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    posted a message on Top 4 Decklist NA MLG/MG Open Tournament #11

    I'm seriously considering running a Warlock aggro/murloc deck and just sweeping up all these slow ass decks with zero early game.  That 2nd Place Pally deck has zero chance to survive past T5.

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    posted a message on ManaGrind Presents: Friday Night Swiss

    Makes it kind of hard for the PST players to attend if it's at 3 PM PST.  Would be much better if it were at 9 EST so it's at 6 PM PST.

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    posted a message on The Three Competing Resources: Tempo, Card Advantage, and Hero Life by Sar

    Tempo can also be sacrifice for card advantage.  I.E. Minions that have fewer stats but have a battlecry to draw a card.

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    posted a message on Stuck on Master's 2

    Remove:  Mind Blast, Shadowform , Fen Creeper, Holy Fire, Holy Smite

    Add:  2 Northshire Clerics, 1 Power Word Shield, 2 Lightspawn, 1 Ooze, 2 Loot Hoarder/Novice Engineer, 1 Shattered Sun Cleric, 1 Spellbreaker


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    posted a message on Are your decks 3 drops heavy?

    You typically want between 6-8 2 mana minions or enough early game removal to consistently be able to stop whatever your opponent puts on the board.  If you have no early game removal and few 2-3 drops and your opponent drops something on both T2 and T3 it can be almost impossible to catch up on tempo.  I've found I usually have more 2 drops than 3 drops and more 4 drops than anything else.

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    posted a message on MLG NA Managrind 2nd place (Truesilver Justice)

    I've been working on Paladin decks for a few weeks now and play tested a few different varieties.  Here's what I've found:

    I personally don't like Divine Favor because there's quite a few aggro decks (hunter, mage, murloc, etc.) out there and it's a dead card against them.  

    You don't have enough early drops IMO.  You have 4 potential turn 1 or 2 drops.  You only want to cast Argent Protector with something on the board so that doesn't quite count.  And you'll rarely be casting Owl on T2.  And Knife Juggler is very likely to die if you cast him early before you can drop him along with an Argent Protector.

    I've tried BoK, Noble Sacrifice and Humility and personally I don't think they're worth it.  BoK is a nice combat trick but can't help you if you're behind and nothing is sticking to the board.  Noble Sacrifice will protect your Knife Juggler but in the late game if it doesn't kill the minion attacking you're down a card.  And Humility is just Aldor Peacekeeper but without the 3/3 body so it seems pretty weak to me.

    For early game I personally like Faerie Dragon and Harvest Golem.  If you can get a Dragon out it can be extremely hard to remove for many classes, especially if you bubble it next turn with a Protector.  And I enjoy the versatility of dropping a Golem on T3 because it can trade favorably with many creatures and either forces an early silence or they waste a lot of tempo trying to remove it.

    Everything else looks pretty good.  Right now I'm running a bit more life gain with a Guardian of Kings and a Sen'jin Shieldmasta for some extra defense.  Seems like most decks are either Priest Control or highly aggressive (Hunter OTK, Hunter Aggro, Warlock Murloc, Mage Aggro) so if you don't have life gain or taunts you can get taken out very easily.  Especially with Mage Aggro since they only need to get you down to 10 life and then you die to a Pyroblast.

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    posted a message on 3 star master > Grandmaster?

    I can confirm that Grandmaster is unlocked for Arena, however.

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