About Me

Started play in closed beta on EU server. 9400+ wins in Play Mode. 209 wins in Arena. Best score - Champion Key (8 wins). Summary heroes level – 524. Naxxramas, Blackrock Mountain, League of Explorers ,Karazhan and Dalaran Heist finished in Heroic Mode. The Lich King beated all classes. Dungeon Run, Monster Hunt, Puzzle Lab and Rumble Run finished.

Seven golden heroes: Druid 1300+ wins; Mage 1250+ wins; Warlock 1080+ wins; Shaman 1000+ wins; Warrior 1000+ wins; Rogue 620+ wins; Hunter 500+ wins; Priest 300+ wins; Paladin 150+ wins.

Seven extra Hero Skins - Morgl the Oracl, Lady Liandrin, Tyrande Whisperwind, Maiev Shadowsong, Prince Arthas, Nemsy Necrofizzle and Lunara.

92 cardbacks (without Standart and Random cardbacks) in collection: All seasons cardbacks except Lunar New Year (February 2015), all heroic adventures cardbacks (except Tomb of Terror), Candle King, Monster Hunter, Boomsday!, Rumble Runner, Dalaran Heist, Fireside, Power Core, Molten Core, Eyes of C'thune, Heroes of the Storm, Samsung Galaxy, Winter Veil Wreath, Winter Veil Treat, Secret Level, Tyrande, Call of the Void, Call of the Light, Mark of Hakkar, Machine Dreams, Legion Schemes, Pristine Scenes.



BattleTag Nihaz#2725 Region EU