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    Yes cause of all the clases shaman needed another legendary!

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    Thankfully it's even costed

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    posted a message on Nerf Cloning Gallery - (Priest)
    Quote from 420astronaut >>
    Quote from mortoz >>

    You will realize how hard is play that without dying before turn 9, how shit it is if drawn after 18 cards. And how much is related to the minions left in the deck.

    True in some cases is a winning card. but not really need a nerf. Try it out and you will understand.

    basically what you're saying is; you're screwed unless you're playing a rush/aggro deck. 


    all styles and types of decks should be viable. with the deck that i'm playing, that card is an "insta-win" card against me. 

     They should not. You cannot have every deck be able to deal with every deck, some matchups are simply more favorable to one person due to the nature of the decks. For example, mill decks ruin heavy control and combo decks. 

    The spell summons a bunch of 1/1s. The Khartut guys reborn and remain as a 3/1, but still, add a board clear or two. Even Arcane Explosion deals with it.

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    posted a message on Reno Hero Power REVEALED!!! :D

    This card basically made the greatest devide between players who like fun and those who like competitive decks

     This obviously won't be anywhere near T1, but it's a damn fun card to play.

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    One Night in Karazan and League of Explorers have 4 wings. Naxx and Black Rock have 5. If it's one wing per phase, doesn't that mean some players will have 1 more phase to compete in than others?

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    posted a message on Thank you all the wonderful people at Hearthpwn

    oh wow. Thanks you so much. Cool idea!

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    Quote from Moops >>
    Quote from Dendroid >>

     Did you see the sample decklist posted?  It's a fairly inexpensive Reno deck, which is meta.  It just takes extreme luck and precise deckbuilding, not stacking legendaries.

    That is a 6000 dust deck with many wild cards. It would cost me over $300 to make it and then I'd still have to fight against RNG for days. Then the deck would be deleted and I'd find out which $300+ deck I'd have to make for the next fight.

    The problem with RNG only solo content is that you don't get any closer no matter how much you play it:

    • No gold earned.
    • No cards earned.
    • No dust earned.
    • Any skill you gain is dwarfed by the massive RNG required.
    • No fun after the first 2 tries.

    It's a PAY WALL. Period.

     To be fair, this is heroic. They said multiple times heroic is not for free to play players, it's for those with large collections who want a challenge. The normal fight can be beaten fairly easily if you want the normal adventure rewards. their old philosophy was that normal fights should be done by everyone so players can easily get the cards they payed gold for, while heroic was where the real challenge is. Now, not all bosses are fair or correct, some are almost unfair, like the boss in blackrock than makes you only have 1 or 2 max mana. 

    Look at the new solo content they made though, they clearly gave up on the huge difficulty difference between the 2 modes (they eliminated the 2 difficulty modes entirely actually), they pushed replayability a lot and they made it so you don't play with your actual cards anymore, but you build decks as you go.

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase V [Final Poll]

    Well i didn't expect to get this far in my first big comp. Perhaps if i had less exams i could have done better. Anyway, congrats to those who passed.

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase V [Submission Topic]


    Most mages utilize mana as the source of their power. However, there is another form of magic, an ancient and dangerous one where the user draws strength from blood. Sacrificing your blood and flesh to fuel your spells is dangerous and few can endure the cost of this powerful sorcery. Among these there are the lizardfolk, who's reptilian regeneration allows them to recover quickly after casting blood spells. The most common form of blood magic is bloodburning, or igniting one's own veins to manipulate the resulting flames.

    The Bloodburner utilizes health, in all its forms, as a source of power. Self damage is a core theme of the class, but blood mages are very creative with how they utilize damage and health. Another theme of the class is the relation between spells and minions. Spells can hurt you, while minions will heal you, or protect you from damage. This is according to the flavor/lore of the class, as blood magic requires sacrifice and reptilians are able to regenerate their bodies fast.

    Since you use blood to fuel your magic, taking damage (thus bleeding) offers a temporary boost in power. The first time your hero takes damage in a turn, all friendly cards in play with F resh Blood trigger their effects. Fresh Blood can trigger during your turn, or during your opponent's, but only happens once per turn. The keyword can be used by any Bloodburner deck, as you can use Blood to Fire (the HP) to trigger it. You need to consider the order of your actions to make the most out of your cards.

    Example Cards


    • Ryxtaz, The Flame Vortex : This is the core of the "bottom card of the deck" archetype created in K&C and continued in WW. What the weapon does is basically give you a free ping whenever you cast a spell. That 1 damage is targeted just like you target hero powers or battlecries and it can hit anything your hero power can normally hit. The wepon only triggers when you play spells so that's only on your turn.
    • The White Fang : This mean albino snake is the card for Challenge #3. The pings offered by Ryxtaz, The Flame Vortex gain poisonous and when it dies it grabs one of the spells you copied with the legendary weapon.
    • Rotating Flame : Bigger Multi-Shot that can hit face too and draws you a specific card. Hitting the enemy hero can be good or can be bad depending on the situation.
    • Bewitched Drake : This card represents another archetype created in WW where the bloodburner tries to recast the same spells again and again. Similar cards existed in the classic set that can help you create even more copies.
    • Swamp Hydra : Can copy both minions and spells and generally looks scary.

    Remaining Cards


    • The Lord of Candles : Big meanie dragon that burns your opponent's deck. More valuable and dangerous in control match-ups, similar in style ro rin and daddy Azari.

    • Drakonid Seductress : Quite a charming dragon, she is hard to get rid of an offers strong board control, but her stats aren't very impressive for a 4 mana minion.
    • Voracious Worm : Removal on a stick that can backfire if not being careful.

    • Lesser Sangrite Spellstone : Cheap boardclear that can't be used right from the start. It's more to cheaply clear the board late game to afford to play other cards.
    • Magma Whelp : Early game minion that is very versatile.

    • Hybrid Drake : Child of a red and blue drake, this dragon makes your spells more powerful if you lost some blood.
    • Spit Flame : Cheap removal that hurts you and an enemy minion. You can control what damage this deals via the legendary weapon.
    • Dynamite Blast : THE TUNNEL IS COLLAPSING! 3-in-one spell that is single target removal, board clear and stall tool.


    • Myrmiam Spellwaker : She reloads your whole hand with pure value if played late game.

    • Malevolent Wand : Works well with The White Fang but 1 damage every turn is good on its own too.
    • Tiny red Whelp : He's tiny but useful! protects you from all the self damaging effects from your cards but also prevents the activation of Fresh Blood.

    • Blood ignition : You can put it on an enemy minion to make the enemy paranoid of playing more stuff.

    • Bloodletting : great removal tool at the expense of all your health.
    • Scout : amazing draw tool that also has synergy with the "bottom of the deck" archetype.
    • Flame Serpent : cheap minion that generates copies of spells.


    Previous Phases

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase V [Discussion Topic]

    Simplified some cards and replaced Blood Moon with Malevolent Wand and Blazing Enchantment with Flame Serpent.

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase V [Discussion Topic]
    Quote from CheeseEtc >>



    Individual cards

    • Lord of Candles is too similar to The Darkness.
    • Ryxtaz: Deal 1 damage to who?
    • I think Rotating Fire could be simplified as "draw the bottom card of your deck"


    I think your cards have too much text. There's also the issue of art I probably mentioned in earlier phases.


    Individual cards

    • The Blood Moon is too dangerous. We're seeing it in wild right now with Bloodbloom.


    Same comments as K&C. Also, as Wailor said, it's weird for you set to have weapon synergy but no actual weapons.


     Thanks for the feedback. Ryxtaz deals 1 damage to any target of your choosing. it's exactly like the mage hero power. You cast the spell, you enter that targeting screen, you ping for 1, you put a copy at the bottom of your deck then the spell takes effect. I'll replace Blood Moon with a weapon, rework The lord of candles and simplify Rotating Fire.

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase V [Discussion Topic]

    Is the phase gonna end today in 4 hours or do i have tomorrow as well?

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase V [Discussion Topic]

    Ok, Witchwood set!

    In this set we have:

    • Dragons!
    • Play the same spell again and again stuff!
    • Weapon interactions!
    • An NPC from Gilneas as a legendary!

    Feedback is welcomed and encouraged!


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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase V [Discussion Topic]

    I am late to the party again but that's not new xD. i still have to finish witchwood but here's my kobolds set. I really hope i won't have to remake it completly like i did with un'goro.


    • Ryxtaz triggers when you play a spell, not just cast one. thus it only triggers when you yourself play a spell on your turn from your hand. That 1 damage is dealt to anything you choose, it works just like mage's hero power. 
    • Hybrid drake is the child of a blue and red dragon, so he has spell damage connected to life (in this case loss of life).


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    posted a message on HS vs MTGA, and why?

    Do you guys know any sites like Hearthpwn for MTGA? Not just deck listings but also forums and a community.

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