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    I've also thought about a murloc with spell damage. It would be crazy considering the amount of board control that could go into the game. I think it would really compliment cards like Corrupted Seer, Coldlight Seer, and Gentle Megasaur and change murloc strategies to better focus on staying on the board. Now that more people play murloc decks, people are better prepared to rip them off the field, so being able to regain board control and limit resistance could be interesting. Of course the major complaint I could see against that would be that popular murloc strategies tend to win fast anyway. Still I think that without a need for speed and being able to invest in keeping murlocs on the board (because of spell damage), we might be able to see slower games. Maybe not, but who knows. It might also make murlocs more flexible instead of pretty much only being played by shamans and paladins. Seeing a mage deck with Brrrloc and a spell damage murloc could be cool, too bad it's a shaman class card. 

    Added: Also really like the suggested cards

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    Hey all! So my favorite deck-type is murlocs. I've been playing them for a long time and trying different approaches with them, but most changes aren't very successful. With all of the different strategies available for murlocs, has anyone had success with strategies that don't focus on ridiculous turnarounds? (For example, using Bloodlust, Anyfin Can Happen, and Everyfin is Awesome)?

    I thought about actively trying to keep murlocs on the board now that we have Gentle Megasaur and Rockpool Hunter especially when combined with Coldlight Seer. Plus there are a bunch of new murlocs that don't have a health of only 1. Maybe it's because I'm not used to the strategy and focus too much on keeping murlocs on the board, but I really struggle when I play this way. 

    Then there's the going in swinging approach where you just keep attacking and summoning. Thanks to cards like Call in the Finishers, Primalfin Totem, Siltfin Spiritwalker, Vilefin Inquisitor, and Finja, the Flying Star we don't have to worry about losing murlocs. But if I take out battlecry cards while using Finja then the deck doesn't do as well. I thought it would be a cool opportunity to try using different murlocs that might not get as much attention (because of how helpful battlecry murlocs can be), but it's difficult compared to my more successful decks. It might just be that I don't have enough practice with that approach? 

    I also liked using Brann Bronzebeard and Rumbling Elemental to keep murloc count high and do some nice passive counter to other aggro decks, but it seems like decks that wait for the big turnaround are still the most successful. 

    I don't know, I tend to play with a heavy amount of murlocs, often with no other minion type (except maybe Grimestreet Outfitter ) does anyone have any recommendations of different murloc decks? Also has anyone had success with murloc deck types that aren't Shaman or Paladin? I've tried with all the other classes, but Shaman and Paladin (as would be expected) have the most success. I've won with Warlock, Priest, and Warrior only a few times (like maybe once each) but that's about it that I can remember. I'd expect it to be easier with Druid but I haven't done well with that. 

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    Wow that really sucks :/ Must've been pretty shocking. Sorry to hear that OP and other people have experienced that. I've heard about that kind of stuff happening but luckily haven't had it happen to me yet. The most I've gotten is people spamming during games which is annoying. I hope you still find the game enjoyable, good luck! 

    And to people who say just get over it or who just want to ignore it... it's okay to say that fucked up shit happens on Hearthstone... like that doesn't ruin the game itself, it just means that there is a problem with the way some people in our community interact. We've got things to work on just like everywhere else. It's okay to still like Hearthstone and it's also okay to acknowledge that sometimes problematic things happen through this game. 

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