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    posted a message on New Warlock Common Card - Rain of Fire

    not quite convinced. It basically is a slightly better whirlwind, but your minions have less synergies (better in the way that you could ddeal the final damage to your opponent and trigger all the self-damage). Seing as how there wa sthat Warlock Dragon, which summoned stuff when you were dealt damage ... Still, not quite convinced just yet

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    posted a message on New Warrior Rare Card - Ritual Chopper

    so, a 4/1 weapon that leaves a 1/1 behind for 2 mana. Now, I am uncertain how powerful it is, but I would assume that it is pretty decent.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Rare Card - Corrupt Elementalist

    So, you get 7/5 stats if you have a Galakrond. From which 4/2 have rush as two 2/1 rush elementals. If that is not good stats, I wonder what is :P

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    posted a message on New Paladin Common Card Revealed - Bronze Explorer

    ^we already have them, see some comments below.

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    posted a message on Doom in the Tomb Part 1 is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    While Best Friends Forever Hagatha is quite strong, so is the Crusty the Crustacean.

    I played with Hagatha, since she starts out with the duplatransmogrifier, and gotten Crusty. I used it on Crusty as soon as possible and later got double battlecries totem as well.

    Lets just say, that winning by turn 3 was normal, since your Crusties could eat other crusties, getting over 100 attack after 'snacking' two other crusties, with the first one snacking on a pumpkin. The boss fight was no excpetion, though I did keep two crusties so that I could kill the head at once.

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    posted a message on Blackrock Crash - Tavern Brawl #213

    Lazul was my first one I picked - I got the gaudy robes and did go full on C'thun. To be honest, it was pretty easy and I had around 24 minutes...

    Some treasures are a tad OP :P All in all, you need a bit of luck as well. First time I played Dr Boom I lost to the 5th boss (I think). So, yeah, I had more success with Lazul than Boom XD

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    posted a message on The Great Dalaran Heist is GOOD

    You get a checkmark for those powers/decks you used to complete the run. So, for example, I completed the first wing with my standard mage power and the standard mage deck and got a checkmark for those. Later on, I decided to play the first wing with the shaman one, using the 1 cost hero power and the second avaible deck and completed them - and got the checkmarks for these.

    To get a crown, you only need to finish a run with any power/deck.

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist is a bummer

    okay, let me state something that I feel has been lost to some:

    This content is in no way comparable to the old adventures.

    I don't mean to say that the old ones were better - I simply want to say that they are too different. This one is purely addtional, you don't even need to spend a second thought on it if you don't want to. There are no cards in there that you need to have to be viable in constructed. Even the legendary that you can get is craftable. The only one thing that you would be missing out is the cardback - and I dare say that the amount of people who collect these are a minority that can be safely disregarded in the greater scheme.

    So, then what is this mode? It is an alternative to ranked, arena and Tavern Brawl. I personally enjoy it, but it seems to be a failure at the same time. The reason? The reward, or rather, the lack thereof.
    It wouldn't have been a difficult thing to add some abitrary reward that you can aquire once a week (similar to Tavern Brawl). Something like:
    - each week, gain an Arena (Draft) Ticket for the first complete Dalaran Heist run (as in, completing all the chapters at least once that week).

    In this way we would have some minor incentive to actually play it (as in, you feel to get something out of it, even if it miniscule). It would also help them to garner some more to invest into it, as well as replaying it. Because humans are creatures that strife for rewards, and not for the action in itself.

    At the same time, there needs to be regular maintenance: For example a new opponent, or events which can unlock additional treasures. That way, it would also help rekindle interest in this mode, instead of leaving it forgotten in a corner gathering dust.

    - mode is not supposed to be an 'adventure' and has a different concept
    - mode still lacks appeal (i.e. reward)
    - needs regular maintenance to sustain the interest in it

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    posted a message on An algorithmic idea for Blizzard

    what about some kind of chess clock? Or a similar system like MTG:Arena? As in, you can 'save' up time if you don't hit the rope, increasing the turn time by x seconds before rope (though these addiional seconds wuld be consumed in that case).

    Just some imaginary numbers: You have a turn time of 10s before the rope comes, which in turn is another, lets say, 5 seconds (I know that the real value are vastly different).
    Now each turn you ended up in the first 10 seconds, extends the next turn by 1 second (cumulative). These would be in the lenght of the rope, As in, the rope is now 6 seconds instead of 5. This can go up to maximum of 5 additional seconds. If you wait for 6 seconds with the rope, you will get deducted one second from your 'save'

    Something like that. Numbers would need to be tweaked and the rate of aquiring / reward would probably be non-linear as well (and also depend on the amount of time you had before hitting the rope or something)

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    posted a message on HS vs MTGA, and why?

    For me, Flood/Screw is far worse. Simply put, when an opponent highrolls with his luck, I may loose a game. If I get screwed in magic? I very likely will loose the game.

    So, it isn't worse in terms of influence on the game itself. Though in exchange, HS has a lot of randomness. Thing is, the randomness of HS is actually a selling point, since these mechanics would be extremly hard or close to impossible in an actual paper game. So, HS actually embraces randomness.

    In Magic? There are a few instances of randomness, but most of them are restricted to coin tosses or selecting a random card (more often than not, it is not a permanent laying on the board, but either hand, lib or graveyard). Granted, there is Momir's Madness, but that is not a part of the 'evergreen' formats, instaed more like a time-limited event.

    Another thing I would like to add: I hate how MTG:A handles new Set releases. See, you can get the Set and play Sealed with a new Set in Arena even faster than in real life. The new Set will be released in 5 days in Arena. The problem is, that Sealed needs Gems, which are either aquired by spending money or playing a specific gamemode (normal Draft or gem-only modes). 
    So, I normally only have Gold on Hand, having spend my gems in a Draft Frenzy. So, I looked into when I will be able to use my Gold to Draft - it will be on the 10th. So, around 2 weeks after it releases its Set. I can understand a week difference, since Drafts are only avaible post Release. Still, having to wait two weeks seems a bit too much for me personally. Last Set my Hype died down while waiting for the Draft - even going as far as when I eventually did Draft, I even didn't finish my second Draft. Of course, there is no recompenses for that - if you don't finish your run, it is you fault and you will only get the reward equal to the amount of wins.

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    posted a message on E.V.I.L. Essentials - Rise of Shadows Starter Decks & Introduction to the Arena

    I just want to state, that schemes really depend. Not all are good, but some are better than others.

    Especially the shaman scheme is a very good mass removal in a class that has merely lightningstorm at best. Rafaams Scheme is highly synergic, and can be combo'ed with Evil Genius, ...


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    posted a message on The huge Arena changes coming with ROS.

    Lackeys are insane value. Priest, Warlock and especially Rogue have pretty good access, so they are quite good.

    Priest can have insane value with the faceless rager. Buff your minion's health, then drop a 5/9 for 3. Wish the opponent fun and hope that he does not have silence.

    If a priest can develop its board, it can get scary. On the other hand, Rogue has insane burst potential and can turn around games. Warlock can have some cool synergies, but I haven't tested enough for whetever they are solid all around. 

    To be perfectly honest, I think that these classes will be the top, with Rogue being tier 1. Pally and Mage felt surprisingly weak, and shaman so far was ... not that good. Then again, that is my initial impression and I only have a small sample size.

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    posted a message on Possible Blackguard+Lightforged Blessing Interaction?

    Well, first of all, it does not target face. Thus it can't be used to kill your opponent. Secondly, it only heals for as long as there are enemy minions on board. So even if you are at 10, if the opponent only has a minion with 3 health .... 

    All in all, it isn't as broken as Shadowboxer. Especially since Lightfoged Blessing isn't going to be a very good card on its own (different to the elexiers)

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card - Sludge Slurper

    So, since it hasn't the working 'random', does it mean that we can choose what lakey we get? If yes, this is bonkers. If not, it is still decent and extremly powerful in Arena

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    posted a message on New Mage Card Reveal - Blast Wave

    could be good if you get enough Spellpower if it works for every single Overkill

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