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    posted a message on EU Spring Tavern Heroes Tournament this Weekend!

    Don't live in EU but happy to see they are distributing this card back again. Want to see more opportunities to get one and socialize.

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    posted a message on READ ME - Innkeeper Alpha


    I never bothered installing this app as it didn't offer me much that I needed, but decided to get it when you added importing. This is my favorite place to find decks to try out. So it was a clean install.

    Install was easy and I imported a deck I wanted to play with no hassle. Good job!

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    posted a message on New Card - Giant Sandworm

    I like this card only as fodder for Tomb Spider. I used to play alot of Spark's Beast hunter and tombspider was adding highmanes/high value beasts that you wouldn't take to my hand pretty regularly. 

    I have always loved playing a straight beast deck, but I am more concerned what I will do without the spiders in standard.

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    posted a message on (LOE) Heroic Arch-Thief Rafaam - Cursed Blade

    First shot, AI spent a few turns playing alarm-o-bot which made it a cake walk.

    Nice idea!

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    posted a message on [LOE3] Easy Heroic - Lord Slitherspear

    Got it on my first go. I saw this list and my brother plays alot of mill rogue so I thought this would be a fun opportunity to try it out. Our pit snakes found value since the AI burned his frost shock.

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    posted a message on [Spark] Beast Master (S20)

    I'm having alot of fun with this deck, between webspinner and tomb spider, I feel like I have alot of options and cards to carry me through the midgame where the traditional list ends at boom.

    Deck has chewed through two reno jackson locks, a shaman that hit two healing waves and tundra rhino made the difference against face hunter. In these games I lost juggles against two 2/1's, melee'd an arcane golem and had to play naked houndmasters -- so my draws weren't perfect either.

    I've played most of your iterations of your beast hunter as expansions have come out and this one is the most fun for me, well done.

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    posted a message on Golden Monkey Rogue Theorycraft

    I thought this too, although if you can control the board with low cost spells + healbot and then decided to flip those cards into legendaries.. Rogue is probably best suited to at least try that idea

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    posted a message on FACE is the place [TOP 10 Legend]

    This is a good pick if you're queueing into secret paladin. I've started keeping unleash the hounds in the mulligan to play just before Mysterious Challenger comes down and you can be too far ahead of the power turns. I've always preferred the midrange hunter decks  but this is performing much better for me.

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    posted a message on #1 NA Legend ErA's Midrange Hunter

    I wasn't sure about quickshot (I have never drawn with it once) when I saw this list and I'm still skeptical, but for what its worth I started trying this deck on ladder at rank 18 and shot straight to 8 with minimal losses.

    I have been fighting mostly Zoo, Mage (tempo), priest, hunter and mech shamans. Ran into 2 oil rogues (and kept loatheb each time which won the game) and I couldn't beat handlocks but they aren't common.

    Mage has been very easy with Kezan, games against Zoo and priest are nail biters. Shaman openers can be tricky too.

    I am always surprised when opponents get openings like double deathlord, velens annoyotron and the deck pulls through. Just pray you get highmane off the deathlord!

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    posted a message on Blackwing Technician

    That 5th point of health puts you out of range of alot of common removal in that phase of the game at least!

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