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    posted a message on Send In The Murlocs! is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Another one where they might basically have done a "both players press start, one gets a win" button instead. Random spells and random Murlocs. Such. Fun.

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    posted a message on Boss Battle Royale 3 is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Kriziki has a fun hero power, but holy cuss, that must be one of the worst decks I have ever seen. You would get a better composition by just auto-filling all 30 slots of an empty deck.

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    posted a message on The Scholar Jaina Bundle - Containing 5 Special Mage Packs & A New Mage Skin

    It leaves me truly baffled that some people actually manage to complain about Jaina...smiling. OH MY GOD SHE'S SMILING!
    How dare she be young, or in a good mood, or anything but grimdarrrrk.

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    posted a message on Server-Side Hotfix For Cards Crashing The Game After Patch 18.0

    The more DLC a game has (or generally the older the code), the weirder the bugs get when new stuff is being added.
    I swear, in WoW it sometimes ends up with patch notes like "Fixed a bug where changing your Goblin's hair to pink would sometimes make the city guards half a continent away perform swim animations" at this point.


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    posted a message on Scholomance Academy Community AMA - Facts, Card Discussions & More

    They've shown us less than half a dozen spell burst cards yet, and half of them would utterly break the game if they'd work more than once.


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    posted a message on Patch 17.4.1 - Twin Slice Nerf - Battlegrounds Balance Changes

    Never play an OTK deck unless you are fully aware that it will be nerfed, usually earlier than later. Blizzard has made it clear several times before that they are not a fan of that playstyle, and often OTK are combos they did not anticipate. Pulling your sweet combo might feel nice for you, but for the other player that has no way of countering an OTK other than hoping you haven't drawn all your pieces yet it's a frustrating waste of time. 


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    posted a message on Celebrate 25 Years of Warcraft - Free Golden Cards

    Inspired by the battle between Alliance and Horde.

    .....Argent Commander?


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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows - Eight Revealed Cards, Expansion Information

    I'd imagine it works like forbidden healing. "Spend all your mana. Restore twice that much health."

    To quote from the Wiki,

    This spell has two steps

    • First, it consumes all of your available mana;
    • Then, it heals its target for twice that amount, queuing and resolving triggers.

    So if you cast it on turn 10 and had 29 hitpoints, it would still spend all your mana, and then heal you for the maximum amount possible (1). Quite a lot of overheal. Or in this case, overkill.

    As for the second question, as the card says "That much or less attack". Is 3 equal or less than 2? No. So either you just spent all your mana without effect, or the game won't allow you to target it in the first place if it is nice.

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    posted a message on Peter Whalen & Dean Ayala Showcase Old Rastakhan's Rumble Card Designs

    ...you did notice the[Temp(orary) art(work)] disclaimer on every card, did you?

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    posted a message on Hallow's End Returns - The Headless Horseman Sings
    Quote from Skythe >>

    What if they instead focused on fixing the game? There are broken classes, you know. Broken cards. Broken decks. Just saying.

     I wonder why every time there has to be one guy with that argument. But to sum it up: THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE TEAM WORKING AT BLIZZARD. Guess what! The people responsible for game balancing are not the people responsible for bug fixes, which  are not the people responsible for artwork, which are not the people responsible for music, which are not the people responsible for marketing, ... Different people can do different things! Is that so hard to grasp?

    Just saying.

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