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    Ultimately Lunacy sacrifices your ability to construct which is half the battle. Sure you could high roll consistently but there was far too much RNG involved; many high cost spells available for it are NOT universal value; Commencement, Deck of Chaos, Guardian Animals, Celestial Alignment and even Survival of the Fittest are good examples. If high cost spells added later in this year are more universal Lunacy could become oppressive again.


    Also yes, the meta is figured out and fairly limited, but many of the meta decks right now are not that straightforward to pilot which does mean they might not be the best for every player to pick.

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    On Warlock I think the issue is that the class has too much removal and healing. It should not be about removing its win condition but rather about making it possible for decks to be able to kill the warlock.

    For Mage I don't think the issue is Deck of Lunacy. Deck of Lunacy means the mage cannot really have any plan and it is not at all rare to make half your remaining deck unplayable because it changes cards to spells that you cannot effectively use. I think the biggest issue is the effective 0 mana draw 2 and perhaps the fact that deck of lunacy keeps any existing cost reductions to your spells.

    On the Watch Posts, honestly I'd want them to have 0 or 1 attack so I can at least use existing minions to kill them after they are dropped in two turns.

    For Paladin, I think the only part of the deck that is problematic by itself is and has always been pen flinger. I have no idea how to nerf that card without completely destroying it though. Maybe increase both the cost but also the damage?


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    Quote from DarkArchon21 >>

    Honesty tho this stuff ain't rocket science with the Uther Horseman skin that's all they literally need to do is have his head twirling in at the start of matches doing his iconic AHHHHAHAHAHA, and it would make a killing in sales.

     It doesn't even need to be called Uther. I mean he wears the helm, you cannot tell if it is Uther or the Headless Horseman. Then just use the Voice lines from WoW

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    posted a message on 18.4 Patch - Nerfs (Guardian Animals;Tortollan Pilgrim), Elementals in BG & More!

    So now that we got Elementals, is there any tribe left? I guess Totems?

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    posted a message on Hotfix For The Galakrond Armor Bug & Micro Mummy Returning In The Next Major Update

    I mean, I did not know about the bug but the moment those bombs went flying and the priest's health started going down while the armor stayed there, it was obvious something was wrong.

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    posted a message on Patch 18.0.2 - Balance Changes - Kael'thas, Illucia & Battlegrounds

    Meh, think Kael should have just been "THE third spell you cast each turn costs (0). Druid still has way too many tools to make use of it even with this change.

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    posted a message on Next Hearthstone Expansion: Scholomance Academy!

    Mr Bigglesworth better be around

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    posted a message on The Outlandish Burndown is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Let's see how high Aggression 122 will get!

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    Quote from Thetisgatan >>

    Don't get me wrong I adore this card but... why in the hell isn't this gul'dan instead of a third rate warlock that's in like a handful of lore pieces

     I mean, he is not a third rate warlock. He is probably the most powerful Azerothian warlock.

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    We have 10 Paladin cards revealed. 7 support buff Paladin, 3 support murlocs. I don't see the problem. You won't get BOTH the legendaries to support the same theme. Look for Libram paladin to be far more viable later down the road when there are more Librams available.

    I also would have preferred pure Paladin support.

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