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    posted a message on Is devolving missiles a problem for anyone else?

    This card should stay as it is. Against paladins with divine shield and buff this card is the only solution.

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    posted a message on Hunter needs to be nerfed
    Quote from TheSpunYarn >>
    Quote from Nimehte >>

    They should nerf the trapling Rhino decrease it's attack by two 

     I feel like that would completely eliminate the purpose of Trampling Rhino altogether.  Why even make that change?  Hunter doesn't have cards that are problematic enough to warrant any changes - it's only dominant right now because control decks aren't good.

    Instead why don't we buff control decks instead of ruining an actually cool and useful card.

     No it is problematic 5 mana 5/5 with rush that always easily get buffed and played multiple times. the card itself might seem balanced but the archetype is not.


    Hunter able to take control of board with this card and deal extra damage to the face you either have to protect your face or protect your board control and this card breaks that balance.

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    posted a message on The state of the HS community

    What OP says is true people in past complained about some tier 3 decks too much made them nerfed especially mage and rogue decks and those decks didn't even effect meta they wanted them to get nerfed because they got annoyed.

    Tho Op is wrong about Tickatus, Winrate statistics of Tickatus is not low you know it is actually pretty high.

    Tho winrate statistics of tickatus doesn't even matter it just ruins lots of archetypes also it is preventing you to play your own deck. it should not have existed to begin with.

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    posted a message on Where are the nerfs?

    By the way cancerous ticketus warlock is everywhere now because they are able to kill watchtowers now with only one spell. 

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    posted a message on Where are the nerfs?

    I am in Eu I saw changes but nerfs didn't change many things you know just ruined a couple of rogue decks. it is still same shit.

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    posted a message on Have they announced anything about dust refunds?

    you get no dust refunds since you will get classic set for free.

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    posted a message on Zephrys the no so Great (sometimes)

    enemy board is full of fkn totems and I have 9 mana playing zephrys and it gives me 0 aoe spell lol and next turn I am death

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    posted a message on everyone needs to play new Nozdormu

    they should buff it to 5 mana 8/8 so whoever doesn't play it will have a disadvantage.

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    posted a message on Core Set Has Been Released! - ALL Cards In the Database
    Quote from FlyingCarrot >>

    As a HUGE shaman main. im piling up the shaman cards that got thanos snapped.
    Earth Shock

    Forked Lightning I can see why, good choice

    Far Sight ummm...? the only way to draw is gone from core..ok blizzard.

    Ancestral Spirit Yeah its pointless

    Lava Burst -5 from burst potential

    Ancestral Healing Yup useless

    Totemic Might Useful for totem decks, useless when discovered.

    Frost Shock 50/50 but mostly unused

    Bloodlust WHYYYYYYYY, how are we going to do burst with burst class if it doesnt have bloodlust!?!?!?


    Dust Devil Useless when played. useful if summoned

    Flametongue Totem id would rather seen this been buffed but removed, i dont think anybody will shed a tear.

    Windspeaker this card existed?

     I hated that damn bloodlust 

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    posted a message on Alexstrasza the Life-Binder

    I think old alex was already unique and powerful but it was played only at certain decks but this is just powerful and much more deck will play it.

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