam

    They're all in you're encounter with him in the Hall of Explorers in the League of Explorers adventure. You could turn down music and record them yourself or find them somewhere on YouTube

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    posted a message on Second Balance Patch Coming Next Week - Nerf to Millhouse & Larger BG Patch Coming

    I remember when Caverns was the first card post Beta to receive two individual nerfs... and it was still played after both nerfs.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card Revealed - Magtheridon

    Cool card, but too situational. If your opponent has 5 minions, it's dormant forever. If your opponent bounces a warden to their hand, it fails. If you can't destroy the wardens, it blocks up your board.

    It's not the best idea to play with other minions because it clears ALL minions, meaning your opponent can purposely kill the wardens, clear the board, and single target down Magtheridon. Maeiv is incredible against it because the wardens don't come back.

    Its like a worse Darkness, except at least the Candles blocked non Duplicate cards from working.

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    posted a message on New Priest Rare Card Revealed - Dragonmaw Overseer

    You mean a Priest minion is going to be problematic with a Druid minion?

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    posted a message on Paladin's class identity

    It's hilarious to me that now Paladin has no class identity. A few years ago, Priest had nothing. Paladin healed better, Warlock had better combos, Rogue stole better, Mage had better spells and Paladin also had better buffs.

    Paladins are supposed to be holy knights who smite down evil. To do so, they bring "Equality" to all and "Consecrate" wrong-doers. They create an even playing field and fight fair.

    Paladins are also all about buffing allies and helping each other out, which is why Blessing of Kings, Might and Wisdom exist. They have a small sub theme of Holy Weapons and Blessed Allies which is where Truesilver Champion, Ashbringer and Paladin Murlocs come into play. Classes adopt additional themes over time, and Paladin just so happened to get Holy Murlocs.

    Mechanically, though the reason Paladin has secrets is because there's no clean way to have an effect trigger on your opponent's turn. While Avenge doesn't make sense as a secret, it is thematically sound since your minion(s) have witnessed an ally fall and work to avenge their ally. They each make sense when explained, but it's difficult to surmise when they share the "Secret" keyword.

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    posted a message on Worst legendary you have ever crafted?

    Leeroy Jenkins is one of the most powerful cards ever printed! A 5 mana fireball attached to a minion you can buff is really good. Classes are purposely designed in specific ways, like how Warlock is supposed to have little burst damage (which is why Doomguard was moved to HoF). Leeroy breaks that pattern and gives classes access to burn damage they shouldn't have. He's a finisher that can fit in almost every Aggro deck or Midrange deck. For reference, he used to cost 4 mana, but was nerfed, and is still sooooo good. Don't sleep on Leeroy

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    posted a message on Expedite Priest changes.

    I love Priest. It's been my main class since the beginning. Priests best meta was Raza Priest, and that has been the 1 and only time Priest has been overpowered and warranted an adjustment. Priest could rarely contend with dedicated Control decks such as Control Warrior, and was too slow to not be Combo deck food.

    Priest is especially designed to deal with Aggro and Midrange style decks. They have plentiful removal and AoE in order to combat board centric decks. It sounds to me like these are the kind of decks you are interested in if you feel this strongly against Priest. Apart from simply saying "Adapt", my best advice is to space your threats, as to play around AoE. Often times 3 minions is all you need to develop at a time. Play too many and Hysteria lines up very well. Run silence to counteract taunts. Don't play into Northshire Cleric or Wild Pyromancer.

    Priest doesn't have a massive later game threat like N'zoth or Dr. Boom. Mass Ressurection can be frustrating, which is why you try to pressure face and make it awkward to play. The key is to develop/extend when they extend. This'll make playing board clears more difficult.

    Hopefully these tips will make playing against Priest easier and less frustrating. But please, don't result to insults. There's just no need. At the end of the day, it's a game, and you shouldn't feel petty enough to insult others over this game.

    Have a lovely day :)

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    posted a message on If you could revert one nerf, what would it be?

    I don't have just 1 card I wish they reverted, but a small list, ordered by most wanted to least:

    Raza the Chained: Was my absolute favourite card ever printed. I played it back when it first came out and Highlander Priest was my favourite deck ever. I was proud that I played it before Shadowreaper had a chance to ruin it. I just wished it reduced the cost by 1 instead of setting it to 1. That way you could still try bouncing it.

    Extra Arms: It boggles my mind how they finally started giving Priest a powerful identity (buffing minions), and then instantly reverted it. I just wish they would've buffed another card so Priest wasn't at a deficit in comparison to other Classes.

    Call of the Wild: Despite still seeing play at 9 mana, it shouldn't have been nerfed in the first place. It was the first big late game card that Hunters actually played, and they made it even later game. It was the vocal few that nerfed the card and left the majority questioning the change.

    Blade Flurry: I never played much Rogue, but they absolutely gutted the card. This was back when Blizzard balancing meant destroying cards completely (e.g Warsong Commander). At the very least it should've been 3 mana so Rogue could still have some form of AoE. Or it could've eventually joined Vanish in the HoF.

    Keeper of the Grove: An example of how impactful stats can be. The 2 health changed the card from an auto pick, to a terrible option. Spellbreaker sees more play as a silence tech in Druid than their own silence tech card. Hilariously enough, Druid was still a powerhouse after losing Force of Nature and Ancient of Lore in the same patch. I just wished the cards didn't become completely irrelevant.

    Master of Disguise: The change from permanent to temporary stealth took a lot away from its combo ability. I think a higher mana cost for permanent stealth would be cool, but I understand how restrictive the card is.

    I'm sorry for the long post, but these are some of my top picks for reverts/reworks. :)

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    posted a message on It's TOTALLY FINE to netdeck in competitive environments.

    Nice post :)

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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary Card Revealed - Murozond the Infinite

    Nat Pagle: Pat Nagle, someone on the HS team.

    Harrison Jones: Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones.

    Hemet Nesingwary: Ernest Hemingway.


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