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    Honestly dude, my favorite wild Tess deck so far

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    Damn it's good, you found a meta breaker my dude

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    posted a message on [64% WR] CONTROL SHAMAN

    Quest mage isn't the combo of antonidas anymore, it's a combination of giants and archmage vargoth. This makes the combo impossible to defeat, even with iceblock.

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    posted a message on warrior needs serious nerfs

     Warrior is fine right now, you just need to tech in cards against it. Warrrior hasn't been this good in a whole year, maybe even 2. So let people enjoy warrior the way it is now, instead of taking their fun away

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    I liked razakus priest a lot actually, only tier one deck I actually enjoyed playing. But if it was in standard now, I don't think I would've enjoyed it as much as i did back then. But it's down to the fact that I loved highlander decks because every game felt different to some extent, because of the 30 different cards in your deck. I miss those decks, i hope they bring it back, but not in a bursty/combo sort of way.

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    My username on hearthpwn went from NoMoRewinds to user-16270413, why? Is there a way I could change it back. This username hurts my eyes. (Edit) found it already. 

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    posted a message on Please, Blizzard
    Quote from Pathod >>

    I hate it when people reply with bullshit like "you want auto-win cards". What gave people the impression that a card like Dirty Rat automatically wins the game? Most combo decks can still fuck you up if you don't pull the right minion/don't have removal for the pulled minion. Remember Star Aligner Druid? You could pull Aviana, Brann Bronzebeard, Witchwood Piper or Ancient Brewmaster they could still beat you easily. You pull a Faceless Manipulator against Malygos Druid, they can still beat you, you can pull Raza the Chained and still die to Prophet Velen, and vice-versa. Dirty Rat is not an auto-win card, it requires good timing, luck and most of the time setup with Zola the Gorgon/Brann Bronzebeard. So yes, a netural card like Dirty Rat is needed, it's not auto-win just cause you noobs got lucky a few times and highrolled.

     You're so damn right. Dirty Rat requires the best of timing, luck and knowledge of the enemy deck. It's not autowin, the chance you pull out a combo piece just gets higher the more knowledge you have. Really something like dirty rat chance effect would be a nice addition, not something like destroy the highest cost minion in your opponent's hand or something like that. There should be skill and chance involved.

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    posted a message on New Mage Card Reveal - Arcanosaur

    I can already hear Kibler laughing....

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    I must say this deck looks like a lot of fun, so I made it, only missing 1 vivid nightmare, but replace it with power word: shield. It seems like I never get to play zerek because i'm already dead at turn 6, it's not that your deck is not fun overall, but it's not even fun in casual now. People play ONLY zoolock, tempo mage and odd palladin in my casual games, so yea, can't really review the deck, because I haven't been able to do the main thing in 8 games.

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    posted a message on Togwaggle's Pocket Galaxy Deck Idea

    The fact that if you draw King Togwaggle before Luna's Pocket Galaxy you'll lose makes this deck pretty useless to begin with. You got no other win condition except for the togwaggle which makes this deck even worse. So you'll have to change this deck a bit so that it has another win condition if you've drawn togwaggle

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