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    Q: Can you talk about tournament mode at all? Why was it scrapped?
    A: We liked the idea about it, but we didn't have an implementation that was both like relatively easy to do and would hit a lot of player desires.

    What??  Isn't china server literally playtesting a tournament mode right now?  I does seem to hit a lot of player desires and it would be relatively easy to take something that's already done.  Unless it was developed by Netease and they're not letting Blizzard use it internationally?

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    posted a message on So, it seems Druid got the shaft again?

    Given the new design philosophy, I doubt druid will never be what it used to be (unless you like token druid).  And by "what it used to be", I don't mean the just bonkers KFT brokenness; I'm also referring to the more tame decks before them.  Maybe the class itself might become good again at some point, but gameplay will be very different because we already know what blizzard will and won't print for the class

    Just move on to a different class, mate.  I used to only have a few thousand druid wins, but just this expansion, I got my golden mage and shaman.  Not because I like golden heroes, but because druid isn't fun anymore

    As for why druid is currently bad, it's simple.  Choose one is one of the major mechanics.  The existence of the quest severely limits the power level of choose one cards but at the same time, caused many of these weakened choose one cards to be printed as synergy.  If hidden oasis was printed in the absence of the quest, we'd all have a good meme about it being purify 2.0.  Nourish probably died for this too

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     Just don't be warrior, and you're good to go

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    posted a message on Headed for Legend - Standard - August 2019

    Reached legend again just now @ 71% winrate with freeze mage!

    This had to be one of the most frustrating legend runs I've had in awhile.  Faced the final boss 7 times in total and on the 6th time, I almost fell out of rank 1 (climbing got a lot harder at ranks where people figured out that quest druid is terrible lol)

    I think I'm done with giants based mages for the foreseeable future after this.  I like to play decks where I'm happy to queue into the mirror because I think I can easily outplay the opponent.  With giants mages, you will easily lose regardless if the opponent has pocket galaxy in a timely manner and you don't, which is frustrating to me (Although, one time I almost beat someone with that kind of draw: I had giants, chain freezes and made the decision to capitalize on them rather than try to go even and lose slowly... would have won if the opponent didn't power of creation into taunts in the end)

    The meta was pretty stable once I started reaching the trihard ranks.  It's mostly reno mages up here, with a number of aggro shamans, control warriors and murloc paladins.  A small amount of tempo rogues, midrange/reno hunters.  One inner fire priest that I kept queuing into.  No druids or warlocks whatsoever

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    posted a message on Sick of this. Uninstalling HS.
    Quote from Sherman1986 >>

    Meh... Didn't laugh, try again. ;) But damn, reading all these posts makes me really think Hearthpwn has finally fallen under fanboy dominion (there are too many post in agreement with the sarcastic opening one). What a shame... :(

    I don't know about fanboy dominion, but HP is certainly down in the dumps in terms of literacy rate.  As usual, reading beyond the title is apparently very, very hard

    I still remember a few months back when I created a thread for a numbers based analysis on cost and dust efficiency so that people can be educated on what they're buying before making their own decisions.  Somehow I got a full thread of triggered literates thinking I'm whining/trash talking the game because they can't read past the title which was apparently "clickbait".  I was not impressed back then, but looking back at it now, it's pretty funny how bad it was

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    posted a message on Is Saviors of Uldum focused on Wild?
    IMO, you're wrong about a lot of these. 
    • Splitting Axe won't find a spot in even shaman, even if it can copy your totem golems.  The deck is absolutely packed already, with some cutting things like 4 mana 7/7.  Maybe the effect is pretty cool, but I wouldn't play it over 4 mana 7/7
    • Expired merchant is win more.  Value games in wild are extremely rare at high ranks and there are very few matchups where having 2 DKs or N'zoths is relevant.  In fact, the best warlock lists cut N'zoth even if it's a really good fit, because it's a bit greedy for the meta.  One DK is usually enough to finish the game.  Most matchups are vs tempo decks that can't deal with the hero power alone, much less the voidlord or two it summons.  Also, transform/sap/silence effects are more common in wild due to big priest, voidcaller and aggro decks (who run silence); we are risking our DK entirely for a chance to get a second one that we probably won't need
    • Big deathrattle rogue is ... not a deck?  At least not a competitive one.  Just like how it is in standard.  So Anka isn't really favoring wild; it's for meme decks that are competitive in neither formats
    • Maybe Flakmage will find a spot in secret mage, but Cloud Prince definitely won't.  For one thing, 5 mana 4/4, deal 6 is simply not powerful at a wild power level.  But the biggest issue is that, like even shaman, the list is fully packed.  There's something like 50 good cards you want to run in your 30 card deck.  Flakmage might see play simply because 2 drops that do something are always welcome in tempo mage, but you need to keep in mind that even things like flamewaker and torch don't make the cut in most secret lists
    • Vulture may or may not be a good card, but if you predict it to be viable in both formats, then it's not really controversial, is it?

    You're right in that Questing adventurer is going to be absolutely bonkers in wild, along with maybe a few other cards, but that's pretty normal.  Last expansion we got archmage vargoth and the priest 8 drop legendary, which are completely broken and exclusively seen in wild.  Meanwhile, evil miscreant, spirit of the shark, and cyclone mage things are seeing a lot of play in top tier decks of both wild and standard

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    posted a message on New Warlock Card - Impbalming
    Quote from jainaishot >>

    I was in  legend EU when i started reading the (majority) of the reviews of this card and the reasoning behind them. Now i am rank 50 NA XD

     Just hearthpwn things.  What do you expect? ;)

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    posted a message on How do we get these packs??
    Quote from Bee >>

    2 packs isn’t worth 6 hours of my time

     That's why everyone and their mom opened twitch on mute and lowest quality in the background instead of actually wasting there time

    Quote from FortyDust >>

    IIRC, it took a day or two for the packs to show up last time.

     Nope, you can open your packs immediately

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    posted a message on we need more Catrina Muerte decks
    Quote from user-100109362 >>

    what server are you playing? im EU and only rogue or stupid warrior ... 

     It's called wild lol

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    posted a message on Since when is Elise Starseeker a druid?
    Quote from GentilleMouche >>

    Are people blind or what?

    Reno isn't really a mage, Finley isn't really a PALADIN, elise isn't really a druid... It's about the item they are wearing in this expansion. That's is their temporary "class" identity.

    Reno has a crystal canon -> Arcane mage stuff

    Finley has a Golden fish -> gold, shiny, paladin, you know

    Elise has a lunar staff -> balance druid stuff

    Brann has a dinosaur and a rifle -> hunter thing.

    They are just neutral explorers infused with the power of some items. 

    I wish this was true because it would be a lot less jarring flavor-wise, but alas it's wrong.  You can read Elise the hero skin's flavor text in your collection after the latest patch:

    Before she became an explorer, Elise taught young druids. Her ability to tolerate immature minds hasn't changed at all!

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