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    Quote from Octotron2000 >>

    Sorry if this idea has already been mentioned, but I was thinking it would be a cool addition to HS to add heroes that are one of the races from WoW that changes art to resemble the class of your deck that you are using them in. So if you pick the Troll hero as your favourite priest or assign them to a priest deck, their art would resemble a Troll wearing priest armour.

    Their emotes would be generic, so that they would fit each class without having to change their lines for each one. It would take a large amount of time to make all of them, but Blizz could just start with an Orc and Human, and have it be a long project that they complete over the years.

    I think it would appeal to players who want to play as their favourite class as their favourite race from WoW. Do you guys think this would be a fun addition or a waste of time?



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