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    Because people actually visit this site to find strong off-meta decks. Putting absurdly high winrates in your title is extremely misleading. Having to boast about a fake winrate is the only thing that needs therapy, by my judgment.

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    posted a message on How do you motivate yourself/kick yourself into your ass?

    Not sure if spam or...


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    posted a message on Turn 2 4/5 is Not Okay.

    It is one thing to make a salty thread for every single card or deck you dislike, it is another thing all-together to then not find any of the posted valid comments worthy of discussion. You just want to be angry at a game you should probably stop playing, and when people try to reason with you, you get angry at them. If you open up a thread, it's to discuss something, right? If your only desire is to simply state things as so-called facts, that are not to be questioned by anyone else, take it to Twitter like the rest of the immature babies.

    Why are crying man-childs like this allowed to poison a forum like Hearthpwn for so long? 

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    posted a message on Vs Embiggen Druid, what do you do if this happens: ?
    Quote from Atramentar >>

    Don't concede, you can still win.

    Just the other day, I was playing Highlander hunter and my opponent went turn 1 Embiggen, turn 2 Breath of Dreams, turn 3 Strength in Numbers and I still won.


    I don't know which rank you're playing at, but his turn 8 was incredibly dumb. If he counted right, he would've known you could trade away his minions. He should've attacked a whelp with his HP, instead of going face. 

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    It's been called both. Hush.

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    posted a message on The adventure will contain 4 class hero legendaries, mage one already revealed

     This makes me think all League-classes will get a new Hero, as Mage already received Reno. It would be a nice addition, since all E.V.I.L. classes received a version of Galakrond.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 10.18 - Discussion Thread
    Quote from Klipce >>

    Hey ! Nice to see the return of the WCC ! I've got a first draft that I like but it's a character (and artwork) that I already used in the past so I'm not sure about it...

    Also it would be yet another Deathwing so kinda boring. Still, I like the design. What do you think ?

    Don't you want to say "All other minions"?

    In any case, interesting effect, although I can't see how Elementals have anything to do with this card.

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    posted a message on HybridLock 67%WR

    You're probably downvoting anyone who, with right, questions your winrate without any proof whatsoever. On top of that, you require 50 likes before even writing a single word in anything that resembles a guide, for a deck that is not hard to play. 

    Downvote this all you want, I won't care. But this deck is infinitely more trash than any other Handlocks/Galalocks running on ladder now. Want proof for that? You included 2 copies of Firetree Witchdoctor, which is an abomination in Warlock.

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    posted a message on wat

    Are... are you complaining about one of the easiest quests in the game for 60g?

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    posted a message on Is this deck any good?

    Define success a bit more; which decks did you face, and what was the winrate?

    I'm having a hard time seeing this pulled off more than not. You're essentially relying on drawing Rafaam's Scheme and Fiendish Rites early, because every minion has bad vanilla stats and effects if not cheated out. They don't have Rush or Charge. On top of all this, you're already relying on drawing Darkest Hour relatively soon. Too dependent on a few cards.

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    posted a message on Sick and tired of Leeroy shenanigans
    Quote from Philopery >>

    I feel for you OP. I don’t agree and I do play leeroy myself but I definitely understand you.

    I don’t think leeroy is unfun to play against and there are some counters. Hunter would deal with it using freeze trap, explosive trap (doesn’t work if he is galakrond buffed), misdirection or snipe. Mage can do it with vaporize. I think paladin has a secret counter too. And then of course there is taunts.

    But for sure leeroy is everywhere right now and not all decks have good counters and I can understand how some may find it aggravating. So I wish you all the best but would personally change other more inherently toxic things


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    posted a message on Best and worst card art of DoD

    I don't think I've ever disagreed with a worst art-pick as much as I'm doing now. But obviously, to each his or her own.

    My favorite one is probably Murozond the Infinite. It's a close call with Clear the Way though, I love everything that happens in that picture.

    Worst one for me is Ramming Speed, although that's close with Primordial Explorer. They could've done so much more, with both of these cards.

    As an extra note, as I went over this expansion's cards, we got really spoiled. It was hard coming up with a worst art-card, as almost all of them are very well designed.

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    posted a message on Blizzard is doing band-aid fixes because adventure will have 35 new cards.
    Quote from sPacEtiMe19 >>
    Quote from user-100041474 >>
    Quote from Dendroid >>
    Quote from user-100041474 >>

    Community is just too impatient as usual.

    Like we get nerfs after A WEEK, and they still complain. 

     The nerfs were not adequate, and I think you haven't been paying attention to how the meta has developed, the game is seriously unbalanced and needs a BIG retuning to be respectable again, which didn't come close to happening with the nerfs.  But sure, go all toxic poster and say it's just impatience and complaining, which is in essence the most basic and simple opinion to have.

     Are you a game designer? 

    The nerfs have been live for two days now. Someone actually needs to make these. With so little time to test anything it was clear they couldn't make big changes. You know there is work behind everything. 

    Do you know what the most simple way of thinking is? To expect to get everything served on a silver plate.

    Just a some years ago it was the norm that there was just one patch a month at max for any game. And before that regular patching was more than uncommon.

    Blizzard is actually among the first companies to provide years-long support for their games.

    It just comes off as impatient. Like no matter what, Blizzard couldn't have done anything in such short time. 

     You're white knighting blizzard. You are also not a game designer so how do you know what they can and cannot do in a short period of time. And even if you want to disregard that completely, blizzard starts working in expansion LONG before they go live. You tell me how the interaction between galakrond and shudderwok wasn't apparently overpowered? There was an insurmountable amount of time to correct that. 

    And you better not respond with the rotation crap. That is not an excuse at all. "Yeah it will be overpowered for 4 months but don't worry because it will rotate." People always say stupid crap like that as if 4 months is a short amount of time. It's a LONG time for something poisonous in the game to exist. The only part in which I agree with you is people freak out to early about certain things, especially on hearthpwn. But there's no counter argument, not a single one that I've heard, between shudderwok and galakronds interaction convincing me it's not broken. 

    I want you to imagine something. Imagine shudderwok was a spell and didn't have its own 6/6 body. A 9 mana spell that read "summon two 8/8 elementals with rush and equip an arcanite reaper." You realize how broken that alone is? Now add another 6/6 AND all other battle cries on top. Yeah, help me understand how the gun is being jumped on that. 

    He's not. Shaman's winrate dropped with 4%, and is now the third best class, as opposed to the best class. The point of nerfs is not to destroy a class completely, it's to dial it back. And they did just that. These were good nerfs, and Shaman has a lot of good counters now. By the way, that's how the meta works. Decks spawn to compete with the best deck, even specifically counter it. By nerfing said best deck, it opens up the meta for other decks, which will also spawn other decks again.

    Look at data before jumping conclusions based on your personal sentiment and experience on ladder. Yes, Shaman still has huge power spikes, but what about Ancharr in Pirate Warrior? Or Necrium Apothecary in Rogue? Or Toxic Reinforcements in Hunter? Or the 18 burst Malygos Handlock can do? Or Luna's Pocket Galaxy on curve in Mage? The game has a lot of strong decks right now, and I for one, am loving the variety on ladder currently.

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    posted a message on A complaint: The Barista + Corruptor + Shudderwock Interaction
    Quote from BrokenCycle >>
    Quote from Nohva >>

    For the last time; this is not because I think Shaman is too strong, but because of the lack of consistency in designing cards. I actually like playing against a Shaman now.

    But as of right now, most lists don't run Barista yet, but if they start doing so, I don't want to come back to a forum littered by the same posts. They need to be ahead of the curve on situations like this.

     I just don’t see it happen. You can not have shudders battlecry go off twice anymore, shudder can’t cost 1 anymore.  Barista battlecry can’t go off before faceless or it fails. You have to summon a minion before faceless or it fails. It is so inconsistent and even then you can summon only one shudder a turn. It’s just not the same situation. 

    Oh, sorry, I didn't mean for this scenario to necessarily be compared to the old situation. My point was more about it being able to add Shudderwock to your hand again, and I'm not sure if the devs have thought that through. And because of it, there's a third huge power spike in Galakrond Shaman. That was more along the lines of what I meant.

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    posted a message on A complaint: The Barista + Corruptor + Shudderwock Interaction

    For the last time; this is not because I think Shaman is too strong, but because of the lack of consistency in designing cards. I actually like playing against a Shaman now.

    But as of right now, most lists don't run Barista yet, but if they start doing so, I don't want to come back to a forum littered by the same posts. They need to be ahead of the curve on situations like this.

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