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    posted a message on The problem with the game has and is mana cheat and draw
    Quote from jazzfan27 >>

    I agree a bit.  Disagree a bit.  I think card draw is fine.  But, should be a tempo loss.  Things like Refreshing Spring water that 'can' be tempo gains and draw together are bad.  There are a fair number of cards that can be both draw and tempo together.  I'd love to see those removed and let draw just be draw.  Some cards get synergy to allow them to be both tempo and draw.  I'd like to see this toned down.  Some synergy is fine, but when the focus of the deck revolves around a draw plus tempo synergy that gets problematic.  I guess it is ok for a combo deck that needs 10 mana and 5 cards in hand to go off.   But, I'd love to see it more limited.

    I also think mana cheat is fine.  As long as it it balanced.  And I think it really gets worse when draw is easy.  Mana cheat should have a cost.  One cost is often cards in hand, but if draw is abundant and cheap that cost is pretty small.  So,  I think mana cheat is better in classes with little draw.  They cheat something out, if you manage to deal with it, you are then ahead in tempo or cards.  But, if they cheat something out and you deal with it and remain behind, that isn't too fun.  I think that's the problem with those giants and raise dead.  You can maybe deal with that one giant being cheated out.  Maybe even 2.  But, when it becomes 4 you just run out of answers.  Feels wrong.  They are the one mana cheating, so they should be the one running out of threats.  Not you.  So, basically I don't mind an 8/8 on turn 4.  That's scary, but often can be dealt with.  What I mind is an 8/8 on 4, another on 5, 2 more on 6....   It's just too much.  You need a downside to that early 8/8 to give the opponent a chance to respond and recover.




     Agree. Personally I hated curvestone . Draw is good because it gives options and thinking. Actually love the current meta for that. A lot of make or break decisions with many decks. Your outline of the current problems related to draw and mana cheat are also on point

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    posted a message on battlegrounds broken

    Nice that you have the new battlegrounds... Somehow it's still not on mobile. 😂

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    posted a message on New Druid Legendary Card Revealed - Sheldras Moontree

    Historically it's been random

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    posted a message on New Druid Common Card Revealed - Best In Shell

    It is but I don't think 4 attack is actually comparable to 2 attack

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    posted a message on What is wrong with hearthstone?
    Quote from SubPixelPerfect >>

    I'm a fun of smart play, i love skill based decks
    I like to survive first part of the game, to draw big hand to have choice, and to make hard and smart choices,
    I love to know meta, and to play around opponents deck, and to outsmart my opponents

    lets look at current meta
    Tempo Rogue - no skill needed - just  draw a prince
    Zoo Warlock - no skill needed - just go face
    Evolve Shaman - no skill needed - just draw evolve
    Aggro Token Druid - no skill needed - just get good start

    Highlander Priest - a bit of skill is needed - just draw raza
    Secret Mage - no skill needed - just draw combo

    nothing playable

    there is not a single spot for skill, the smartest choice (if you like to win) is to grab a luck based deck and cross fingers

    So what happened to game i loved to play before?
    it is started with old gods - superpowerfull cards was added, first time it was not that bad - one or two mega cards in you opponents hand to play around, but with next expansion blizzard had to introduce something even more powerful in order to make new patch better, and then one more time, and again. So, now we have a huge amount of overpowered cards. And what happens when overpowered meets overpowered? Yes, wins that player who drew more overpowered card faster, what a fun.

    RNG cards is another problem, but it was discussed many times.

    What is a way to fix it?
    there are few ways to fix it:
    1) to stop printing OP card - i'm sure blizzard not going to do that
    2) to rise win conditions like to give each player more hp and bigger deck - this well make games last longer and blizzard never going to go this way
    3) to find something better to play - this is the only thing i can do without blizzards assistance, but sadly there is no real competitors

    so looks like the best thing i can do is to quit

     There's your problem. In your world only pure control is skill based. You must really suck if you don't understand the skill of the other decks listed.

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    posted a message on Wailing Caverns Mini Set - More New Cards
    Quote from Mercynary9 >>

    Because that warlock card is old and outdated. Powercreep is real, and reprints can happen too.

    Here is an example: My favorite card Electra Stormsurge got now reprinted into druid spell 2 mana (Solar Eclipse) that does the same thing in cheaper cost. Is it unfair that druid card is better than that legendary shaman minion? Sure it is. But Electra is outdated too, so it's reasonable.

     That's untrue. Electra is 1 extra gold for a 3/3. She's not bad just the support for her class was bad

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    posted a message on Meta untouched after last patch

    I just won 4 games in a row with warlock. Hysteria at 4 helps the 3/4. 

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    posted a message on Patch Notes 20.2 - New Heroes in BG - Diamond Ragnaros and New Hero Skins & More - Live Today!

    That's untrue. they could release it for approval then hold it until the release date. It's not hard. Not that I think it's the end of the world, just a few more hours till the release and it's expected, not sure why they don't bother coordinating the release though. 


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    posted a message on 2x Horde Operative (Secret Copying Minion) In Warlock is great!

    IDK, for a tempo deck 3/4 isn't bad, and if it steals back the tempo lead from paladin which may be the hardest deck for warlock, I don't see why it might not be good. With mega draw warlock is one of the best equipped to have tech, especially tech that isn't a tempo loss. 

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    posted a message on Can someone recommend me some video games for extremely manly individuals?

    Clash Royale, no cap, very competitive extremely high skillcap game. Fast  paced.

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    posted a message on Am I the only one that misses control ?

    Pretty sure there are several valid warlock control variants including ones without tiketus. They only have a hard time against rogue or a druid with seeds. And they still beat rogue sometimes.

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Epic Card Revealed - Sigil of Flame

    Omg they came up with a card similar to another card in another game! You cracked the code! 😲

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    posted a message on New Mage Rare Card Revealed - Reckless Apprentice

    Fallen hero

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Revealed - Mordresh Fire Eye

    Wow that's awesome with fallen hero

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card Revealed - Kazakus, Golem Shaper

    Yes pretty sure you discover the options. Probably rush, divine shield, fury, taunt, draw 1 2 or 3, and other battlecry or death rattle effects. Maybe a board clear, death rattle minion, copy the minion? 

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