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    Woho! Very Cool! 

    I was just messing around with some of the new cards from the mini set, and seeing if I could come up with something ez on the dust. It's also a pretty fast deck so game times are relatively short. 

    But yeah It's your deck add as many bees as you wanna. lol  Instructor is there to pull the gibbers obviously but I can see cutting 1 as it's sometimes a dead card.  Bees seems like it'd be nice, since when I was testing it did feel bad sometimes not to have removal.

    Another card I liked when I was testing is the new card Guidance. Since it's both a Gibber activator, and a Glow Fly activator, and can help you find removal or additional buffs.  Maybe try that out. 

    Fair warning though Control Lock, and Control Warrior seem to becoming  more  popular at higher ranks and this deck struggles with all their AoE, and Armour \ Life gain.  

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    no not at all. it makes no sense in this list with all the crap deathrattles and mechs,

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