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    The Stream


    2/24 Fire Emblem Three Houses 6pm EST!

    AHey guys!

    I'm just starting up streaming at 


    The schedule is 6pm to 8pm EST Monday through Friday. I typically play Hearthstone on Wednesdays. The top day calendar will be updated with what game I'm playing each day.

    Current Goal: Getting Twitch Affiliate

    I like to stream hearthstone at least every Wednesday. Sometimes, more or less than that (often twice a week.) I may diversify my streaming content depending on demand or what I feel like since burn out is always a thing. I can play pretty pretty much any game that can be windowed in some way where streaming is allowed or that's on the Switch. I can also compose music live, give coaching tips, etc. If you have any questions about something, you're free to post in here or on stream. My chat is always readable live.

    Hearthstone Background

    As far as my ladder experience goes, I've been playing since Naxx was released. I play pretty much every archetype. I've gotten to legend 4+ times and I've gotten to rank 5 almost every season. In arena, I've gotten 12 wins somewhere around 10-12 times. I'm mostly FTP in hearthstone on just the American server. I've got a full-time job. So, I can afford to spend a little if I need to.

    Some of my Favorite Decks: Buzzard Hunter, Midrange Hunter, Face Hunter, Handlock, Zoo, Tempo Warrior, Control Warrior, Control Mage, Midrange Paladin, Control Paladin

    About Me

    I graduated college 4 years ago. I've been working since then. I write music, make sfx, mix, and master for games when the opportunities are there. My favorite game OST is Gauntlet Dark Legacy's. My favorite game series is pokemon (I've caught them all!) 




    Youtube Channel



    Hearthstone Youtube Video

    Celeste Compilation

    My Top Anime 



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    posted a message on Behind the Tavern Doors: See What’s Coming to Hearthstone!

    Mmm mm those portaits. Glad 1000 wins has something to fight for.

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    The hero power is boooonkers.

    It might not be the best deck. But, it will definitely be a very good quest reward.

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    Yeah, at first I was like "only 5 damage" but then I realized it was 15.

    There are far less convoluted ways to control a board or do damage. It's a meme.

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    Oi vey. It's so good. Even good in zoo priest builds. Who wouldn't take a piloted shredder with an extra 3/1 in stats? And that's the low roll.

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    Could just save the coin. Hero power first and then coin shudder.

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    Glad there's a continuation of this site. Looking forward to keep using it :)

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    I think he belongs in a museum.

    But seriously, he's a pretty safe craft. I don't think weapon removal would limit design space to the point of forcing him to rotate. Ooze is a basic card after all.

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    That last match was incredible. So many twists and turns.

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    Because bomb warrior

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